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Celebrated on the birthday of Queen Victoria as an official holiday. The next Victoria day is 18th of May 2020, as the official holiday. The monarch who ruled the United Kingdom from 1837-1901. She became the first Monarch and the first Queen of Canada since it was founded.

Marked as the longest reign i.e. 63 years by any Monarch. Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England broke that record very recently. This happened approximately 5 years back i.e. in September 2015.

The British Monarch kept her seat on the throne for approximately 63 Years, 216 days. She was born in 1819 and Canada has been celebrating this arrival of Queen Victoria. In the year 1845, her holiday was officially declared in the country. Also, it became a legal off day i.e. an official holiday after the death of the Monarch in 1901. The times of the rule of Queen Victoria marked with many historical events. The ‘Victorian Era’ is the time of the rule of Queen Victoria that included many ups and downs.


Founded in the ‘Victorian Era’ in 1867 as a country i.e. being part of the British empire. Hence, she was officially the first Queen or Monarch of Canada. Victoria Day is a Canadian traditional day and doesn’t exist in most of England. Celebrated in parts of Scotland as the official holiday. The day holds huge significance in Edinburg. However, its an observance in Quebec as well being the legal Canadian official day.

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However, the idea of how to honour a British monarch doesn’t apply to the province Le-Belle. Hence, in this province, the day is less significant and known by another name. Known by its new name only in Quebec i.e. National Patriots Day. It happened while ignoring the Queen reference in 2003.

The Capital City of province British Columbia, Victoria is yet another sign that relates to Canada from the Royal monarch. In the memory of Queen Victoria, there is another Canadian city and its called Regina. The City ‘Regina’, i.e. the Capital of Canadian province Saskatchewan. ‘Regina’ is a Latin word meaning: ‘The Queen.’


Known by the nickname as the Drina when she was actually a little girl and she could only speak German until age 3.

The Queen in 1840 i.e. at the age of 16 married Prince Albert in a family affair. The prince was her first cousin i.e. the father of Prince Albert was actually her mother’s brother & belonged from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

‘The Queen’ officially took over the throne in 1837 and it happened after the death of William IV. The age of the Royal Queen was just 18 years old when she started ruling over the British empire. Portrayed in history as a very strong and imposing personality.

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Since the death of Prince Albert i.e. the husband of Queen Victoria in Dec 1861. As wearing black outfits, in many films, the queen has been portrayed by many actresses.  An outfit that displays the state of mourning and shock. The shock she had been was after Prince Albert’s death.


A personality who witnessed 6 assassination attempts. The first attempt happened in the year 1840 by an 18-year old whose name was Edward Oxford and happened in London. Two years later another attempt on the life of Queen, when a man named John Francis fired a gun at the carriage but missed. Just about after two months, another attempt happened i.e. the third attempt. She survived an attack from John William Bean. Made from Tobacco and paper, she was fired with ammo during a journey.

The fourth attempt happened in 1849 when William Hamilton, an angry Irishman fired a pistol at her carriage. Staying too long in politics will make you bound to make enemies. The Queen was living proof of the fact after many survivals.

In 1850, happened for the fifth time i.e. the Fifth attempt when an ex-army officer hit her with his cane, his name in history books is Robert Pate. Lastly, and incredibly the 6th attempt happened in 1882. Fortunately, she survived an attack of the bullet from Robert Mclean’s gun.


 Everything happened at a fast pace in the life of Queen Victoria similarly she became a grandmother at a very young age i.e. 39 years old and a great grandmother 20 years later i.e. at the age of 59.  She was not only the Queen of England and British monarchies, but she was also a mother of 9 children. She suffered a major drawback of living a long life, and it was tragic for her to have outlived three of her children.


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Named as the 18th Briton in a BBC poll. Conducted by British Broadcasting Corporation, the poll happened in 2002. Winston Churchill former Prime Minister of Britain during World War II took the number 1 position. The honour list placed Paul McCartney on 17th and Queen Victoria was the next in the list. Other prominent ones were Princess Diana #3, Shakespeare #5 and John Lennon #8. The music industry gave honour to Queen Victoria. Hence, she became the only British monarch to have been honoured.

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