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The Ontario Tourism industry has been on a high receiving end due to the pandemic COVID-19. This is as compared to the Tourism industry in the rest of the Canadian provinces. The industry challenges in Ontario are on a higher side. More importantly as the main city and tourism spot of the Province is Toronto. The largest city of Canada and also the biggest financial hub has suffered heavily . This is mainly due to the pandemic COVID-19 and its drastic financial impacts. Apart from Toronto, the other city that has suffered heavily is the Capital of Canada, i.e. Ottawa. The federal and state capital has seen many lows due to ban on international travel. Furthermore, strict measurements on nation-wide travelling as well as social distancing laws in practice.

The hospitality industry in the Province has also witnessed the drastic and extreme effects of Pandemic COVID-19. As the situation gets dire, it’s the responsibility of the Canadian Govt. to take some drastic measures. Concurrently, while improving things for the sake of the Ontario Govt. According to a useful survey from TIAO, i.e. Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, the situation is getting worse for businesses. Importantly, those that have reliance on the restricted activities, i.e. travel, large gatherings and indoor dining.

According to a survey from business owners in Ontario. A huge two-third of the business owners told the organisation Reps from TIAO. They claimed that Wage Subsidy and Rent Relief program has helped them in form of huge Govt. support. They also laid emphasis that more businesses could have ended up on a closing note or bankruptcy if Govt. programs i.e. Wage Subsidy Program and Rent Relief Program had not been active.


According to TIAO, the Ontario Tourism and Hospitality sector is a huge advantage. Hence, it is a big boost for The Canadian economy at the same time. It not only acts as a catalyst in the economic support of the Ontario province. However, the worth is also huge in the Ontario Tourism & Hospitality sector. The estimated worth of Ontario Tourism and Hospitality industry is $36 billion. This is huge in terms of revenue generation for the specific sector. Furthermore, TIAO also claimed that the sector is the largest employer of youth in the province. A huge workforce, i.e. 23% is aged between the ages of 15 to 24. Hence, the ‘age-range’ determines the huge interest of the Canadian youth in making careers in the Tourism & Hospitality sector.


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TIAO or Tourism Industry Association of Ontario is an organisation that is the monitoring body and Voice of Tourism for Province Ontario. It is a body that realises the key importance of why tourism should take place smoothly in Ontario. It is also an association that realises the importance of Toronto and Ottawa. These are the two main cities of Canada in terms of hospitality industry as well as the Tourism sector. The organisation is also a voice as well as a watch dog for the importance of Tourism. Hence, on top of this, as an economic driver in creating new jobs. Diversified and distinguished jobs in the Tourism sector in Ontario will help in bringing stability. Furthermore, also bringing the economy of Ontario like it was earlier, i.e. Pre-COVID-19.

The organisation has 200,000 businesses and 400,000 employees that are working collectively. They are active especially to take on pressing policy issues that affect the Ontario Tourism Industry. They have been actively sharing and passing the concerns of businesses regards to the issues in Tourism Ontario. The body has also been actively participating in combating regional issues and concerns that have risen due to the pandemic COVID-19.

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