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The top biopic films made in the Hollywood includes films made on some of the most popular stars. Also, the celebs & owners of the most profit making companies. These autobiography drama films, also called biopics. Ironically, are a celebration of the most famous personalities, their lifestyle & their struggles. Furthermore, how they reached the heights of their popularity levels. Also, includes famous sports celebrities that have ruled the world since decades. These includes Ali (2001). A movie made on the life of Heavy-weight Boxer Mohammad Ali. Thus, a role played dynamically well by Will Smith.

Films made on life of leaders who were father of their nation. Obviously, which includes Gandhi (1982) & Jinnah (1998). Also, biopics such as The Darkest Hour (2017) made on Sir Winston Churchill. Obviously, the British Prime Minister during the Second World War. Another biopic is a very popular one made on life of Lady Thatcher & named The Iron Lady (2011) as was her title. She was obviously, the first lady British Prime Minister. Also, the one who ruled for the longest reign as a British PM.

Made on his life in 2018, as Neil Armstrong as First Man. That is, The First man to reach the Moon. Regarded as the best, as its indeed one of the autobiography films of the modern times. Apart from this, the Social Network is a 2010 film made on life of Mark Zuckerberg. Furthermore, is a film made on the life of the owner & creator of Facebook, the most popular social networking website. Most popular ones followed by Twitter, as it is interestingly.

All these autobiography movies defines the struggles of these personalities while reaching their milestones. Shows the journey that they took to reach their cause of popularity.

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Most popular biopics made in Hollywood are listed below;

STEVE JOBS (2015):

Steve Jobs was the biopic made on the life of Steve Jobs & released in 2015. The film was directed by Danny Boyle, the director of films like Slumdog Millionaire (2008) & 127 Hours, starring James Franco & released in 2010. The movie stars some of the popular Hollywood celebs that includes Kate Winslet & Seth Rogen. Played in the film as the main role is the key role of Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs. The man who is behind Apple, he is the owner of Apple Inc. Although, he was the Co-owner of the company. However, the man behind the brand Apple, what it is today.

Steve Jobs

Kate Winslet, the British actress who rose to popularity from her role as Rose. That is, in the movie Titanic played the role of Joanna Hoffman. However, Seth Rogen played the role of Steve Wozniak. The film is a proper biographical drama film. Obviously, known in short as a biopic & includes real life events from life of Sir Steve Jobs.

The film got great response due to the popularity of Steve Jobs & Apple Inc. the highest profit making company in the world. Do watch the film made on his life. Interested in knowing who was Steve Jobs, if you are really.

DIANA (2013):   

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The film Diana is a biopic film made on the life of Princess Diana & was released in 2013. She was the Ex-wife of Prince Charles. The King of United Kingdom & Ireland & her realms & the mother of Prince Williams & Prince Henry. Known popularly as Lady Diana, the Princess of Hearts due to her closeness with the people & also known as ‘The People’s Princess’.

Diana movie

The role of Lady Diana was played by popular British brand & actress Naomi Watts. An actress who suits the role perfectly well for being gorgeous & being British. The role of Dr. Hasnat Khan, someone who was a doctor who belonged from Pakistan & was closely linked with Diana is played by Naveen Andrews. Mr. Andrews is known for his role in the popular drama series Lost & the film ‘Provoked’.

The film is based on the true events on the life of Princess Diana. Apart from this, her real-life affair with Dodi Al-Fayed, a role played by Cas Anvar.


The Iron Lady was a biopic made on the life of Margaret Thatcher who was the first women Prime Minister & also the longest running Prime Minister of Great Britain. Released in January 2012 was the film in the U.K. Margaret Thatcher who was born in London, UK in 1925. Unfortunately, died a year after the release of the film on 8th April 2013 in London.

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The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep is the one who played the role of PM Margaret Thatcher. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd is the movie on life of the Iron Lady. She was given the title of Iron Lady. Obviously, due to her strong personality & decision making. Being the first Lady British PM she was a great icon. Especially, for the women of Great Britain, i.e. UK & Ireland.


The Darkest Hour (2017) is a War drama film & a biopic made on the life of Sir Winston Churchill who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain in the era of World War II. The role is played exceptionally & with excellence by Gary Oldman. The film shows the challenges at the time of the World War II. Apart from this, the leadership of Sir Winston Churchill while being the Prime Minister of UK.

darkest hour

The famous quote of Sir Winston Churchill “We Shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields & in the streets, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender” is the famous quote of Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War & the course of events that happened at Dunkirk. The character of Sir Winston Churchill was played tremendously well by Gary Oldman. An actor who has acted exactly like he was including the attire & body language. A great biopic indeed.

