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Prince Charles Is King Charles III & How He might rule Over the U.K.


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A new “climate King” is in place in a moment of uncertainty for Britain. Furthermore, in the whole of United Kingdom. Apart from this, the rest of the world.

The COP26 climate summit last year was held in Glasgow, Scotland in November. It was where Prince Charles addressed the conference. Prince Charles warned world leaders that they should take on the “war-like basis”. Obviously, to tackle the threat. Ironically, that relates to environmental degradation and the climate change.

Charles has also made similar pleas throughout his career. For the environmental causes. His Highness, Prince Charles has fought apart from anything else. Because, it was not common for someone who was in a high position to be doing so. In the near future. He might become one of the more well-known people. Thus, to champion the cause. Especially, when Prince Charles ascends to the throne. That is, following the demise of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The queen passed away on Thursday in Scotland, in Balmoral. The burial has taken place in the Royal Estate in Balmoral, Scotland. In the early hours of Thursday. The Balmoral’s palace made the bizarre decision of handing out a statement. Thus, stating “The Doctors of the Queen are worried about Her Majesty’s health. Furthermore, have suggested her to remain under medical surveillance.” The queen was 96 years old.

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Officially as Charles III. Hence, is what Prince Charles has been declared latest. Charles’ coronation — or ceremony to crown the new monarch. Thus, isn’t scheduled for a period of months. However, Charles’s status as king has been established.

As the King, Charles is also Britain’s head of state. Furthermore, also being the state head for the other nations. These are countries, within the “Commonwealth Realm” which still recognise the monarchy. Such as Australia, Canada, and the Bahamas. In 2018 the queen has also made Charles as the chief of the Commonwealth of Nations. Which is the United Kingdom. Plus, a group of 53 nations. These are countries, that have historical or political connections to it. Furthermore, are also part of the former empire.

Charles is the longest-serving heir-apparent and his position. Even, the motives and the scandals have been scrutinised. Precisely, all throughout his life. While Charles has assumed, increasingly the duties as a monarch in recent months. This doesn’t alter the significance of this succession. “There will be times of uncertainty. Furthermore, those uncertain times are likely to occur in any field. That is, in which the monarch holds an official place,” said Onyeka Nubia. A person who is a scholar at the University of Nottingham. “There is uncertainty on the political front as well as culturally maybe socially.”

And King Charles is set to take the throne in a moment of uncertainty to Great Britain. Furthermore, the rest of the world. It is the United Kingdom has left the European Union. Apart from this, it is trying to establish its place globally following Brexit. Brexit has tested its unity within the country itself. Importantly, as the new premier, Liz Truss, has taken over. Amid the rise of economic turmoil & energy shortages. Hence, as well as the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The British monarchy has always been a source for soft power both inside the country and outside. Charles after spending 70 years to be awaited. Thus, will likely have his own opinions. Especially, on how he can make use of his influence and soft power. His public record could provide some clues on how the future king will be ruled. As well as, the monarchy’s institution itself. “The reason why the monarchy has lasted. Ironically, is due to always seeking new roles to play,” said Ed Owens. A historian of the contemporary British monarchy. This could be the primary goal of the new monarch: making sure that the monarchy is able to last.

Prince Charles, the “environmentalist King-in-waiting”

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The succession of King Charles is awe-inspiring partly because the time it took it to occur.

Queen Elizabeth has been in power for a whole generation. “She has been a huge help to the nation through all these crisis in the past seven decades. Furthermore, as a result, their identity & their British nationalism. Obviously, has tied to the image of queen Elizabeth,” said Brooke Newman. Thus, a historian of the early contemporary Britain. Hence, as well as in the British Atlantic at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In her reign of 70 years the longest duration of all British sovereign. Queen Elizabeth ruled during the decolonisation of vast swaths of Africa. Thus, along with the Caribbean. Hence, as well as during the Troubles within Northern Ireland. The end of the Cold War, the 2008 economic crisis, Brexit. Finally, as well as the Covid-19 epidemic and much more.

Elizabeth was crowned queen at an early age. But, was equally in the process of shaping her role as she did shape it. Elizabeth has maintained a level of mystery. That is, being mindful and cautious in her statements. Furthermore, has sometimes allowed certain Brits to project on her what they would like to see. Prince Charles, isn’t as well-known in the same way as queen did. Nor as popular as his brother William is. However, certain experts believe that Charles’s popularity has more to do with the season of The Crown. The series people are watching with immense interest. Furthermore, in addition to what Charles is actually doing.

However, Charles has a track record that spans 70 years. He’s been the subject of scandals, of course. Such as his divorce with Princess Diana. He has also publicly supported causes, from the protection of fox hunting and organic farming and alternative medicine. The Guardian tried for 10 years to make public memos. These are memos that Charles wrote to the ministers of the government. Urging on behalf of various causes. The”so-called “Spider Memos” comprise everything. That is, from a passionate plea to stop the illicit fishing. Hence, for the Patagonian tooth fish to a request for more equipment for the troops in Iraq.

