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There are a number of horror movies that have made a mark on the face of Hollywood. Remembered for a long time, as these are the movies. These includes great films like Exorcist (1973), The Exorcism of Emily Rose & Buried Alive. Also, includes Village of the Damned which stars Christopher Reeve. Obviously, in the leading role who is also known for The Superman franchise as Super Man. There are many other films like The Ring (2002) starring Naomi Watts. Also, ‘The Others’ that stars Nicole Kidman & is a film that is made on interactions of the two worlds, i.e. the humans & the spirits.

Covered in most films is the element of Paranormal Activity. These are movies, that shows how the dead interacts with the world after they are departed. There are some movies by name of Paranormal activity that also shows the mysterious. Furthermore, the paranormal activities that take place normally. That is, in evacuated or ancient mansions. Also, the places that are declared as haunted.



Some of the films like Vampires in Brooklyn are not exactly horror movies. However, they are the ones made on the vampires. Someone, who are looking for human blood & they are actually in form of humans. The variety of horror movies shows how scary movies are able to make people. Alternatively, the humans scare of even their thought. Hollywood has been able to identify exactly what is the scare factor. In addition to this, how that factor can end up being scary. Apart from being scary, even a cause of death for someone who is having a weak heart. It’s the fear of the unknown & the unseen that actually makes people scare. Finally, even create feelings of spookiness.

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We shall going to find out some of the most brilliant. Also, the most watched films that are made as Top horror movies & rule the charts in Hollywood.



Village of the Damned is yet another top horror movies that is directed by John Carpenter & stars Christopher Reeve who is the man who played the role of Superman in the franchise films by same name Superman. Christopher Reeve is Dr. Alan Chaffee & he has played his role as an investigator of mysterious deaths & paranormal behaviour. He in the end dies in the film blowing himself & the children of the damned born in the Village on the same day.

village of the damned

All these kids have got super powers & power to read the mind & even to control people’s minds & their actions. At the end of the film are the sequences in the movie where Christopher Reeve thinks about a brick wall so that he hides in the back of mind the bomb that is timed to kill all the damned kids & himself. According to him it was the only solution that the village could get rid of those kids.

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The film doesn’t involve black magic or any kind of paranormal activity, but shows the birth of almost a dozen kids in pairs who were born in the village on the same day & are the kids of Satan. One of them, i.e. a girl leaves the pair empty as she expired the same day. The film is very dramatic & sequences of mysterious things happening which is obviously caused by the kids, however, there is no proof or clear evidences. Obviously, as most killings are just killing themselves, i.e. act of suicides. The end part of the film where he thinks about the brick Wall constantly. Thus, while hiding what’s there in his mind. That is, the bomb shows the most perfect application of ‘Mind over matter’.


The Exorcist is one of the scariest & one of the top horror movies if not the scariest films made in the Hollywood. It shows how a devil spirit (Satan/Demon), possesses a little young girl & speaks from the inside of her. The film is made on possessions & later ‘Exorcism’ in the religious ways, i.e. using the Bible sermons & the Holly cross, & later making use of the blessed water or Holly water to make the satanic spirit runaway.

 The Exorcist

The horror film is also known for mass hysteria as it inspired across the country. The film got some controversial reviews due to the controversial subject matter to widespread reports of nausea & fainting in the audience. As a matter of fact, if you are watching it alone & for the first time, it can actually give you a pumping heart & if you have a weak heart, it might even need viewers discretion advised.

THE RING (2002):

The Ring in list of top horror movies is released in 2002 & it stars Naomi Watts in her role as Rachel Keller. The Ring is unlike her many films that she has done that includes King Kong (2005) & might be Naomi Watts only horror film. It’s a remake of Japanese Director Hideo Nakata’s acclaimed thriller about a cursed videotape. The ghost of a young girl in white dress with long black hair covering her face & found that it scared the hell out of audiences no matter where they belonged from.

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top horror movies ring

The acting of Naomi Watts in the film is really very inspiring & since this is something she has done for the first time, it makes her a unique actor & the ones who stand proudly in the top row.


Halloween (1978) is part of the Halloween franchise films that started in the year 1978. It’s a scary movie rather than being part of the top horror movies named after the events of Halloween that includes dressing up in different costumes & pretending to be ghosts or vampires on the day. The film introduced to the world all-time scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis & put John Carpenter on the map. The film packs a lot of tension & some intensive thrills in a relatively small-scale package.

Halloween 1978

The films main character is Micheal Myers who mask has become the stuff of legend. Furthermore, the giant, unstoppable killer and the ‘final girl’ have become ingrained in the horror lexicon.

THE OTHERS (2001):

‘The Others’, stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Stewart & is a film that shows the interaction of the unseen world of ghosts with that of humans. They live in the same house & sometimes shows their existence very intensely & effectively. The film is a co-production of Tom Cruise who was husband of Nicole Kidman in 2001. However, they got separated in the same year later.

the others 2001

‘The Others’ seems to be an inspirational fiction film. However, the events happens in real life. That is, the interactions of ghost or paranormal activity with the humans. All the events in the film makes the audience realise. Obviously, that Nicole Kidman as Grace is being haunted. Hence, along with her kids by ghosts in their home living along with them. However, it was in the end that it was found that Nicole (Grace Stewart) & the kids were living with the humans & they are actually the ghosts. A movie that is one of the few scary movies leaving a mark on Hollywood.


The haunted Mansion is one of the upcoming horror films that is expected to be released in August 2023. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Owen Wilson & Rosario Dawson & the film is a Disney film that features a Haunted Mansion. It’s not the first time that a similar title is being used, i.e. Haunted Mansion, however, the film is neither a remake of any old movie from the same name. Neither, it’s a part of a franchise film.

A single mom named Gabbie hires a tour guide. A psychic, a priest and a historian to help exorcise their newly brought mansion; after discovering it is inhabited by ghosts.

The film is expected to be a blockbuster at the box office with the trailer & the actors in the film. Owen Wilson, an established star is part of the film & is someone known for all types of roles that makes him enjoy the elite listings of Hollywood stars. How can one forget his role in the films with Jackie Chan in movie Shanghai Noon (2000) & later Shanghai Knights (2003)? The horror movie experience might just suit him this time around.

All the films & the upcoming ads to the spookiness around that claims to be the thing people love while watching the Horror films. The fear factor always stays there apart from the spooky nature of Top Horror movies.


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