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International Film festivals are a dynamic & most authentic celebration of the accomplishments in the Hollywood film Industry. Don’t mix them up with the different awards in the industry. These are the awards, that includes Oscars & The Golden Globe awards. For giving the desired importance, still the film festival is a dedicated one. A level of importance, which is mandatory for the sake of celebrating the International film industry. Particularly & significantly on the international arena. Yes, we are talking about film festivals that includes TIFF or Toronto International Film festival. Also, the Venice Film Festival & Moscow International Film Festival. The last two ironically being the oldest of the International Film Festivals.


Also, includes Cannes film festival held in France in Cannes. Furthermore, Dubai International Film Festivals being one of the modern ones. Edinburgh Film Festivals, one of the prestigious one from UK. On top of this, LIFF or Leeds International Film Festival. A film festival being the only film festivals in England apart from London. Also, includes BFI London film festival in London. In addition to this, the Berlin Film Festival being one of the prestigious ones from the continent of Europe.


From the continent Oceania, precisely from Australia its Melbourne International Film Festival. Also, known as MIFF is a significance attached with Australia & the significance attached to the many Aussies as well. These are actors & actresses, that are in the Hollywood films industry. These Australian stars, i.e. actors & actresses who have ruled over the Hollywood films industry includes Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman working amongst the prominent Australians in the Hollywood. In fact, both of them have made an iconic performance. Specifically, in the film named ‘Australia’ with significance to the country itself. It was released in 2008 & features Nicole Kidman. Furthermore, Hugh Jackman together in the roles of a lifetime. The films certainly holds some patriotic Aussie pride.

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Following are some of International Films Festivals that are popular;


Cannes film festival takes place in the gorgeous country France. Furthermore, were named until 2002 as the Int. Film Festival (Festival international du film). Also, known in English as the Cannes Film Festivals. Annual is the frequency with which it is held. As it is regarded, on top of everything. Being, one of the best Int. film festivals.

Cannes film festival

Previews new films of all genres. Founded in the year 1946, as the film festival was. This also includes the documentaries that are from around the world. Pre-dominantly, in different languages & the festival is mostly one held in May. It is a non-public festival which is attended by a number of popular movie stars. Since, it was founded in 1946. The post-World War II era. Made calm for valid reasons, as ironically it was. That is, just after the finish of the World War II. In fact, it was the first film festival to have started after World War II.


Berlin International Film Festival also known as BIFF. Precisely, is the only most prominent International Film festivals. That is, to take place in Germany. Founded in the year 1951 just after the 1949 division of Germany. That is, East Germany & West Germany. ‘Berlin Wall’, as it was named as later in history books. Hence, a division that happened due to a cold war. Berlin International Film Festival was though founded in life of Albert Einstein. The German scientist, who died just after 3 years. From the exact year, the BIFF was founded.

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Since, the year 1978 it is being held annually. Considered the largest publicly attended film festival, on top of this. Precisely, based on the actual attendance rates.


The Venice Film Festival also known as the Venice International Film Festival (VIFF). Held in Venice, Italy, as it is the one. Although, Rome is the capital city. Apart from this, being the most sacred one due to home of Pope. That is, Vatican City, the smallest independent country by area & located within boundaries of Rome. As venue of Int. film festival. Surprisingly, as it was selected. Importantly, was the gorgeous city Venice despite that. A film festival, which is the oldest in the history of Film Festivals ever to have taken place.

Venice Film Festival

Pre-World War II era. In the year 1932, as the foundation took place vitally. Further to this, is one of the Big Three. That is, apart from Cannes & Berlin Film Festival. The film festival is surely part of the Venice Biennale, which was founded by the Venetian City Council in 1895. The film festival further symbolises the Italian era of dominance. Precisely, not only in celebrating films. However, Sports as well to an extent. Ironically, as in 1934 Italy hosted the second World Cup Football. Additionally, the first ever to have held in Italy as they became World Champions for the very first time. A Championship that they won at home in Rome, Italy.

