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The Hollywood apart from movies that are part of the franchise & war films & many other diverse topics has made some epic films on religion. These includes films made on Jesus Christ that includes Passion of the Christ (2004) & The Last Temptation of Christ (1988). Also, includes film made on life of Moses, The Ten Commandments (1956) & Noah (2014) made on life of Prophet Noah. As a historical film made on religion Islam is the movie, The Message (1976). A film which stars the American-Mexican actor Anthony Quinn as Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib & Irene Papas as Hind. The film is made on the spread of religion Islam with a very brave & strong role of Hamza, the Uncle of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) as a military commander & leader who was later killed by Hind.

All these religious films are based on the course of events that took place in history and are mentioned in the religious books, i.e. the Heavenly books known as Holy Quran, the Bible & the Torah & different perspectives of religious scholars & writers. The maximum number of Hollywood movies are made on the life of Jesus Christ while the some of the most historical & classical religious films are made on life of Moses, such as The Ten Commandments (1956).


Made on different religions in the Hollywood, here are some of the top religious films in order of popularity.


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The Ten Commandments is the most popular & top religious films & classical film which is made on life of Prophet Moses. Charlton Heston who has played the role of Moses. Mr. Heston is the actor who has performed the role tremendously well. The story of Moses contains great deal of cinematic potential. A potential, which is well realised across the four-hour runtime that the Ten Commandments has.

Known as Pharoah as a title, is the role of the King of Egypt. The name of the character, i.e. The King of Egypt is Ramses. In the movie performed dynamically by the Russian actor Yul Brynner. In terms of the cinema effects & the story the film is an absolute icon amongst the many films made on different subjects on various religions. The title Ten Commandments is regards to the commandments of God revealed to Prophet Moses on Mount Sinai. Mount Sinai is a famous mountain in Egypt, also known as Jabal Mousa where according to Quran, Bible & Torah Prophet Moses receives the Ten Commandments.

  1. THE MESSAGE (1976):

The Message

The Message is the most popular & some of the very few films made on the religion Islam. Shows the dunes of Arabia & starts with the Angel Gabriel’s voice ‘Read, In The Name of Your Lord!’ the command given by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) in the cave of Hira. A historical cave which Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) used for sake of meditation & prayers.

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Performed tremendously well is the role of the Prophet’s Uncle. That is, by the Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn as Hamza. A brave commander & fighter who was killed by a slave hired by Hind. A role performed by Irene Papas. The film shows the dunes of Arabia & fight & the spread of Islam until the last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) known as the Final Sermon. The film is a historical film made on the religion Islam & falls in the list of most popular films made on religions. Most of the actors in the film are Hollywood actors, but from various nationalities. However, they look closer to being Arabic. The role of Bilal, who used to be a slave & was later made free is played by Johny Sekka.

  1. BEN-HUR (1959):

ben hur

Ben-Hur is another popular film made on religion & was released in the year 1959. Ranking among the longest Best Picture Winners in the history of Oscars. Ben-Hur is a truly epic biblical movie. The film stars Charlton Heston in his yet another popular role after The Ten Commandments & is based on the novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of The Christ. Other popular actors of that era includes Jack Hawkins, Haya Harareet, & Stephen Boyd.

Ben-Hur is a story that takes place around the same time as the Life of Jesus Christ. However, it focuses more of a different group of people. It follows a man named Judah Ben-Hur, who finds himself & his family sold into slavery. Regarded in Hollywood films industry as a long but rewarding viewing experience & one Hollywood epic that certainly stands the test of time.

  1. NOAH (2014):


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A film made on life of Noah & the role is played by the Kiwi actor Russel Crowe. Another popular actress who is a British is Emma Watson. Brilliantly, played the role of Ila and Logan Lerman who played the role of Ham.

It’s a film based on the biblical story of Noah who makes a huge ship (Ark) as the world will be destroyed by a flood & Noah & his family (plus tons of animals) surviving on his ark. Also, known as The Ark of Noah in religious history.



The film is made on life of Jesus Christ & course of events as they are mentioned in the Bible. Jesus Christ, is the savior of humanity is betrayed by one of his disciples & captured by the Romans. He was tortured to death, but despite all the torture Jesus Christ redeems souls & defeats Satan’s true purpose.

The role of Jesus is played passionately & intensely by Jim Caviezel and role of mother Mary also known as Virgin Mary is played by Maia Morgenstern. As the title depicts, Passion of The Christ truly & most effectively displays the Passion of Jesus Christ for the people until his death took place after being tortured to death.



The last Temptation of Christ, another in list of top religious films. Also, written by Paul Schrader as it is a movie. Furthermore, is based on the controversial novel of the same name by Nikos Kazantzakis. Martin Scorsese is the director of the film. He is someone who is not afraid to explore religion frequently in his movies.

The story of the film bears some similarities of the last days of Jesus Christ’s life. Thus, as seen in the Bible. The film also ended up being a controversial film due to some reasons. However, still it was a compelling, emotional and personal story. Enjoyed by the secular viewers more likely as it is arguably.

In the film The Last Temptation of Christ, released in 1988, the famous role of Jesus Christ was played by Willem Dafoe & the role of Virgin Mary is played in the film by Verna Bloom.



All these films has made a historical mark on the face of cinema, especially films like Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments & The Message (1976). Some of them have ended up being controversial films due to the religious sensitivity. However, most of them has been an epic in terms of the performances & everlasting in terms of the cine effects & the story. For example, no film in history can mark The Ten Commandments (1956) & at the same time as there is no actor that shares the same class & level of acting like Charlton Heston.

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