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The King Kong movie franchise is probably the most famous of the animated film franchise with a massive Ape character. It’s a mix of monster, action, drama and a little horror & is a perfect combination of what people really adore so much about movies. The monster falling in love with the gorgeous Naomi Watts in King Kong 2005, a sentimental & most dramatic touches that are so uniquely & so inspiringly captured for the audiences who love King Kong the character itself.

The likes of monster movies. Often referred to as, obviously as these movies are. These are ones, which includes Jurassic Park, the movie series centred on dinosaurs. Also, Godzilla, & King Kong are all falling under the category of monster films which reflects the true mind of man over the creatures as tall as an Empire State Building. The story retelling and the crossovers between creatures like King Kong & Godzilla never gets old. However, how old they are is something amazing to know. Especially, for those who doesn’t know that the 1st film of the monster franchise. It was in the year 1933. Released as first film in the famous franchise of the symbolic year.

KING KONG- ‘One of the Most Famous Franchise’:  

It’s the character or the film franchise ‘King Kong’ that has become one of the most recognisable names. Pre-dominantly, in the entertainment industry. The character King Kong was first introduced to the Hollywood Industry & the Entertainment industry via Hollywood in the year 1933. The film was titled King Kong with the similar title being used in later films of the same franchise, & most prominently in King Kong (2005).


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Since 1933, there have been many films. Also, the TV shows & TV series. Surrounding everyone’s giant Gorilla. Included in film franchise as part of the cartoon animated series. A character that is not only a character. However, if you have to identify Gorillas similar in looks to King Kong. Obviously, one can easily do that via a highly picture perfect character sketch of the same. It’s not only a franchise since the last 90 years. In fact, it’s a statement that defines how a monster behaves when encountered with different situations & his affection while being a protector & someone who has feelings of love & most sincere affection.

Some of the most legendary of the famous film franchise series. Obviously, put right in order as it has been. Especially, for the audiences who loves the character.

KING KONG (1933):  

With the same name i.e. the name of the famous monster film franchise is the movie King Kong (1933). In fact, to kickoff things, 1933, i.e. 90 years from today. It was the year when the movie franchise made its way to the big screen. It was not only the debut of the character, but a huge test regards to cinema & the new dimension that the big screen gave to the industry. In this movie, our main protagonist ends up on a mysterious island. Natives are ones who captures the main protagonist. The monster is now in captivity. Getting rescued, obviously, as she ends up getting. In addition to this, all hell breaks loose.


In the Franchise as it started in 1933. Released in the same year, was the film, Son of Kong (1933). After that another one was The King Kong that appeared in Edo (1938). A major film in the series was King Kong Vs the Godzilla. 1962 is the year of the release of the film. An era of films of the quality & attributes of Lawrence of Arabia which was one of the biggest hits of 1962. A see-saw change with the most animated & action-packed film franchise diverting towards King Kong Vs Godzilla. A film which introduced for the first time the face-to-face encounter of the two monster characters.

The movie had all the action as well as sci-fi appeal. Thus, apart from the animations that makes it still a major breakthrough in history of cinema. A notion that is still worshipped with slight variances in characters & differentiation in the animations.

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The film played a good innings of success. Surprisingly enough, with another film in the series after five years. That is, under franchise name. In the year 1967, obviously, is the release date.


Another King Kong movie, however, this time it’s the addition of robots. Thus, Robotics popping in for the very first time in the much anticipated movie franchise. Hence, to make it more appealing for followers of sci-fi, especially the youth. In the movie, the society has tried to utilise the King as a tool. Thus, developing a robot copy of the giant ape to dig out valuable minerals from the earth. It was in the end he escapes thus giving the title its due share of acceptance.


After the film King Kong Escapes (1967), it was King Kong (1976) & Queen Kong in the same year, i.e. 1976 than came in 1986, King Kong Lives a film from the franchise in the 80s. It’s the hitting of the new age of the famous franchise of films. In the movie King Kong Lives (1986), the mighty Kong is presumably dead. The powers that are curative regards to modern medicine is what revives it. He gets a new life and decides to dip his root in the family life, impregnating a female Kong. For sure is the film, that can’t be missed. Ironically, is the movie King Kong Lives. Precisely, in the list of films in the famous franchise.

KING KONG (2005):


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The King Kong (2005), the film in the franchise list being the first of the new millennium, i.e. Post 2000. It’s not only that, this one is the most wanted, the most watched & the one which is the biggest hit amongst the many films. The film stars Naomi Watts, the actress from United Kingdom, who became a mega star. Obviously, after the success of the action film with animations at its peak. In addition to this, a series of monster fights that makes it the most sci-fi and technologically sound. Hence, amongst the many films in the series.

In 2005, this film was directed by Peter Jackson & the original story is being told in the film which is entirely new & highly refreshing in terms of the story-telling. The star studded cast helps make this film breathe a new life into this iconic story. A story-line, which is uniquely a signature of the famous film franchise. Iconic, in the sense as well as it makes Naomi Watts a name, a star & an actress who acted on top of her skills while demonstrating skills of dancing, & acting in front of the giant Gorilla alias King Kong.



After exactly 12 years, came the film Kong: Skull Island in the year 2017, i.e. after a huge gap. The film starred famous actors in key roles, i.e. Brie Larson, Samuel Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and John Goodman.

This is an action packed film with more action, more adventure & more sci-fi animations. The action-packed film follows a group of soldiers and explorers visiting the mysterious and uncharted Skull Island.



After 1962, the latest film in the franchise is yet another encounter of the monsters & this time the release is 2021. After a very long period was the film. Precisely, with the same theme of fight b/w monsters was released. Obviously, when the movie world’s two most powerful and favourite monsters are in. For the epic battle of the monsters. The rightly chosen name again was importantly, Godzilla Vs Kong.

This is in an attempt to get Kong to where he belongs from, the team encounters an angry & highly aggressive Godzilla. Thus, leading to a great battle that reveals even more about what lies within the planet we live on.

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The epic action monster has got the Swedish star who completed his studies in Leeds (England), namely Alexander Skarsgard, Millia Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison & Brian Tyree Henry in key roles. The battle of the monsters. It was twice in the famous film franchise. It was sheer brilliance & artistry. For obvious reasons, that the theme was captured again after so many years. However, with a massive gap of 59 years. Obviously, shows the true impact of both the monster characters on the Hollywood Industry.

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