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Writing is a highly technical and advanced mode of communication in the world of the internet and digital media. Now you can have the opportunity to write for us and share your ideas as well as work with creativity. We are always looking for new, talented, and highly motivated writers. Writers should have knowledge of many different topics & the script to influence or add to their writings.

Knowledge sharing is important, worthwhile, and has an immense emphasis on a person’s character building. Share your ideas with us that will challenge our readers and move our industry forward. Your creativity and originality are one of the most wanted elements in writing. To be part of our most dynamic team of writers working together with editors, you must be prepared.

Talent truly has no boundaries, and neither has it had any language nor style. Similarly writing in English is the most wanted talent MBE is always looking for. MBE gives an edge to creativity as writing for MBE takes an immense amount of writing potential. Thus, clustering your thoughts on paper and keeping up with the flow of writing. Hence, it will be most desirable for customers to have the best articles online.


You will definitely move ahead with us while achieving your writing milestones depending on the feedback analysis provided by our readers. You will also be working for us on revisions of tasks. In addition to this, how they will be finished and changed for the final script or draft.

Writing for us can be rewarded with thousands of people, students & researchers daily reviewing your work and giving you feedback that is most important for you in every way. In the meantime, you can also learn and update yourself and enhance your writing skills.  If writing is your most intellectual and profound means of communication. MBE is very keen that you as a writer get recognition under your own creativity umbrella. Therefore, we can also give you rewards. This is on behalf of our commitment to recognize your efforts.


For assessment of your script where exactly a writer is standing in terms of quality assurance is important. Therefore, as writing material, you have to submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch. A  document that summarizes your argument and what matters to the readers.

The higher the level of completion of your writing script, the better the feedback shall be provided to you. Please do remember that only original work is accepted as we will be checking plagiarism for it. Your creative script work must hold complete originality of your creativity and mustn’t have been published anywhere before.

You should abide by the restrictions that we impose on you. This is necessary regarding the sending of your documents online. Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches. Please look for our recent work on the blog online. Hence, your work must be similar to that in structuring and in the proper format.

A bold voice, not just a list of tips and tricks. It should be good and standardized work for everyone i.e. designers, developers, content strategists, information architects, or similar.

The writer shouldn’t be giving their own opinions. Arguments and proofs should be good enough support for any document. It should have facts and figures. It must also include some sources where it’s necessary to define any sources.


What we publish is highly standardized work with key elements that determine the article’s rating. For some key writing tips, look out for “Writing is Thinking”, also check “So You Want to Write an Article”. This will definitely let you know what you need to publish and how to publish it.

The article length that we publish on our blogs is somewhere in-between 600-2,500. Additionally, it also depends on the complexity or ease of the subject. The article length of 1,500 words is something about average.

The articles that you will submit to us might be casual in tone and content. They are also great for less-intensive tutorials and posts or are well-edited or structured. The thoughts must be aligned with a flow in writing and facts about industry topics. Knowledge sharing is a vast field that is highly competent.


The best way to submit your completed work is through the email us option. In addition to this, we also prefer submissions as Google DOCS.  This is because the feedback will be fast and the response time shall be minimum.

The writer can also send us a plaintext file, a Markdown file, or any link to an HTML document. Please, it is a kind request don’t send us a ZIP file of assets. Exceptions only, unless there is a request by an editor or somebody from the quality assurance team. After you press the send option, this is what will happen.

Any editor from our team of Quality assurance shall review your submissions and rate them as fit or unfit. This will only happen once a week. The next stage shall be a collection of feedback and getting back with keynotes. This is after multiple discussions and meetings with our quality assurance team members.

Once the comments are addressed send your revised draft back to us. Our team of professionals shall ponder again on that to finally decide whether to accept the document or decline it.

Finally, once the article is accepted, it will be a prospective step for you while working for us. On the acceptance of the report, the editor will work closely with you. Findings with critical things like organization, argumentation as well as style.

The team will start scheduling you for publications as soon as revisions are complete. There cannot be a specific publication date for the article until it is almost ready for live viewing.


While working on a variety of different topics, writing materials, and areas covered. Hence, we feel important to specify the different categories that we work on. Associated with MBE Business functions that include e.g. ATM, Point of Sale (POS), Real Estate, Digital Media, Insurance, Hospitality industry, Accounting, etc. However, we work on other different categories as well that includes Health & Safety, Science & Technology, Innovation and creativity, Immigration Canada, Motivation, and other related categories. Most of the writing categories relate to MBE’s business functions and sub-functions. However, we feel important to specify that the categories of Environment, Food, & Modern Technology are some of the famous ones and include articles that are good for the reader’s knowledge and reference. Here are all the writing categories that we have worked on our blogs to date.

  1. Current Affairs
  2. Articles (General)
  3. ATM
  4. Business
  5. Interviews (Business related)
  6. Digital Media
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Environment
  9. Events
  10. Festivals
  11. Finance
  12. Food Industry
  13. Global Issues
  14. Health & Fitness
  15. Hospitality Industry
  16. Human Resources
  17. Immigration
  18. Insurance
  19. Legal & Law
  20. Management
  21. Motivation
  22. Point of Sale (POS)
  23. Political talks
  24. Real Estate
  25. Science & Technology
  26. Supply Chain Management
  27. The Insurance Umbrella
  28. Travel & Tourism
  29. COVID-19

All these Categories are the ones we have articles currently present on blogs. Depending on the article type if it’s not available on the list. To the current list of categories, a category can be added for writing. However, most of the articles fall in the list of 32 categories mentioned above. Hence, we are confident that our writers can work on most of the writing categories. This is because most of our articles are very comprehensive. Furthermore, they deliver what’s most needed in the industry and according to the industry needs.

Things you should consider before sending your article about the product/sending product for us to review:-

  1. The article should be at least 850 words.
  2. Attach images (if available).
  3. one Sponsored link allowed per article – dofollow
  4. The links hyperlinked in the article will be to follow – other than the main link.
  5. We will be interlinking our inner pages depending on the behaviour of the post.

Depending upon the already pending post count, we might take 24-48 hours to publish the article.

You can mail us for taking things forward. Mail us at digitalmedia@mbeforyou.com.

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