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Quebec Province in Canada is a land of beauty not only in terms of elements of natural beauty, but also man-made beauty. The French speaking province is not only student’s favourite place. But, also a tourist attraction with many tourists arriving in Quebec every year. Most people love to come to Quebec from Europe which includes countries like France and UK. Hence, while a huge number of tourists arrive from the neighbouring United States as well as Mexico, another North American nation. It’s not a memory for some which they call ‘Once in a blue moon’, as for many it’s like an addiction to come to Quebec to spend their holidays. The crowded and yet organised streets of Quebec City and quiet and peaceful walkaways by the riverside are a compliment to remember for many tourists. Yet in terms of the development, and infrastructure. Ironically, the Quebec province is not far behind the most advanced provinces of Canada. These are provinces which includes Ontario and British Columbia.


The natural beauty of Quebec speaks volumes for itself as well as the maintenance of the Govt. of Quebec which has always been a high-level priority. Quebec serves the best of the best since the Victorian times when Canada used to be the British Monarchy.

As we move forward, we shall explore the gorgeous and overwhelming tourist destinations in Quebec province. Something, which has changed the course of Tourism and its rich cultural values.


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Old Montreal is a famous place for the tourists in the city of Montreal. A real attraction in terms of the number of people arriving in Montreal city. The place “Old Montreal” is appropriately named in one sense. Furthermore, is the oldest neighbourhood in the city. It also contains the site where Montreal was first established in 1642. The many local fashion boutiques and cafes in Old Montreal are always full of life for the visitors. Especially, the European visitors coming to see Quebec. People, i.e. the visitors from international countries stream into the area to walk, bike, and boat the beautiful waterfront. Hence, also known as the Old Fort. In the night it’s a great place for the visitors to drink and dine at many modern restaurants at night. Old Montreal as the name suggests, is truly a gorgeous blend of the old and new that you won’t want to miss.


The Montreal Botanical Garden, like the many botanical gardens of big cities is a gorgeous place to be. The freshness in the air that you can always feel in the garden while taking a walk as well as birds chirping. Especially, is a feeling full of love and beauty of nature. At the Montreal Botanical garden, the expression, ‘stop and smell the flowers’ takes on a whole new meaning in the garden. That is, the greatest feeling in the world if you are a first-timer. With a massive 22,000 plant species and cultivars living in its 10 greenhouses. On top of this, the 20 thematic gardens and a pavilion. Hence, it’s a feeling that makes you dream big as a nature lover.

As a matter of fact, the Botanical gardens in the biggest cities of the world are like an oasis within the city. Most of the gardens like the Montreal Botanical Garden are closer to the city centre. In the Montreal city, the beautiful garden is actually beside the Olympic stadium and Biodome, making for a great day trip.


Old Quebec in the famous Quebec City is a collection of impressive attractions. Hence, rather being so much an attraction itself, all populating in one historic area. It’s a world UNESCO heritage site as the world heritage treasure makes for the perfect day trip. If you are not actually a history buff. Hence, it’s an area full of entertainment, from art and music to shopping and fine dining. The locals’ mainly French-speaking call the famous site by the name of Vieux-Quebec. The gorgeous architecture that dates back centuries is a huge contributor to the beauty elements of Old Quebec. It also includes the fortifications that form the biggest walled city north of the North American country Mexico. As a tourist visiting Quebec, Old Quebec is a must visit. Obviously, if you are a history lover as well as someone who loves arts and architecture.



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Mount Royal as the name clearly suggests is a mountain located right in the hearts of downtown Montreal. Much of it within a large park of the same name, i.e. Mount Royal. The designer of New York’s Central Park, named Frederick Law Olmstead was the person who designed the Mount Royal Park. The two gorgeous landmarks serve a similar purpose where people meet and dine-in. Hence, as well as play outdoor sports, hangout and spend time moving outdoors. Tam-tams are the weekly gatherings in Mount Royal for drummers & the musicians. In addition to this, the dancers, vendors, and the general public. All in all it’s a big outdoor party, which redefines “Outdoors” in its purest sense, i.e. a carnival that can’t be missed. Hence, it’s a big party where you are invited.


As a visitor and a tourist visiting Quebec, there are many more places where you can go, and dine-out. Furthermore, take your unique shopping experiences. This is apart from many other outdoor activities which you would love to do. The French speaking province of Canada not only defines beauty in its true sense. But, also is a massive tourist attraction for people who love history and architecture.

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