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Million Dollar Mega Mansion Featured in Season 4 Premiere of Succession


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Million Dollar mega Mansion of $83 million is a eye-catcher in the opening moments of Succession’s fourth season. The camera takes a drone shot of a house situated high up in the Santa Monica mountains. Thus, creating the setting for the last chapter of the successful HBO series. From an aerial perspective, a vehicle ascends the lengthy driveway. That is, towards a residence that appears to be part modern-day mansion. Furthermore, part pirate ship.

Inside, one of the show’s most beloved characters. Roman Roy (played by Kieran Culkin), can be seen yelling during a Zoom meeting being displayed on the TV screen. Hence, in a living room that is surrounded by tall glass walls. Some of these walls are completely open. Thus, offering a view of an infinity pool. Furthermore, the sweeping views of the mountains beyond. The fact that his siblings, Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Shiv (Sarah Snook), appear promptly. That is, with the latter taking a jab at her younger brother. Obviously, without even looking up at the 22-foot ceilings in the foyer. Thus, is a reminder of just how incredibly wealthy these characters are. After all, they are the offspring of Logan Roy. A fictional media tycoon whom Forbes values at a staggering $18 billion (fictional). That is, with the publication also listing the family’s real estate holdings at $345 million.


In the season four premiere, which aired on March 26. It remains unclear who the owner of the house is. However, the Roy siblings convene there to plan their next move following their fallout with their father in season three. Someone, who intended to sell Waystar Royco to Lukas Mattson. A role played by Swedish born actor who studied in England (Leeds), i.e. Alexander Skarsgard. In reality, the San Onofre estate, a six-bedroom, 18-bathroom property, was constructed by real estate developer Ardie Tavangarian in 2020. After briefly being put on the rental market for $350,000 per month. It was sold for $83 million in 2021. Reportedly, to a 20-something tech CEO.

With a total area of 20,000 square feet. This opulent mansion boasts an owner’s suite that could function as an independent apartment. In addition to five guest suites & numerous luxuries. Finally, an eye-catching silhouette. The house’s curved wall, which provides structural support. Furthermore, forms its façade (although which side constitutes the front is open to interpretation). Obviously, is made of board-formed concrete, a technique that creates a stunning texture in concrete, often by using wood. In this case, sand was added to achieve the perfect natural-looking hue. “If you take a piece of this concrete and walk around the Santa Monica mountains. You think it just came from the earth,” Tavangarian stated in AD’s 2021 video tour of the property.

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The board-formed concrete wall not only provides structural significance. However, also alludes to a wooden ship. Something, which appears to be sinking as Shiv, Kendall, and Roman frantically discuss their plans inside. A significant portion of their conversation takes place in a sitting area. That is, close to the onyx-covered show kitchen. Hence, leaving the home’s most impressive features unexplored. It’s often said that the wealthy squander luxury.


Despite having access to multiple pools. An 18-seat theatre, a bar room with a back-lit blue onyx bar & an indoor-outdoor gym. Furthermore, a spa complete with a massage room and side-by-side hot and cold plunge pools. The Roy siblings remain fixated on their family drama. Had they stayed the night, one of them could have enjoyed the main suite. Obviously, which includes a “pajama lounge,” an adjoining zen garden with a cedar spa and a 200-pound bronze Buddha from Thailand. Furthermore, a terrace with a glass pool and unique greenhouse.

The suite’s onyx-clad bathroom boasts a steam shower with a fireplace. Thus, while the owner’s bedroom features a retractable ceiling for stargazing. However, Shiv, Kendall, and Roman are too preoccupied with finding a way out of their predicament. Precisely, to appreciate their luxurious surroundings. As the final season unfolds. The viewers will have to take in the extravagant San Onofre estate on their behalf.

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