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The field of digital media marketing can never be regarded as an old field. However, for some people it is still not that popular. It is a creative field though in terms of the marketing POV. Apart from this, people seeking a career or aiming to look for a career in digital marketing needs to have some creative insights. In the upcoming year 2022, we have in front of us a shadow of the past happenings of the past two years. These are years, which were not that pleasant. Ironically, due to the impacts of COVID-19, i.e. 2020 and 2021 which has caused many people to work from home. Hence, the role of digital media marketing became more recognised and popular amongst common people. Hence, as well as the global celebrities addressing their fans from home in times of lock down. These are people who have made a diagnosis of this field being an important one in terms of its mandatory applications & its variable usage. Especially, in times of distress, tensions and working from home scenarios. Digital media marketing and social media has played a vital role in times of COVID-19. Especially, to combat situations due to lock-downs and many people working from home.

In the current times there are many people who want to have a degree in Digital media marketing. Geographically speaking, a huge amount of people are from Asia. These are countries which includes China & India. The various types of digital marketing jobs that are readily available online if you are interested in a digital marketing career are as follows; video/audio production, Interactive Technology (e.g. AI), Mobile marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Also includes, Social Media, E-Commerce, Email Marketing & Marketing Automation. Apart from these includes jobs like Content Management & Curation, Web Development, Web Design, Copy writing & Editing, Analytics, and Business/Marketing Strategy. All these jobs make up a career in digital marketing. Obviously, which holds elements of uniqueness & creativity beyond your wildest imaginations.

The following are the benefits of pursuing a career in Digital marketing;


It’s not like the traditional careers like advertising. A field where you have to wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement program to open up. Ironically, so that you gain experience while you create your own portfolio. The digital marketing world however is a completely different world. In this world, it provides a host of opportunities for you to kick start your career. Interestingly, before you can even set foot in a workplace. More than your understanding of the career. Dynamically, it’s the creative elements that play a major role in your decision to take digital marketing as a profession.

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Your social media presence shall be an added advantage for you. It’s better if you make your own blog, have your own twitter followers while building a social media presence at the same time. In the world of digital media marketing ‘seeing is believing’ than it is anywhere else.


In the world of digital media marketing things are far more different. As a professional you have to be more creative and far more experimental than anywhere else. It’s an entirely different world, as ‘thinking out of the box’ is far more wanted than anything else. In the world of digital marketing there are plenty of opportunities for the so-called ‘creative-types‘. Specifically, to do their writing, design and even video and audio production. There is also a huge room for the so-called ‘day-to-day’ creativity in a general sense.

In this dynamic environment there will always be need to find out new and unique ways of marketing products. Apart from marketing, improving the customer experience and engaging audiences. Customer engagement is more important in digital marketing than it is in any other field.


In the field of digital media marketing you are more exposed to work with a far more diverse group of people than in any other field. The diversity comes largely due to the vision. Furthermore, the experimental attitude, creative aspects & finally having an artistic mindset. If you want to pursue a digital marketing career, you are far more likely to meet and work with individuals from various different backgrounds and interests. Anyone with an interest in working with people will definitely do well in the social and business end of his career.

For those, who are more introvert or like to work alone. Alternatively, like to work as introverts, even if they are not an introvert will definitely enjoy behind the scenes, i.e. doing the writing or web work. You will definitely find new dimensions and new perspective to your work. Your creative elements are enhanced every day. Hence, while you tend to achieve perfection with every project and goals achieved in your career.

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