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DEMOCRACY INT. DAY– Celebrating the Power of Democracy


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Democracy Int. Day will be taking place on Sept 15, 2023’. Furthermore, it is a celebration of the power of democracy in modern world. It signifies the importance of the freedom of speech. Apart from this, that everyone has the right to have an opinion which is their personal in every regards & every possible way. Obviously, the power of democracy can’t be denied in this powerful yet democratic world. Hence, while the importance can’t overshadow the needs of the modern world.

In UK, the Hyde Park in London city has a dedicated speaker’s corner, where everyone has the right to say anything that includes their opinion on politics & religion as well. Shows the power of a democratic country which is the United Kingdom or UK. Hence, as speaker’s corner in Hyde Park is best regarded as a symbol of democracy in UK. Dedicated for the democracy, as the Int. day of democracy is the day. Obviously, while laying emphasis on its powers. Truly, means the value it has gained which is truly significant internationally. It’s very easy for the people who live in a free society to take their freedoms for granted. There is a history that relates to the history of democracy around the world. Especially, in developed & highly reputable democracies that includes United States, Canada and UK.



Dating back many years in time when John A MacDonald became the Prime Minister of Canada. That is, 1st time from 1867 to 1873. Also, from 1878 to 1891. He was someone who was born in Glasgow, Scotland & the family later migrated to Canada. He died in Ottawa, the Federal Capital of Canada on June 6, 1891. The prime minister was off-course the first Canadian PM & someone who wasn’t even born in Canada which truly shows the power of democracy in Canada.

Power of Democracy:

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What do we mean by the power of democracy while celebrating the Int. day of democracy? A question that must be popping the minds of many readers. It is the power of a democratic society. Thus, a society, where the opinions and freedom of your tongue. Thus, holds value in terms of practical results. The more the powerful a democracy is the more it is good for the economy. Hence, as the opinion of people in that country matters. However, as a matter of fact. The countries that are not democratic nations. These are the ones, which included ones under the Martial law or the army leadership. They are regarded as weak nations. The nations where the power of having an opinion is pretty weak. Apart from this, it is overshadowed by the army leadership. Alternatively, in technical terms as martial law.

The Need for Dedication of a Day & the Freedom of Speech:

The need for the dedication of a day, known as Int. day of democracy. Hence, came obviously as a high-level need. Precisely, while laying emphasis on the freedom of speech. This was according to the UN or United Nations General Assembly. An Int. body who passed a resolution in 2007. A resolution in history that says, that Sept 15 of each year. Int. day of democracy as it shall be observed as most desirably. Also, that everyone holds the freedom to have an opinion as it’s a free world. On top of this, a world where opinions matters for sake of development, upbringing & improving the overall infrastructure.

The need for the dedication by the UN General Assembly makes it clear that democracy holds more power. Obviously, than any other system of governance that includes military leadership (in many countries). Also, the feudal lords (esp. in Asia). Finally, the power to rule via dictatorship. Similar to in times of the Nazi Germany, i.e. Adolf Hitler.

The prime & most integral goal of the day is to promote government’s role in maintaining open democracy. Thus, amongst all the member nations of the UN charter. Furthermore, also to celebrate the system of values that democracy promotes. Hence, giving citizens the power to make the decisions regarding all aspects of their lives.

Democracy & the Modern World- The Right for Vote: 

The democracy in the modern world holds the power & right to vote. Ironically, which is the legal right of everyone regardless of race, gender, or other factors. Thus, meaning illusion & equality which are also important for the success of a democratic society. United States of America is obviously the largest democracy. Importantly, which is the most powerful country as well & has been able to maintain their democratic values. That is, right from the word go.         

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Three Reasons Why People Love Int. Day Of Democracy: 

The majority of people in the world are in favour of living with their democratic values. In addition to this, the freedom of speech. Hence, which means the power of having an opinion that counts. Reasons why people love the Int. day of democracy are as follows;

  1. What it gives is the power to the people which they enjoy. It is very powerful simply because it gives a voice to its nation’s citizens. Hence, enabling them to make changes. These are the ones, as they see fit.
  2. The basis is on equality as the founding documents of the democratic governments put great emphasis on equality. That is, one person, one vote. While this idea has not always been constant or popular over the centuries. The equal rights under the law are central to democratic governments.
  3. It is simply based on change as the democratic societies has the power to bring a change. Thus, a change, when it’s really necessary. Not only that, adapt to change. Hence, as change is a key part of a democratic society. In principle, if the things are going well. At the same time, the citizens have the power to maintain the status quo. However, if the things are really not working well. It’s truly up to the people to throw out the old. Finally, bring in the new ones.
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