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Canada is a country that is ranked second according to the Anhot-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2021. This is also known as NBI in short. These are stats in terms of index that shows the various nations brands according to different criteria. Ipsos Mori is a prominent market research company from United Kingdom with its headquarters in London, U.K. The results and statistical analysis of Ipsos Mori is considered to be the most reliable in the international markets. Furthermore, according to most recent research conducted based on true evidences. For the very first time vast-land Canada has moved to second place on the charts and rankings of Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2021. Despite being second overall, Canada is a proud nation to get the first place in immigration & investments category.

It shows how well a country can attract migrations. In addition to this, How well they can cope up with the international student’s in-take? Hence, finally how well can they accommodate foreign workers in their country’s prestigious working class?

The NBI or Nation Brands Index measures the reputations of nations all around the world. This year they measured approximately 59 nations. Further, they derived their survey results from approximately over 65,000 interviews. However, the previous year they only did 22,000 interviews. On top of this, covered over 52 countries from all across the world. The rankings of the nations were based on six categories, i.e. Immigration & Investments, Exports, Governance, Culture, People and Tourism. The figures that relates to immigration and investments category has been the most outstanding in terms of numbers. That is, top spot in terms of results proving exemplary for the Canadian Govt.


Canada overtook United Kingdom this year to overtake the second spot while United Kingdom was placed on number two last year and Canada was on number three. According to NBI, i.e. Nations Brands Index reading and measurements 2021 hasn’t proved to be a good year for United Kingdom. Especially, in terms of categories of Immigration & investments & some other categories as well. The main reason being the pandemic that had already dented the economy of United Kingdom a great deal. Hence, taking it to fifth spot in the overall rankings in 2021. This is especially true with the financial sector and business sector in U.K. that was heavily under lots of threat in the current year.

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Germany on the other hand has maintained the top spot for five consecutive years. Canada this year is next only to Germany and the strengths are in exports, immigration, investment, governance, and finally culture. Fortunately, this year Canada got the first place in immigration & investment. Ironically, which measures perceptions of a nation’s ability to attract the immigration, foreign workers and international students as mentioned earlier.


How Canada has maintained their immigration numbers in 2021 in all provinces & territories in Canada. Something which is still amazing to find out? They have imposed and followed strict rules in all the provinces and territories. Additionally, yet their immigration numbers have not gone below the alarming figures. In terms of investments and new business opportunities they have left many nations behind. Hence, as the economy has proved to be sustainable enough to bear losses during the times of Corona-virus. A huge credit goes to the Governmental policies and relief programs. These are restoration efforts that has proved to be highly worthwhile in the recovery & restoration process. Ironically, this is all true as results speaks of themselves. Especially, in the investments & immigration chapter.

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