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The Canadian supply chain has been since some years facing logistics challenges that can be a cause of huge hindrance in supply chain activities. The challenges are heavily related to supply chain operations. Apart from operations, the work force, and weather being the top three. Weather conditions in Canada, i.e. all over the country are mostly cold, especially in the winter season. This is a huge hindrance and a massive cause of supply chain issues. Furthermore, becomes a challenge especially when the country is all covered in snow. Unexpected weather can change many things dynamically and can be a cause of changes in the supply chain activity. Thus, it becomes a cause of contingency planning that becomes necessary to avoid the losses attached to supply chain and operations. Another challenge attached to supply chain is the environmental issue. A challenge that is indeed a cause of massive concern for the suppliers.

Involvement of people in the supply chain, i.e. finding the right talent is itself one of the biggest challenges in Canada. This is a primary concern mainly due to the time factor. Hence, as supply chain is all linked up heavily with time and timeliness. Whether its Amazon supply chain delivering home deliveries from the warehouse or a Walmart supply chain that demands success with time and money factor. With the passage of time, i.e. an interval of few hours or even minutes. Slight delays can change the value and cost of a supply chain activity and finally what it costs to the customer or end-user. Thus, the challenges are directly linked up with the customer satisfaction aspects.

The following are some of the key challenges that are witnessed in a supply chain. They are as follows;


The involvement of big data in supply chain management is a norm. This is particularly true in a tech driven world where data and analytics play a massive role. Also, in making huge supply chain operations extra efficient. This is thanks to Real-time analytics as customers want to keep a track of their purchases. In fact, they have pushed in the past and continue to push for more efforts for a highly transparent tracking of the delivery.

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While it holds so many benefits and advantages, there are some negatives or challenges that are associated with big data. For example, the shippers and receivers must now constantly track and enter data to update the exact location of freights. Other challenges also includes training employees to perform this act of updating information regularly. Apart from this, purchasing the necessary equipment that is needed to perform these acts effectively and efficiently.


In a massive country like Canada, the weather challenges are a huge challenge. This is especially true with the unexpected weather challenges. Hence, as winter challenges also includes snow fall and hindrances in supply chain activities due to consistent and constant snow.

Weather tracking is an important feature that any logistics company should take care of. Ironically, as they must have the knowledge and updates of weather forecasts. This is especially true in the areas that cover the routes their shipments will soon be taking. Having a trust on the logistics business that excel in the anticipation of the weather challenges is always a bonus point. Importantly, as the sellers can be assured with peace of mind that their products will be delivered to the destination in timeliness, regardless of the weather. The anticipation really counts as it is indeed a huge factor in determining how the weather is going to play soon.

Another key aspect to take care of is the contingency when planning the shipping routes. This is known as contingency or a ‘back-up plan’ in technical terms. Furthermore, is highly necessary to avoid any weather disruptions or troubling weather. Adapting to the situation accordingly becomes a necessity. Naturally, as there is very little one can do during extreme weather conditions.


Finding the right talent in the supply chain and operations industry is the biggest key. More importantly, as customer satisfaction is highly wanted. Apart from this, it has a huge dependency on finding the right talent. This is especially true for the supply chain managers as companies need supply chain managers with a good operational understanding. Especially, of different processes in the company that govern their supply chains.

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It is also mandatory for the companies to maintain good relationships with the suppliers and the partners. This is indeed a massive need as more and more companies are now turning towards the concept of private labelling. Another key area that is looked for effective supply chain managers are the interpersonal skills. Necessarily, without the interpersonal skills the ability to adapt to the processes of other companies and stakeholders can become challenging. Hence, if the managers lack interpersonal skills they are bound to fail as good managers.

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