FIRST MAN (2018): 

First Man, is a 2018 film made on the successful mission to Moon. Apart from this, is a biopic on the life of Neil Armstrong. Really played well by the Canadian actor, Ryan Gosling is the role of Neil Armstrong. The film is directed by Damien Chazelle & truly is one of the best films made on the space missions. Also stars Claire Foy & Jason Clarke in roles full of strength.

First Man movie

The First Man to land on the Moon, as the title of the film mentions very clearly is a gorgeous story of an astronaut & his life. It is based on the book with the same title as First Man & is a Co-Production of Damien Chazelle. One of the best films of the modern era made on Space & Moon Missions.

ALI (2001):   

Sports legend with the same name, as it’s a biopic. The film ‘Ali’ got released in the year 2001 & the role of Muhammad Ali is played by Will Smith. The popular American actor from Hollywood who is known for many other films including Focus, I Am Legend, In the Pursuit of Happiness (2006). Finally, the popular Television series by name of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


The film is directed by Michael Mann & is a great movie made on life of Muhammad Ali. The heavy-weight champ of the world from USA who was known earlier as Cassius Clay. Ali is regarded as a legend from the Boxing world & the most dangerous of the boxers ever to have entered the ring. Some regarded Ali as the even the ‘King of the Ring’.


The social network movie released in the year 2010 is a film made on owner & CEO of Facebook. Ruled the digital world. Launched officially, since the Facebook was. Obviously, as most popular social networking websites. Jesse Eisenberg is the one who played the brilliant role of CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. The film shows the events & happenings in life of Mark Zuckerberg. Since he formed Facebook, i.e. from college life & later the struggles of the corporate world.

The social network movie

The Social Network also shows that how CEO Mark Zuckerberg came up with the glowing idea of Facebook. Later, transformed that into number#1 social networking website giving a business that makes Facebook part of the Fortune 500 companies. 27th was the rank in the Fortune list in year 2022 as with new name of the company as ‘Meta’. The film was directed by David Fincher also stars Justin Timberlake & Andrew Garfield.

GANDHI (1982):

‘An Eye for An Eye, will make the world Blind’– Mohandas Keramchand Gandhi. A historical biopic made on the life of the Leader & Lawyer from India known as Mohandas Gandhi. The film was released in 1982 & was directed by Richard Attenborough. The role of Gandhi was played by Ben Kingsley. Ben, a very versatile actor from the Hollywood who played the role with great class & pure excellence. Thus, copying the voice, the attire & even the body language & conversing style of Mr. Gandhi.

gandhi movie

Gandhi was a lawyer based in South Africa who lived & practised law in South Africa for almost 21 years. The film shows his movement for the Independence of India & later was known as ‘Bapu’. The film also shows his very important movement, i.e. Non-Cooperation Movement. A movement which is historical & holds huge significance regards to the struggle for an independent India. Gandhi’s role played by Ben Kingsley is a role of strength & the prime focus of the film starts with his assassination & later the story which again ends up where it started from. That is, the assassination of The Great man Gandhi. The man of principles was the greatest leader of India. The role of PM Nehru was played by Roshan Seth & role of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was played by Alyque Padamsee.

JINNAH (1998):  

The 1998 film released as Jinnah was a biopic made by the Hollywood on the life & struggles of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. “I have no doubt, i.e. this beautiful land of yours. It has everything that you can think of”. A saying of Jinnah for the beautiful land Pakistan, as he was the founder of Pakistan. Died in London, U.K in 2015 was Christopher Lee who played the famous role Jinnah. He was known for his famous role in the film & as Dracula (1958). Another international star in the film from the Bollywood film fraternity. Obviously, was Indian actor Shashi Kapoor who played the role of a narrator. Shireen Shah as Fatima Jinnah, is the prestigious role of Jinnah’s sister in the film. Also, Maria Aitken played the important role of Lady Mountbatten.

mohammad ali jinnah

The film Jinnah showed the struggles for the making of the country Pakistan. That is, an independent country after years of struggles. Jinnah, just like Gandhi is a film on the father of nation. Although, this time around the father of nation is from Pakistan. However, the style of the biopic is more of a narration & remembrances of past events of Jinnah & linking them with the struggles for movement of Pakistan. Jinnah was also a lawyer who studied from England & later came back to India. Other prominent roles includes Sam Dastor as Mahatma Gandhi, & Pakistani actor Shakeel as Liaquat Ali Khan. The film was highly praised in UK & in Pakistan as well & one of the prominent biopics made on life of a Leader. Shows the difference of a born leader & someone who transforms & becomes a founder of a nation.

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