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Queen Elizabeth Was A Great Leader – What Next for England?


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It’s not unusual to hear rumors of Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Obviously, to create headlines. However, this time, the facts are in that Queen Elizabeth has died.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away “peacefully” on her residence at Balmoral, Scotland. Precisely, on September 8, 2022. Buckingham Palace announced in a statement. She was 96 years old. “The Queen was peacefully buried in Balmoral today afternoon”. Hence, according to the announcement. The statement added “The King and Queen Consort will be at Balmoral tonight. Apart from this, return to London the following day.”

An Announcement From The Buckingham Palace:

The announcement came just shortly before Buckingham Palace announced. That the Queen was placed “under the supervision of a medical professional”. Importantly, because of “concern” about her doctor. “Following another examination today, The Queen’s medical team is worried about her health. Apart from this, have advised that her to be under medical supervision. That is, for the foreseeable future,” the statement read at the time. “The Queen is in good health and is at Balmoral in Scotland.” Palace officials also said it was Prince Charles. Furthermore, Camila Parker Bowles, and Prince William were promptly informed about the Queen’s health. “Their Royal Highnesses. That is, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Obviously, both have made a trip on a trip to Balmoral” The palace sources confirmed.

The Royal Monarch Died At Age 96:

The announcement also occurred just a year. Obviously, after reports the Queen’s death were sparked in the month of February 2022. Hence, when the gossip site, Hollywood Unlocked. Claimed that the monarch died at 96. The claim was made by the publication just days after news reports revealed. Hence, that the Queen was positive for COVID-19, after being close to her youngest grandson. Prince Charles, who also was infected during the month. As per Hollywood Unlocked. The Queen was “found dead” following her plans to attend an event.

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“It is with sincere regret that we inform you that the Queen of Britain. That is, Her Magesty Elizabeth has passed away.” Their exclusive report read at the time. “Sources within those in the Royal Kingdom notified us. Exclusively, that Queen Elizabeth has died. She was supposed to be at the marriage of British Vogue Editor. That is, Edward Enninful. However, was discovered dead.”

Although the site didn’t provide any official palace sources. Hollywood Unlocked CEO and founder Jason Lee took to Twitter. Thus, to confirm the claims of the site. “We do not publish lies. Apart from this, I believe in the sources I trust,” he wrote at the time. “Waiting for an official response from the palace.” Then the CEO reaffirmed his position. That is, on Instagram by writing “I’ve never committed a lie;” “I’ve never been wrong;” “I trust my sources;”. Finally, “I have yet to receive an official declaration. That is, from the palace that says contrary,” in a numbered list. However, despite Lee’s claim the report of the Queen’s death was not true.

Is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Really Dead?

Are queen Elizabeth dead? Yes, it is. The Queen passed away in the evening on September 8 2022. She was 96 and her son, Prince Charles. His Majesty, who is the next to be heir to the throne, as well as her grandchild. Ironically, Prince William, who is the second in line to the throne were at her side.

After she was found to be positive for COVID-19 back in February 2022. An insider informed Us Weekly at the time the monarch had been recuperating. Thus, “without any hassle” in spite of reports about her demise. “Of course she’s got a group of doctors available when needed. Furthermore, a team of staff who are top-of-the-line,” the insider told the website. “But so far, Her Majesty has handled the situation. That is, without anxiety or having to involve other people in her healing.”

What do you think of those reports of Queen Elizabeth’s death? After Hollywood Unlocked’s report the 22nd of February, 2022. The company issued a statement via social media. Obviously, apologising to the false report. Furthermore, blamed the report on an error by an “intern reporter” that “published the draft report through error.” They also said, “Our deepest apologies goes to the Royal Family and everyone. Especially, those who were involved in this embarrassing incident. The mistake was accidental and we’re trying to ensure this kind of mistake doesn’t happen again.”

The Reactions Of People On Social Media:

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Before the publication retracted their original story. The people on social media and royal supporters alike spent hours. Thus, asking questions about the credibility of Hollywood Unlocked’s story about Queen Elizabeth’s passing. A lot of people found it difficult to imagine that a newspaper site located in the United States. For obvious reasons, would be the first to announce the news. Regarding, the British monarch’s death, particularly prior to the time that outlets from The United Kingdom. Thus, had a chance to cover the story. Some also questioned the quality of Hollywood Unlocked’s claim that the queen had been “found dead” in the midst of the wedding ceremony. Considering that the monarch was tested positive for COVID-19  Later, then cancelled her royal engagements in recent weeks and engagements, it is very unlikely that she would be scheduled to attend an event similar to Vogue Editorial Director Edward Enniful’s wedding.

What Next For England After Queen’s Passing Away:

What will happen when the Queen Elizabeth passes away? If the time is right the palace has a precise plan. Dubbed “Operation London Bridge”, i.e to be carried out upon the Queen’s passing.

If the Queen dies and is buried. Hence, the news will be announced first by using a coded phrase which is believed to be “London Bridge is down” to officials from the government. The people who will be informed be the Prime Minister. The cabinet secretary and other top officials. Additionally, the announcements of the Queen’s death will be communicated to the government that she heads. Together with all nations of the Commonwealth which she is thought of as a symbol.

When officials from the government are informed the news of the Queen’s passing will be released to the general public. Via an email sent to British Press Association. Palace officials will start to display a show of grief. A show that includes black images across all social media platforms. Hence, as well as shared statements on official websites. As well as the announcement of death in black. A death that will be pinned to at the entrance at Buckingham Palace. The royal family and the prime minister are expected to make official announcements. Later that night, Queen Elizabeth’s oldest son, Prince Charles, will address all the globe. Most importantly, as the nation’s new king.

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