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The Glasgow COP26 Conference ended on the 12th of November 2021 and all eyes have been on Glasgow, Scotland. Hence, with obvious reasons as the conference was attended by leaders from many countries including the host country United Kingdom. Canada was represented in the conference in Glasgow, Scotland by Mr. Justin Trudeau, while United States was represented by President Joe Bidden. The conference started on 31st October took place successfully in Glasgow. On top of that, it was delayed by a year because of the Corona-virus pandemic. It is the massive undertaking that has seen countries recommit to tackle the climate crisis. Ironically, along with the rising global temperatures. The protesters in Glasgow have taken themselves to the streets in order to demand from world leaders more ambitious goals as well as targets to reduce carbon emissions.

As one of the protesters was accompanied with the play-card message “If not You, Who? If Not Now, When? COP26 ACT NOW. The message clearly said that it’s high time to take radical steps against climate change. Furthermore, the rising temperatures and If Not we, who? Is responsible and When will steps be taken. The climate change and rising temperatures along with the effects of climate change has been the cause of severe devastation and losses mankind has seen since the last few decades. The iconic and highly historical (in-future) conference was also attended by the Swedish Climate Change activist, Greta Thunberg. The environmentalist & activist who was nominated in 2019 for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau represented Canada proudly at the Conference while showcasing Canada’s carbon price, he referred to as one of the stringent and most ambitious in the world. He emphasized the efforts of Canada regarding climate change being highly structured. In addition to being structured, they were found to be organised and enormous is terms of the magnitude of the efforts.


Promises have been made and pledges have been signed like the way it has carried out before. However, this time the demonstrations in Glasgow has made things look far more serious than they have ever been witnessed before. Canada, USA, & United Kingdom (the host country), and 21 other countries joined a deal. Hence, a deal that is signed to stop new direct public financing for coal, oil and gas development by end of 2022. Alternatively, as well as to shift investment to renewable energy. Hence, it also prohibits countries to make use of loans from any government or a govt. agency for the sake of financing international fossil fuel developments. This deal surprisingly doesn’t include China, Japan and Korea. These are the giant Asian nations, who are the top fossil fuel funding nations besides Canada.

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A key taking from the Conference saw more than 100 countries that showed that they are committed to end deforestation by 2030. This is in global combined effort for forest protection and promoting a green culture. The most prominent nations amongst the signatories are Brazil, China, Columbia, Congo, Indonesia, Russia and the United States. Along with this more than US$20 billion in private and public funds is pledged towards the plan. Global efforts towards deforestation by so many countries is a huge takeaway from the Conference that was initially delayed due to COVID-19, the pandemic.

Another pledge by European countries & USA that includes Germany, Norway, US and UK is for the recognition of the role of Indigenous people. This is regards to the land and forest protection and is part of the wider deforestation pledge. This is an approximately $2 billion funding pledge by these countries supporting the activities & role of Indigenous people for forest protection activities.


Outrageous protesters filled the Glaswegian streets just while the conference was started & until it finished. Importantly showed the intensity level associated with Climate change and lack of steps taken globally regards to this. Ironically, as well as showing and inspiring solidarity events the world over. Just in the middle of the protests marked the day with the largest number of protesters that marched the streets of Glasgow, i.e. approximately 100,000. All of them demanded more and immediate action by world leaders on the climate crisis. Thus, there was a huge demand of the need for practical steps in the midst of many promises & pledges.

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