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Canadian immigration numbers has suffered huge numbers since a couple of years now. Furthermore, it’s accredited to an era seen by the pandemic. Surprisingly, and most importantly the Canadian Govt. is more optimistic. Furthermore, it is more welcome than it has looked in the past years. As a matter of fact, they have planned to allow approximately 1,200,000 new permanent residents into the country Canada. This is primarily between 2021 and 2023, the two to three years being crucial for migrations. Immigration Canada believes that migration numbers associated with student’s visas should increase. Especially, for the sake of making the people more optimistic. As well as changing their mind-frames towards being more optimistic. Practically, than what the mind frames have been before, i.e. negative, in past couple of years due to the circumstances. These targets and plans of the Canadian Govt. were released by Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada. It is an organisation that is responsible for the immigration in the country.


The stats. & key figures are provided by the IRCC has provided breakdown in the various categories of immigrants the country hopes to welcome. A huge number holds to the category in place namely economic immigrants. Hence, with targets currently being set at 720,000 approximately. This is a massive 60% of the number of total immigration announced for Canada by IRCC from 2021-2023.

The decisions are based on the factual analysis of the previous two years, since the pandemic started, i.e. 2019. Further, the peak time, i.e. 2020. Finally, the year the pandemic almost ended, i.e. 2021. According to the Canadian legislative bodies, including the immigration monitoring & controlling body IRCC. We have been lacking in immigration numbers as well as we need to cover up the previous records. A message by the Minister of Immigration, Marco Mendicino. Further, he added that there are a huge number of deaths reported from all around the world. This is apart from the people affected from Coronavirus which has declined the values & numbers attached to immigration to Canada.


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The optimistic levels have not only increased. However, as a matter of fact, it’s a good change and it’s a change must needed. The attitude of the International students towards Canada have changed for better results. According to IRCC with regards to the Immigrant Category numbers from 2021 to 2023. A massive percentage goes to economic immigrants, i.e. 60% approximately. While, 25% goes to family immigrants and a decent 13.6 % refugees and Protected Persons. However, 1.4%, i.e. the smallest & miniature percentage goes to the humanitarian and other categories. Family visas are available in different categories. On top of this, holds the second largest percentage which are figures that can change scenarios in terms of family settlements in Canada.

While dealing with the economic immigrant group it’s broken down into further six sections. These are sections, that includes Federal High Skilled, Federal Business, and Economic Pilots: Caregivers. Also, includes Agri-Food Pilot, Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program & The Provincial Nominee Program. Finally, Quebec Skilled Workers and Business programs.

All these stats and breakdown are good enough for the international candidates & International students. In addition to these, those thinking to apply in Canada with a positive time-frame. It’s not only the time-frame, it’s also the frame of mind that counts forward. Particularly, for people in terms of good results post-pandemic.


In terms of the level of attractiveness for the int. students. The country Canada truly is becoming more attractive, aspiring & valuable in terms of academics. Thus, it’s competing the likes of United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Australia in terms of the numbers. The latest stats of the Top 200 universities in world rankings reveals 56 Universities from USA, 28 Universities from U.K. & 22 Universities from Germany. Finally, its Canada who has 7 Universities that are there in the Top 200 universities in the world. These are figures that show that while they are still lagging behind. However, competing well enough to attract a number of international students in terms of annual numbers.

Is Canada really attractive for international students? Yes, truly they are if you look more closely at the numbers. Apart from these figures, last year there were 400,000 Int. students who entered Canada. Despite of many hardships and hard times seen due to the popular pandemic.

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According to the IRCC, and Immigration Canada there are a huge number of people that are arriving to Canada for Int. studies. These are people who belong from India, China, Brazil, Korea, Vietnam and now the neighbouring USA as well. The numbers for 2020 have been seen on a lower side. But, looking back at 2015, they almost doubled up until 2019. These stats also show that Canada is more famous amongst the countries from the Asian block, esp. South-Asia. Chinese students look up to Canada for a better future, while the next in pipeline are the Indians, who have a larger ratio of switching to being Canadians. They are also a huge contributor to the economy. Hence, as they become self-employed business owners and owners of their own companies. Thus, contributing to Canada in more than one ways. Especially, after studying from the country demonstrating levels of attractiveness  for the international students.

The process of restoration in terms of visas for the International students is seen to be more positive with more optimistic vibes for the students. A huge contributor to this are the laws made by Canadian Government. These are legislation that are in alliance with the IRCC. Hence, as well as strict adherence to the health & Safety laws in place. A booming economy is also an international student’s heaven, is always a good news for the people coming to Canada.

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