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Canada, a highly rich and developed country of the North American region has increased in ranks for int. students. This is in comparison to their previous figures that are comparatively on a lower side. The numbers are remarkable and are from a list of countries all over the globe. Results have been immensely inspiring lately for Canada in the education sector. The country has moved to number 4 as the most favourable place to study after the US, U.K, and Australia. This has been primarily due to the standards of Canadian education, research, and a better infrastructure than before. Figures for 2019 accounts for 400,000 New Int. students coming to Canada.


A high tech academic environment with the involvement of the latest technology and infrastructure. The Top Universities in Canada include the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia & McMaster University. The Others include the University of Alberta & University of Waterloo. Furthermore, the University of Calgary, and the University of Montreal as the Top Canadian Universities in 2019-20.

Stats have shown that most students are arriving from the Asian continent. The countries include India, China, South Korea, France, Vietnam, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria, the United States, and Japan.  Another breakthrough year for Canada for Int. student’s recruitments. The country has approved 404,000 new study permits from figures of last year i.e. 2019.  A significant improvement since the last year, showing huge progress by 2020. IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada the official body that issues the permit to Int. students. It is an organization that allows the entry of foreign nationals into Canada. Furthermore, for studying and working under the rules set by the country and those applicable in the universities.

The freshly released study permit approval data strongly suggests that the population has now exceeded 600,000. This is an incredible amount as compared to 2009 figures 200,000, i.e. almost triple. Why Canada is increasing in numbers and ranks for international students? An answer everyone is looking for.


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 India remains on the Top list of Int. students coming to Canada. Since many decades Indians have been settling down in Canada. They are a huge percentage that is settled in Canada and came as migrants. They have been doing their businesses in different fields and working in various sectors for the Canadian economy. Some prominent Indians are also there in politics in Canada making it a nation with diverse nationalities.

According to the stats from IRCC, the numbers are incredibly huge i.e. 35% of the total population coming to Canada in 2019 are from India.

These demographics in favour of the Indians show the strength of Indian communities residing and very well settled in Canada. The next in the list is Chinese with 85,000 student visa entries in 2019. This is lesser in amount and percentage to India i.e. 21%. After India and China, the third in the list of most students coming to Canada are from South Korea i.e. 4% (17,000 study permit). The other countries in the Top 10 list but with far lesser study permits include France, Vietnam & Brazil. In addition to these, Iran, Nigeria, the USA, and Japan are in the Top 10 list.



Canada the second biggest country in the world is 4th largest international student population in the world. Their respective numbers are behind the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. This has increased since the last few decades because of improved educational & migration standards. Furthermore, the inclination of international students because of higher work standards as well.

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A research was conducted by the Canadian Bureau for Int. education, the international students are attracted to Canada and the main reason behind this is improved quality standards by Canadian Universities and colleges.

Canada now enjoys the reputation of being an open and welcoming society for people. This is from all across the world people entering its borders. The currency value is yet another factor. Hence, the expenses that are incurred in Canada i.e. living and food. These are found affordable in comparison to that in other top destinations. The international students also pay higher tuition fees than Canadian students. Therefore, making education more approachable and affordable for international students.

Research has also shown that Canada’s biggest advantage is the study-work-immigrate package. International students in Canada have more eligibility to work. This is in comparison to other top destinations and this is an advantage for the economy.



International students as soon as they complete their education can obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit. This helps the students in gaining more Canadian work experience. Hence, they can also decide which category they can move into in future. The Post-Graduation period lasts for three years after the completion of a degree. Hence, this gives ample time to students to have a placement in their respective professions.

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Hence, after the three years Post-Graduation period. The candidates who initially came on a student visa can apply in 80 economic class immigration programs. Provinces and territories have proved to be key stakeholders in the immigration programs. This is truly evident as various programs were offered by the Federal Govt.  All programs have different nature and many of them give preference to the former international students in their selection criteria. The research has also shown that the former international students have higher integrations and adaptability into the Canadian economy.

In the upcoming years as the Global population for Canadians, students have increased. Hence, it seems that Canada is becoming a highly attractive study spot for Int. students. In the upcoming years, the student in-take i.e. for int. students shall be experiencing solid gains.

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