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However his public image provides clues about the kind of king he’ll become. His environmentalist tendencies. Particularly, is a standout. “There’s another job is being crafted by him for himself right now. Apart from this, that’s as an environmentalist king-in waiting,” Owens said. “He’s actively trying to build a international platform to promote that of the British royal family.”

There are many uncertainties about the kind of leadership this will take like. However, according to experts have said. Prince Charles has a lot of credibility. That is, at least in the global climate issue. Since, the king has been warning of climate changes from the beginning of 1990s. The problem, Owens said, is that the King Charles has no actual political power. And in order to address the issue of climate changes. The governments are going to make difficult policies and then act. The monarchy could also make use of its soft power. Obviously, like the visiting state dinners. Alternatively, attending state dinners in order to promote climate actions. Of course when the monarchy is re-orientated in the direction of global warming. Hence, is a way to ensure that the monarchy remains relevant and possibly even vital.

The numerous changes and problems Charles is facing

Charles might have the title of climate change King. But he’ll also have to decide. That is, how the monarchy’s institution is in relation to Britain’s position in the world. As well as, with the notion of Britishness.

As many experts have said & have pointed out. The British monarchy has a role as a political institution. Independent of Politics, is what it’s also believed to be. Royal family members take this extremely seriously. Regardless, of how they utilise their influence to  advance the goals of Britain. “The fundamental tenet for the House of Windsor is that they’re here by chance. Furthermore, they have a duty to carry out these tasks. These are tasks, that in general are extremely. Apart from this, incredibly boring. They aren’t very happy with personally. However, they believe it’s vital to keep the government system in place,” said Philip Murphy. The director of the department of history. Apart from this, policy of the University of London. “And that’s why. Yes, there’s a responsibility to the nation. Hence, as well as to people in the British citizens.”

Charles is also taking over the role of leader of the Commonwealth. Hence, which is a splinter nation that is only linked through very weak links to Britain. Experts say that the queen Elizabeth took on the position. Vitally, as the head of the Commonwealth. Furthermore, by handing it over to Charles said. She wanted the role to be carried on. However, there’s plenty of historical analysis. Thus, an analysis, which hasn’t been fully done. Particularly, in relation to the British imperial past. Hence, as well as its participation with the slavery trade. Certain countries that recognise the monarchy. For instance Barbados has recently made a decision. That is, to depose Elizabeth as the head of state. Others such as Jamaica are likely to follow suit too.

The question of whether the King Charles is able to. Alternatively, ought to, keep his title as leader of the Commonwealth. Hence, is among the many questions he’ll confront. He went to Barbados at the exact time it threw off the queen. As a sign the monarchy believes there is still the value of the Commonwealth bonds. However, as Newman pointed out. Much of this idea of the Commonwealth. Obviously, was derived through queen her own words “Once the queen is gone. I’m thinking this might break down.” This could be destabilising at the very least. In how Britain perceives itself. Apart from this. Its role within the global community.

This is particularly acute. Since, it is the time when UK has been trying to establish its identity after Brexit. Its Conservative government has promoted the concept. That, it will be a “Global Britain”. That is, after Brexit in which the UK asserts its authority. Apart from this, the influence away of the European Union. That includes trade agreements with the world at large. Hence, as well as its strong support of Ukraine. Knowing what functions the Commonwealth will have. Precisely, within British foreign policy could be a part of it.

There is also the issue regarding Britain itself. The monarchy has historically played a part in strengthening these bonds of “Britishness”. These are bonds, which are between England, Scotland & Wales. Finally, in addition to Northern Ireland. The four comprising of United Kingdom.

However, Brexit has caused tensions in the bonds within. Furthermore, between the United Kingdom. Resurrected is the latest status of the issue. Thus, regards to the Scottish Independence. It has raised a number of difficult issues. These are issues, regarding the status for Northern Ireland. Furthermore, it could make the possibility of unification of Ireland possible. The situation in Wales is seeing in growing the number of people who support independence.

The dissolution of the Union isn’t likely. Otherwise, even likely to happen under Charles’s reign. However, he’ll have to confront the issue. One thing that every Brit shared. Hence, was the queen. The question now is whether Charles III will be able to be a part of the same unifying process. “It’s the Britishness of the people. Most importantly, that will be at the forefront. Furthermore, the extent to which the monarchy could help to strengthen. Otherwise, cement an overarching British identity. That will be essential for ensuring that Britain is to remain in good shape,” said Arianne Chernock. Someone, who is a professor of British and European history. Thus, teaching at the Boston University.

These challenges are over the most severe instability. Europe has experienced in a long time. Hence, the Russian invading Ukraine. As well as the Western reaction have only exacerbated by the Covid. Furthermore, Brexit-related economic. Apart from this, the cost of living crisis. A huge crisis that have afflicted the UK. Yet, even with these difficulties and uncertainties. The British monarchy might not alter significantly. The consistency is a part of the hallmark. That is, of the monarchy, what Charles governs, and the reasons. That is, by the most important factor. Obviously, he does and will ultimately be decided. Hence, the pressures that the heir with the longest tenure is under to keep the monarchy in good standing.

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