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Liz Truss Will Be the Next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


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Foreign secretary beats the former chancellor in the race for Tory direction. She will succeed Boris Johnson on Tuesday.

LONDON -London – Liz Truss will be the next premier in the U.K. Hence, after comfortably seeing the opposition Rishi Sunak to head the ruling Conservative Party.

Truss who is currently the U.K’s Foreign Secretary. Received an overwhelming majority of 81,326 votes (57.4 percent). That is, from Conservative members against 60,399 (42.6 percent) for Sunak. The politician who was an ex-chancellor. Obviously, the one who resigned due to his disagreements with the Prime Secretary Boris Johnson.

Truss will travel to Balmoral the Queen’s Highland estate on Tuesday to be officially sworn-in as the new prime minister. She will then choose her cabinet against the backdrop of economic turmoil within the U.K.

Johnson’s Secretary Of State:

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Johnson’s Secretary of State Priti Patel was not anticipated to get an appointment in Truss. The team’s new look quit on Monday night. Thus, following the appointment of the new leader.

Following an announcement to become Tory party leader. Truss said she would keep the commitments made throughout her campaign. Furthermore, to lead the Conservatives who are currently in the midst. Obviously, of a slide in polls to victory in the coming election. “I am aware that our principles are popular with the British citizens.” She said, saying: “I campaigned as a Conservative. Furthermore, will lead as a Conservative.”

In her speech, she used its victory address to speak about a “bold strategy”. That is, to reduce taxes and tackle the rising cost of energy, Truss vowed. “We will succeed and we will do it and we will do it.” The new prime minister Liz Truss. Definitely, is likely to unveil a bailout program. That is, within the next week after taking office. Obviously, in an effort to assist families. Apart from this, businesses manage the pressure of soaring cost of living and rising energy costs.

Faced Criticism During The Campaign:

During the campaign Truss was criticised. Primarily, due to her inability to lay out a comprehensive plan. That is, to lower expenses but she won the support of Tory members. Especially, early during the campaign with promises to reduce taxes. Apart from this, to improve her performance in debates.

She has pledged to end the proposed hike in corporate tax. Also, reverse an increase in the personal tax on national insurance. Furthermore, to unveil an emergency budget within a few days of her inauguration.

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Sunak’s campaign that easily won the backing of Conservative MPs in the first round. However, then faltered in the larger vote of ordinary Tory members. Said that Truss’s economic plan will only boost inflation. Furthermore, called her tax cut program a “moral fail.”

A Statement Issued From Liz Truss:

In a statement on the morning of Monday. Lizz Truss declared that Sunak had run a “hard struggle,”. Furthermore, insisted the lengthy, bitter battle to choose the next Tory leader. Hence, “shown the breadth and depth of talent. A powerhouse within the Conservative Party.” Sunak also urged the party to “now join forces with the new leader. That is, Liz Truss. Hence, as she leads the country. Especially, through the most difficult times.”

The Conservative leadership race was ignited due to Johnson’s resignation. The month of July, following months of rage from party colleagues. Hence, regarding how he dealt with a number of scandals. These are scandals, which included sexual misconduct allegations against a minister and an ally in politics.

Johnson continues to be the premier until the formal transition on Tuesday. Johnson will also attend Balmoral following his last speech in front of Downing Street.

Giving an ode in her tribute to the late “friend” Johnson. Specifically, in her acceptance speech, Truss said: “Boris you have done a great job with Brexit. You crushed [former Labour leader] Jeremy Corbyn. You put out the vaccine. Furthermore, took on Vladimir Putin. Apart from this, you are loved by everyone from Kyiv up to Carlisle.”

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Johnson, for his part, Johnson hailed Truss’ “decisive victory”. Apart from this, added that “she has the best plan to deal with the living cost crisis.”


Ursula von der Leyen. President of the European Commission, was one of the first leaders from around the world. Obviously, to offer a congratulatory message to Truss. However, with the Brexit caution.

“The EU and the U.K. are partners,” von der Leyen stated. While, stating she’s eager to establish “a constructive relationship. That is, with full compliance with agreement,” likely a reference to the ongoing dispute. A long dispute that has been brewing between London and Brussels. Thus, concerning post-Brexit rules. These are rules & regulations that affect Northern Ireland.

The Irish government, which is infuriated by the U.K.’s attempt to ignore certain. That is, some of the protocol in the legislation it has in place. Hence, stated that it was hoping Truss will change her stance. Apart from this, put a stop to it. Northern Ireland Protocol Bill now she is officially succeeded Boris Johnson.

Changing Views Of Irish Minister:

Ireland’s minister of European issues, Thomas Byrne, said Dublin relies on Truss having a track record of changing her views to change her stance in the case of the treaty-flouting legislation, which is under House of Lords scrutiny in the upcoming weeks.

“She’s in charge of her own agenda now,” he told RTE radio in Dublin. “I am hoping she will display the pragmatism she’s demonstrated previously … she was against Brexit and has changed her party and has shown that she is able to alter her opinions,” Byrne said, saying: “We’ve heard softer tones from Liz Truss in the past. I think there’s some the pragmatism that she has shown. However, the bill must be tossed out.”

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon, who is pushing for Scotland to be separated from United Kingdom in another big task for the next prime minister — felicitated Truss.

“Our political disagreements are extensive, but I’ll work to develop an effective collaboration with her, just as I have done with the previous 3 PMs.” Sturgeon tweeted.

The focus in Westminster will now be focused on the person Truss is putting in her cabinet for her first. Patel’s resignation was preemptive in a letter addressed to Johnson in which the home secretary, who is charged to reduce crossings of the English Channel by migrants -and pledging loyalty to Truss but also said she’d continue to “champion various policies I have advocated for , both within and outside the government” from the back benches.

Kwasi Most Likely To Be U.K.’s Most Senior Finance Minister:

Kwasi Kwarteng who is currently business secretary and early supporter of Truss is widely expected to be given the post of chancellor, which is the U.K.’s most senior finance minister. Truss’s close allies Therese Coffey is being considered for an important post she told the PA news agency on Monday “All the positions will be confirmed on the morning of.”

Although Truss was able to win by a convincing margin, she got less votes than polls in the campaign had predicted infact, she received less votes as anyone else Conservative candidate since present system was established.

In the year 2019, Boris Johnson won 66 percent of the member ballot. Hence, while Jeremy Hunt winning 34 percent. David Cameron managed an even greater percentage in 2005. Convincingly, winning an impressive 68 percent, beating David Davis’s 32 .

In opposition, the Labour Party was quick to denounce Truss’s win. Vice Leader Angela Rayner said: “All Britain can demonstrate over the past 12 years Tory administration is low salaries, high costs and an Tory living cost crisis. Liz Truss offers more of the same failed Tory plans that put us into this situation.”

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