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Canada, a country that is considered by international students to study and work purposes as one of the best in the world. The country is undergoing some changes in policy according to IRCC a body that monitors & manages immigration into Canada. It has been decided lately because of COVID-19 activity on the peak, that Canada shall be undergoing changes in their immigration programs. The country will fast-track study permit processing and is introducing a temporary 2-stage study permit. This is for the sake of making things easy for international students in the midst of the current activities of COVID-19.

Regards to the students coming to Canada with special emphasis. Regarding the most recent circumstances, huge impacts have also been encountered in Canada lately. An announcement by the IRCC has been released lately and the sole aim is to provide several major changes. These are for helping international students so that they can pursue their education in Canada. It is prior to the start of the pandemic COVID-19 things were different. Canada has been a host to over 640,000 international students. International students give value and offer significant social and economic benefits to the country. This is apart from the benefits that they have been taking from Canada for many decades.


The organization IRCC, Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada said that it will help international students with flexibility. IRCC will be introducing the following measures that shall be helpful in the future. According to a press release, the organization IRCC will be prioritizing the processing of study permits with few changes. These are for the students who have been successful in submitting a complete application online. The processing time will be fast in terms of time taken and also in terms of decision making by the IRCC.

The immigration body IRCC is also introducing a temporary 2-stage approval process i.e. for the international students. These are measures especially for those who are unable to submit a completed study permit application. On top of that, they want to begin their education program online. As announced by the immigration body the temporary program shall be readily available. This is for those students who want to begin their program this fall. In addition to this for those who will submit their study permit application by 15th September 2020. Another major initiative that IRCC is providing to international students enabling their studies. Hence, while they are still abroad and making that time count towards their PGWP i.e. Post-Graduation Work Permit. They should spend at least 50% of their time of study in Canada as long as they have submitted a study permit application.


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Why is IRCC helping international students whereas Canada is on the prestigious list for international students? This is a question in the mind of many people who have invested in studying in Canada. Furthermore, for those who have already accomplished that with success. They are simply doing this so that they can help students begin their programs in time for the fall 2020 academic year.

IRCC is a body that holds the responsibility to realize the importance of immediate measures. This is mainly due to the fact that COVID-19 has been a source of uncertainties for int. students. In addition to this, the pandemic COVID-19 has impacted IRCC’s ability to process study permits. These new changes in the policies and regulations made by the IRCC will be a great source of help and will help students begin their study programs online this fall. These shall be conducted at a Canadian designated learning institution (DLI).


Canada is a country that is considered as a heaven’s gateway for international students in terms of benefits provided during & Post Study. The benefits provided by Canadian universities and colleges as well as the Canadian Govt. are huge every year. However, things have proved to be difficult and different this year. Primarily, due to the pandemic COVID-19 and its impacts all over the world. As part of the benefits provided to international students can take comfort. Also, they can ease in being able to begin their Canadian program online. A study program that will protect those Health & Safety as well as also enable them to achieve their various study, a career as well as immigration objectives.

Students have a huge desire to come to Canada simply because of the high-quality of education being provided. They also want to be more privileged as they are more attracted because of the work options in Canada during and post Study work options. Finally, most of the students also want to obtain permanent residence so that they may become Canadian citizens in the future.

Being a Canadian citizen and getting a Canadian passport after completing the whole migration program is most people’s dream & key objective. A highly acknowledged passport in the world. The Canadian passport holds huge significance for people who have attained that nationality status. This is after loads and loads of hard work in the country. Thanks to IRCC for their efforts for international students. The new and flexible measures can definitely help in bridging the gaps that are being created between study permits and international students. A necessary step for the future of academics & academic values in Canada.

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