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Since, the inception of the film festival in 1932. Obviously, the Venice Film Festival has grown. That is, to be one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. The oldest that re-defined the golden Italian era.


1976 was the year of the formation of TIFF. Thus, as it is also known as Toronto Int. Film Festival. Also, takes place annually in Toronto in Canada. It is the most popular. Also, the most prestigious of the film festivals to take place in Canada. That is, the largest North-American nations. The festival attracts around 500,000 people. Precisely, on an annual basis in Canada’s biggest city Toronto.

Toronto City

Although, founded in 1976. Regarded as one of its kind as TIFF is in terms of the prestige. However, in 1998 Variety Magazine also acknowledged that TIFF is the one second only to Cannes precisely in terms of high-profile pics, stars & the market activity.


Founded in the year 1957, as BFI London Film Festival was. In addition to this, takes place in the most gorgeous European City, i.e. London. The city that celebrates Hollywood Films industry more than any other city with the same stature. Also, the same magnitude. It was once known as the ‘City of Stars’. Precisely, due to the presence of International film stars from the Hollywood Film Fraternity. It runs in the second half of October. Furthermore, takes place in Co-operation from the BFI or the British Film Institute.


Very importantly, BFI London Film Festival offers the opportunities for people to see films. These are the films, that may not otherwise get a UK screening. Hence, along with films which will get a release in the near future. Holds dynamic values of interests for both the celebs & the audiences.


EIFF or Edinburg International Film Festival takes place in the United Kingdom. Precisely, in the capital city of Scotland, U.K. Furthermore, are the only ones to take place in United Kingdom outside England.


As they were established in 1947 & named after the Scottish Capital city. Precisely, ten years before the BFI London Film Festival. As the World’s oldest continually running film festival. EIFF, as it is regarded as. The EIFF presents both UK. As well as, the International films in all genres & lengths.

The film festival shows a range of feature-length films. Furthermore, the documentaries as well as short films. Also, the animations & music videos.


LIFF, also known as Leeds International Film Festival are the most recent ones from England. Formed in the year 1987, as it was obviously. The film festival takes place in Yorkshire County in gorgeous city of Leeds. Additionally, are the only one to take place in an English city apart from London.


The awards combines class with attitude & film-making in the city known as the best city for International Students in England. Also, the hub of many who are studying film-making. Yet another film festival that signifies the importance of contributions of UK to the film Industry, i.e. Hollywood.


The Moscow Int. film festival (MIFF). The most popular films festivals to take place in Russia known at the time of formation as USSR. Formed in the year 1935, as the film festival was. Surprisingly, is the second oldest film festivals after Venice Film Festival.


Highly celebrated Pre-World War II era, is surely the Russian contributions to Hollywood. Also, marks the era of supreme dominance of the USSR. One of the famous ones was in 1965 from the Novel of Leo Tolstoy. The great Russian writer of the novel ‘War & Peace’.


The MIFF or Melbourne Int. Film Festival takes the International Film Festival to Oceania, more precisely to Melbourne. The film festival started since 1952. The symbolic year when Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of England & Ireland & many other commonwealth nations including Australia & Canada.


It was since 1952, it’s no looking back. Obviously, as Australia is a country that highly & richly contributes to Hollywood. It takes place annually in various theatres in Melbourne CBD. Thus, presenting an acclaimed screening program. Hence, a program, including films from local and international film maker. Inclusive, alongside the industry events.



The most recent film festivals known as Dubai International Film Festival started in Dubai. A city in UAE & started from 2004. It’s a massive difference of ages from the time of 1932. That is, start of Venice to the time of DIFF. A film festival that started after 72 years from Venice. In addition to this, something which originates in the desert pride Dubai in year 2004.


Shows the diversion of Hollywood that is taking place. Regarded as the ‘Land of skyscrapers’ as the festival has taken diversion to Dubai since last 19 years. No wonder Hollywood is indeed a celebration of its kind. Furthermore, most unique in the values it brings. Importantly, as it binds many cultures. Apart from this, unites them under the banner of Hollywood Film Industry.

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