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Canada is a land of natural beauty, water-life, forests, landscapes & unique water bodies. Also, includes streams, rivers, mountains, and natural falls, e.g. The Niagara. The Manitoba province comprises of some natural beauty reserves as well as man-made attractions. These are attractions that are a symbol of cultural tourism. Also, holds vital values that are related to International Tourism industry. Also, includes some historic sites as well as museums and art galleries that makes a visit to Manitoba a must one indeed. Thus, in simple terms it’s not only a land of natural beauty. But, also a land of mix beauty which includes architectural beauty as well as museums, art galleries and zoos.

Buildings in Manitoba are inspired by the cultural heritage and symbolic beauty of Rome, Italy. Especially, those from the era of the Renaissance. The inspirational period of the European history that is more concerned with the rediscovery of classical philosophy & literature. Also, includes the Architecture and Art. Manitoba is a province that is ranked 8th amongst the provinces of Canada. However, still holds many attractions that makes Manitoba a Tourist attraction. Tourism values in Canada revolves around a mix of natural beauty, inspirational & cultural beauty. Apart from this, the man-made attractions that are many in numbers in Manitoba province of Canada.


Winnipeg is the capital city of the Province Manitoba and includes Museums, mysteries, and the Mint. Jump right into the cultural experiences that defines the capital city of this prairie province.

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Some of the key attractions from the Manitoba province are as follows;


Located in the capital city of Manitoba, i.e. Winnipeg is indeed one of the most eye-catching buildings in Canada. It is known as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and is one of the most prominent buildings in the capital Winnipeg. The shining structure of curved steel and glass is really something to behold on its own. In addition to this, it is also a house of a powerful collection of 10 core galleries housing exhibits. The only museum in the world that is devoted for the sake of human rights awareness and education on global grounds. After you visit there as a tourist, you will come to learn about the indigenous perspectives on rights, the Holocaust and other genocides.

Being the museum for human rights, and being a key Tourism attraction is indeed something that makes it more valuable in terms of the values. Precisely, as it is the only Museum that is dedicated for the sole purpose of promoting the human rights. As well as the awareness in the whole globalised world. Also, demonstrates the international role of Canada in the promotions of Human rights activities in the whole world. Primarily, as Canada is an ambassador of human rights all over the globe.


The Manitoba Museum is the largest Museum in the whole city Winnipeg, which is the capital of the Manitoba Province. The most unique thing is the nine permanent galleries that showcase everything starting from the recreation of early Bison hunts, to a fall size replica 17th Century ship built in England in the 1970s. The ship was built to commemorate the 300th Anniversary of the Hudson Bay’s company.

Another unique and symbolic attribute in the Manitoba museum is the planetarium. Demonstrates uniqueness that is used to demonstrate knowledge of the solar system, i.e. the stars and the galaxies. The planetarium shows off the current night sky that gives you a panoramic view that you won’t forget.

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For those who enjoy and relish a good learning experience and love to take the know-how. Importantly, for them, a walk through the museum will definitely sharpen their game in history, astronomy, science and culture.


If you are looking for the Big Five, you will definitely find at least three in Assiniboine Park Zoo. Tigers, and leopards and bears, you name it, the Park Zoo hosts all three of those animals and is a zoo for the people who love wild life & nature. The world famous Park Zoo is few minutes away from the downtown Winnipeg. Also, takes you from one continent to another, i.e. from Asia to Africa. Hence, while revealing key details of the various species found continent-wise. If you love the reptiles, the birds, fish, mammals, you will surely find it in the Park zoo in different varieties and kinds.

An international attraction for the kids who love watching natural beauty ingredients, e.g. animals play with each other in an artificial habitat. The best attractions for kids and teenagers are the polar bears. They just love watching them swim and play above their heads in the Sea Ice passage underwater viewing Tunnels.



The best place to visit after you have enjoyed the attractions in various cities in Manitoba is the Thermea By Nordik Spa Nature. A perfect place where you can relax and de-stress. Especially, due to the environment of the Scandinavian-style spa. Just enjoy and go for a long soak in the thermal pools, sweat it out in the Finnish Saunas, and later treat yourself for a massage. The Finnish saunas are indeed a speciality from the Scandinavian beauty, Finland. Especially, for those who love taking the saunas on a far regular basis. It can be a day you will definitely remember after some fine dining moments and a day dedicated to the Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature.

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