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There are a huge number of films made on space & moon missions. Furthermore, covers the quest of mankind in form of missions that have made a mark in history. Especially, in terms of space & moon missions. Some of the most popular ones includes the most recent being The First Man (2018) & Gravity (2013). Also includes, Apollo 13 (1995), The Martian, released in the year 2015 covers the historical mission on the planet Mars. Other movies includes The Dish released in 2000. Furthermore, the Hidden Figures (2016), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Marooned (1969) & Apollo 18 released in 2011. Finally, its Apollo 11 (1996).

All these films obviously covers the real-life events & happenings. These are ones, that took place during the missions. Ironically, which includes the First Man (2018) & Apollo 13 (1995). The films which are most prominent in terms of the happenings & the results.

astronaut movies

The most prominent movies & some of the most popular & distinguished ones are covered below:

GRAVITY (2013):

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The Gravity is a film which was released in 3D & the movie was one of the biggest blockbusters in the year 2013. The year of the release of the movie was the same and it featured mega stars that includes George Clooney & Sandra Bullock in key roles as astronauts on a mission in the space.

Gravity movie

The main theme of this film is Kessler Syndrome. A Kesler effect is obviously a scenario in which a space collision leads to a domino effect of other collisions. This is a phenomenon which describes a vicious circle. Obviously, in which the Space debris created by each collision automatically increased the chances of yet another collision. Thus, which raises the probability of more Space debris. According to expert commentators, who said that the film is very relevant. But, in the film originally a collision causes another one immediately. However, in the real life, another collision wouldn’t have been so fast in terms of frequency.

A good movie, showing the challenges which astronauts face. Apart from this, how an Indian astronaut lost his life during the space challenge. Great acting by George Clooney & Sandra Bullock showing the intensity that they both showed for the movie as they are in real-life. The chemistry between the two stars is just awesome making the film a major success in Europe & North America. A Warner Bros. film was released at different times all throughout the world. While it was released in October in the United States, the film was released in November 2013 in United Kingdom.

How sincerely it revolves around the title ‘Gravity’ is just amazing to watch. Hence, in the film as the collisions caused a massive chaos. The caption ‘Don’t Let Go’, simply sums it up how it was in terms of the ‘Action in the Space’.


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The Martian was a movie on the mission to Mars & was released in the year 2015. The movie stars Matt Damon in key role as ‘The Martian’. His acting as an astronaut has showed how good an actor Matt Damon is & the role is so different for the many roles he is known for. These includes films like the Borne Series, The Departed (2006) & Ocean 11 released in the year 2001. Apart from all these films, in the Martian he will be seen mostly talking to himself while making videos, growing Vegetables in an artificially trained environment & being a communicator to the ones looking forward to see him. He has just done the right justice with the role being a Man on ‘The Mission to Mars’.


There are many aspects to this film that are realistic, albeit simplistic in this film. These includes potato cultivation needing fermented fertiliser, for instance, or the extreme storms.

Regards to the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (REG), something noted as a mistake. Ironically, as it is something. That, in any case shouldn’t be buried underground. Otherwise, they can run the risk of overheating, according to an expert.

Watched globally, as the movie was one of the dynamics of 2015. Obviously, as interestingly everyone wants to know the realities of the planet Mars. Where, temperatures are equivalent to parts of Siberia. In addition to this, coldest recorded in Nunavut in 1947 being -63 Degree Celcius. Based on the novel of 2011 by Andy Weir which is by the same name “The Martian”, also features stars which includes Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig & Jeff Daniels apart from Matt Damon in most prominent roles in the movie “The Martian”.

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As part of revenues generated, it was a Box Office success & banked good money in terms of the return.


Released in the year 2018 as The First man was a major super-hit of that year. Its a biopic made on life of Neil Armstrong, in addition to this. The man who was obviously the first man to land on the moon in 1969. A film by Damien Chazelle stars Ryan Gosling as The First Man on the Moon, i.e. Neil Armstrong. The film is based on the novel First Man: The Life of Neil A.Armstrong by James Hansen. Other prominent stars in the film includes Claire Foy & Jason Clarke. Furthermore, Kyle Chandler in key roles. Thus, along with Ryan Gosling in lead role as Neil.

the first man

It’s one of the best biopics of the modern era. Apart from this, by far the best one in the last 5 years. Covers the real life events of Neil Armstrong who becomes eventually the first man to land on the moon.

According to experts it is a film based on the experiences of Neil Armstrong through the eyes of his children. Furthermore, zooms in on the astronaut’s personality. Seen in the film, i.e. the images. This is according to the movie experts. Precisely, of the lunar surface aren’t realistic images. They simply just don’t look like the moon.

The darkest hour another biopic released in 2018. That is, the same year on the life of British Prime Minister in era of World War II. The name of the PM being Sir Winston Churchill. The First Man obviously beats the ‘Darkest Hour’. The overall film & the liking that was created along with it. Gary Oldman was the actor who performed the role of Sir Winston Churchill tremendously. Especially, in terms of that liking. Obviously, by the most awesome role played by Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.

APOLLO 13 (1995):

Apollo 13 is a film made on the mission to Moon as is one of the biggest & most successful ones. That is, amongst the films made on the lunar mission. Its Tom Hanks & Kevin Bacon in key roles along with Bill Paxton. Ron Howard was famously the director of the film. Further, follows the history & the course of events of Apollo 13 mission. The film is indeed a realistic effort. Almost, documentary-like film according to a movie expert.


Brilliant acting sequences by award winning actor Tom Hanks who is known for his roles in major hit films like Saving Private Ryan, You Have Got Mail & Captain Phillips. Also, includes Sully, Catch Me If You Can & Bridge of Spies. Finally, its Cast Away & a number of other films that have proved that Tom Hanks is the one who is the best choice for his role in Apollo 13.

It depicts how NASA brought the mission’s astronauts back to Earth, despite an engine failure.


These are some of the most prominent & popular films made on mission to Space & Mission to Moon. Obviously, The Martian (2015) is one of its kind made on the popular mission to the planet Mars. Also known as the Red Planet because of the Iron minerals. Found on the planet Mars as these are the ones. As it was captured during the most famous & most adventurous mission. That is, with clear photographic evidences of the mission. The popular National Geographic magazine released the photographs of the famous Mars mission. All these films demonstrates the curious nature of mankind regards to the Space research & the quest to get into the Space. Films like ‘The First Man’, is a symbolic effort. Sincerely, by Damien Chazelle to dig deeply into the life of Neil Armstrong. The First man who landed on the Moon in the year 1969.

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