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The upcoming movies in 2024 & some in the list in 2025 are one of the best in the pipeline of movies. These are films, that are Marvel Productions most awaited ventures. These are from the Spider man series, Captain America & Thunderbolts. Furthermore, Blade, Dead pool 3 & Fantastic Four in the most elite list of movies. These are movies that are based on super-hero films. Apart from this, movies based on fantasy & comic characters. Marvel Productions are Hollywood’s most creative in the list of production houses. These are ones, that are focused on working on Superhero movies. Hence, apart from bringing fantasy at their doorsteps. They have been able to show some new & creative dimensions in the film making. Ironically, as the Hollywood industry is the one that is a highly celebrated industry. Finally, is watched all over the globalised world.

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Films like ‘Train to Busan’, a film released in July 2016 in South Korea. Additionally, other films like Operation Chromite. That is another Korean film has made its mark internationally. Similarly, Marvel productions features films & film series that are a huge inspiration & adaption globally. Moreover, than the two famous Korean movies as English language is an internationally acclaimed language.

The Hollywood Industry is one of the most medieval industries, as ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. The Hollywood film industry has taken ages to reach where they are today in these modern times. Similarly, the movie ‘Trance’ which was an inspirational Artificial Intelligence movie. Thus, based on the real world & the virtual world & its interactions. The Hollywood comic-based films has made a significant name in the global arena as films like Spider Man & Super Man are epic super-hero films that are a fantastic name in the list of many.

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Here are some of the upcoming movies in 2024 & 2025;


The Part III of the Sony’s Spider-verse trilogy is releasing in March 29th 2024. It will take into account many things. Hence, apart from the previous two in the series Spider-verse trilogy. It’s also a possibility or to be precise an outlier possibility at this particular point. Thus, Marvel is releasing an animated Disney + MCI Spider-Man prequel show, Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

It is one of the most awaited in list of upcoming movies in 2024. Furthermore, amongst the many other list of awaited films in the year 2024.


Captain America, the famous film series with the theme based on the New World Order. Hence, will be releasing on the 3rd of May 2024. The upcoming movie shall be seeing Sam Wilson taking up the mantle on the big screen. A film that shall be releasing in May 2024. One of the year’s biggest release. Apart from this, expected to be a blockbuster straight away. The upcoming film will likely follow on from Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Furthermore, will also be drawing on the events from the other projects in the interconnected MCU.

The Captain America, the new world order is followed immediately by the Thunderbolts in the MCU roster. Hence, as well in the Marvel comics. General Rod as Red Hulk led one of the many iterations of the said antihero team.

Thunderbolts- JULY 26, 2024:  

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The film Thunderbolts will be releasing on the 26th of July in the year 2024. Apart from this, will be a release from Marvel Films that is in list of highly awaited ventures. The movie is simply speculated by some people as being the answer to the film Suicide Squad. The film was released first in 2016 & than later in 2021. Thus, globally with a unique idea & titled ‘Suicide Squad’.

In the Marvel comics, the Thunderbolts is the anti-hero counterpart of the Avengers. Hence, serving as a precursor to the Dark Avengers & the Dark Illuminati, with a roster of members that rivals even the Avengers lineup. Currently, the updates say that the current cast is not yet the final Thunderbolts roster. Furthermore, that reveals are being limited to avoid spoilers for upcoming projects. A film expected to perform well. Hence, run for a long time on the Box Office as & after its release on July 26th 2024.


The film releasing on September 6th 2024 is Blade. The film rightly defends the reputation of Marvel Films that the Production house has created for themselves over the years. The film’s initial release was expected in the year 2023. Hence, has been delayed due to some technical reasons. The original Blade, starring the famous Wesley Snipes has a huge following & as many people are unaware the film series is based on a comic book.

DEADPOOL 3- NOVEMBER 8th, 2024: 

Dead pool 3 shall be ready for its release on Nov 8, 2024. Furthermore, Ryan Reynolds the original will of course be the one who will be reprising his role as the Merc with the Mouth. Another interesting fact from the film is that the Australian actor & the actor from the famous film ‘Australia’. The star Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine/Logan for the movie Deadpool 3. The film Deadpool 3 is the first confirmed X-Men movie in development since the Disney acquired Fox.

Fantastic Four- FEB 14, 2025:         

The Fantastic Four film series is an adaption from the popular American comic book Fantastic Four. A film that shall be releasing on the Valentine’s Day. It will be releasing in the year 2025. Apart from this, it is the Marvels first release in the year 2025. There are many films adapted from the comic book Fantastic Four. The release originally had to take place in the year 2024. However, it has been delayed due to some reasons. The film has a huge potential to a game-changing MCU entry.

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All these films releasing in the year 2024 & 2025 can be termed as most awaited films of the year. Not only from Marvel Productions. However, also in the list of the many other films coming in the same year in Hollywood industry. The image & the notion in the fantasy world stays the same. However, there are improvements seen in the filming & the quality & demonstration of work.

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