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Election Quebec & Quebecers Head To Polls For Province’s Election


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Election Quebec & Quebecers will go to the polls today. Thus, following the 5 weeks provincial election campaign that was dominated by issues like immigration & the environment. Finally, the increasing cost of living in the province.

Recent polls suggest Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader Francois Legault. A leader who could cruise into a second majority with support. That is, more than 20 percentage points more than the closest competitor.

Legault will be competing against an enthralling field that includes Legault’s opponents. Hence, which include Quebec Liberals, Quebec solidaire and Quebec Solidaire, Parti Quebecois and the Quebec Conservative Party. Thus, all of which poll at or near the mid teens.

A Good Time Spent Travelling Across The Province:

The party’s leaders have spent the entire weekend travelling across the province. Obviously, to deliver an ultimatum to voters who aren’t sure. Apart from this, to ensure that their supporters are able to vote in the general election.

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Legault cast a vote in advance polls last week. Apart from this, other party leaders are expected to cast their votes. The results awaits to be released furthermore. Hence, following polls are closed on 8 p.m.

The legislature was in session in the summer. Thus, Legault’s political party held 76 seats in the legislature. While, Quebec Liberals had 76 seats, Quebec Liberals had 27, Quebec solidaire had 10, and The Parti Quebecois had seven. There was also the Conservative Party of Quebec held one seat. Furthermore, the number of seats was four Independents.

Legault’s win in the 2018 provincial election marked the start of a new era in Quebec politics. Hence, after nearly 50 years of federalist-versus-separatist two-party rule.

This time, Legault is the incumbent & is offering stability instead of change.

With his campaign tagline “Continue!,” the Coalition Avenir Quebec leader has stated that he will cut taxes. Also, boost seniors’ benefits. Furthermore, combat the increasing price of living. However, Legault has come under fire for controversial remarks on immigration. Hence, apart from this, allegations from his rivals who claim he’s not enough concerned about climate change.

Experts believe that anything other than a Legault win is a major surprise. However, there’s plenty to keep an eye during election night. This includes the fate of the once dominant Quebec Liberals as well as Parti Quebecois. Thought to be strongholds for a valid reason are the Parti Quebecois who are trying to retain support in the ridings.

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Seeking to make a comeback. Importantly, are the Quebec Conservatives as is believed popularly. A massive comeback, after securing less than 2% of the popular votes in 2018. Meanwhile, Quebec solidaire hopes to convert its popularity among younger voters to an increase in number of seats.

With tight three-way and two-way races across a number of ridings the turnout of voters could be vital. The turnout in Quebec’s most recent provincial election of 2018 was 66.45 percent. Compared to the prior election, its a decrease of almost 5%.

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