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According to TikTok users, moon phase trend indicates the ‘soulmate’


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Romance has taken an interesting turn on TikTok. The social media platform has offered various ways to find a mate. Alternatively, reject one using camera filters or simple maths. But now, a new trend has emerged that involves the moon.

Aside from its role in creating ocean tides. Also, the Earth’s magnetic field, TikTok users are claiming. Obviously, that the moon can also help determine the viability of a romantic relationship.

Compared to other TikTok challenges. The “Moon Phase TikTok Trend” is relatively harmless, unlike the risky “cinnamon challenge.” Furthermore, it’s less gross and illegal than licking ice cream. That is, in the grocery store & then putting it back on the shelf.

This latest trend on TikTok claims to determine if you and your soulmate are truly meant for each other. While it may be a bit time-consuming, it’s relatively harmless.

The trend involves examining the moon’s phase on the night. You and your partner were born. Furthermore, overlapping the images to determine the level of romantic compatibility. According to a report by the New York Post. The closer the overlap is to a full moon. Thus, the stronger the potential for a romantic connection.

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According to Britain’s HITC, moon cycles have long been used as symbols. Precisely, for various concepts. Obviously, which may explain why TikTok has captured the attention of young adults & the teens with its moon phase trend.

As HITC notes, a full moon typically represents maturity, while a waxing gibbous moon suggests potential. On the other hand, a waning gibbous moon indicates growth.

The new trend on TikTok takes this a step further, proposing that compatible moon phases can help romantic partners offset each other’s weaknesses.

How does it work?

To determine their compatibility with their partners based on the moon phase trend on TikTok, users must first download CapCut, an editing app commonly used for various TikTok trends. Users can locate the template by searching for the hashtag #moonphase within the app.

Next, users must determine the moon phase at the time of their own birth and their partner’s birth. Many videos under this trend suggest using the Moon Phases site to do so.

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Once users have downloaded and selected the images, the CapCut template will automatically superimpose them. Users then need to click “text” in the editing bar to enter their own birth date and that of their partner.

Finally, users need to click “Add sound on TikTok,” which will save the videos to their phones and export them to TikTok.

Unlike other TikTok trends that rely on a single sound, the moon phase trend features a variety of songs, including “Every Summertime” by NIKI, a sped-up version of “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez, and “rises the moon” by Liana Flores.

However, it’s worth noting that a viral trend shouldn’t be the sole basis for determining the course of a relationship. While some users joked about their relationships being tested by the trend, others saw the gaps in their moon phases as opportunities for future pets or children.

In some cases, individuals born during a full moon couldn’t take part in the trend, as their moon phase was already complete on its own.

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