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We are on the verge of entering 2022. Furthermore, Qatar will be hosting the biggest sporting event in history after COVID-19 outbreak. The event shall be the first one to be taking place in the Middle-East. Furthermore, an Islamic country will take the noble rights to hosts the prestigious FIFA tournament, i.e. its 22nd version. No wonder the world has seen many catastrophes. Apart from this, the devastation due to the pandemic. Since the last world cup that was hosted in Russia in 2018. An event that made France the world champions as they won their second tournament after exactly two decades. The FIFA world cup will start in Qatar from 21st November. Furthermore, shall finish on 18th of December 2022.

Qatar is a country that has been in preparation for the world cup since the last five years. Significantly, some of the stadiums are newly constructed just for the sake of this event. In the glorious history of FIFA world cups that started from Uruguay from 1930. Importantly, most of the FIFA world cups have taken place in South America. Apart from South America are European countries and North America. Finally, the 2002 world cup was the first one to take place in the continent Asia. A very successful of the World Cups while it was jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan. The world cup winners for 2002 world cup were Brazil. The South American nation, who were the first nation to mark their name. That is, into the new millennium with their fifth world cup win.


Many sports have suffered a lot due to the two years that have caused delays and postponements in the trophy. Fortunately, FIFA didn’t suffered a lot as Euro 2020 was delayed just for a year. Finally, the trophy took place in 2021 all across Europe. Eleven European countries jointly hosted the trophy. Hence, a trophy that was delayed for a year and the final took place in Wembley, London. Hence, with Italy becoming the European champions for the second time.

Apart from the Euro Cup, there were little sufferings and damages that were caused to the most famous & most played sports in the world, i.e. Football. Especially, we are talking about International Football, as the leagues have definitely been on the suffering end due to the pandemic. Since the pandemic arrived in the end of the year 2019, it took reasonable time for the recovery which is good enough as FIFA World Cup 2022 will eventually take place.


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Much to the expectations of the fans the trophy is expected to be a grand extravaganza that will take place in Qatar. Ironically, as the trophy has got many eyes on it with almost all the key nations expected to fight for the biggest award. Gianni Infantino, the President of FIFA who is an Italian from background and was born in Switzerland. Infantino is highly positive that the trophy will have the fire, the intensity and the passion that is always wanted for the game of football.

Gianni Infantino truly thinks that the experiment to have this trophy for the very first time in the Middle-East and in a country like Qatar will never fail to deliver. Qatar is a financially strong nation. Additionally, it is a number one nation regards to the GDP Per Capita. A rich country that has all the capabilities to host a FIFA tournament of this magnitude and something that demands excellence.

The efforts of FIFA are getting evident a year in advance even though it’s still very early to predict that how the event shall take place. However, if it will take place, it shall truly be the biggest and most successful trophy that shall be taking place after the COVID-19 outbreak.


Amongst the most favourite to lift the FIFA World Cup is now Italy. Ironically, as they are the European Champions but failed to qualify for Russia 2018. Although, they have already won four world cups, but the latest one was 15 years from today, i.e. 2006. England is yet another favourite being the semi-finalist in 2018 world cup and finalist of the Euro Championship in London. However, can’t leave Germany, Spain and France behind who have won the world cup at least once each time. To be exact Germany has lifted the trophy four times, France twice and Spain once.

In the list of South American nations its Argentina and Brazil who are the favourites as Argentina has won the tournament two times and Brazil five times. Whoever wins the tournament this time, it’s definitely a certainty that World cup 2022 will be the most interesting World cups ever to take place. Significantly, as many things have changed from the health & safety point of view due to the Coronavirus being a cause of many losses to life. Qatar 2022 is highly expected to take place in the midst of all the health & safety precautions. These are the precautions that are needed for the safe handling of the prestigious event.

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As Shakespeare once said, whatever happens, ‘The Show Must Go On’. Hence, the trophy is likely to take place with all the necessary precautions and measures that are needed. Importantly, it will also be the first FIFA world cup that shall take place under the necessary health & safety precautionary measures.

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