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Tourism in Canada is highly dependent on some vital provinces and territories. These are provinces and territories that are regarded with highest tourism values. These key tourism destinations includes Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Hence, being the most visited and famous ones in terms of the tourism destinations. Apart from these is Nova Scotia, a province which is very beautiful in terms of its scenic beauty elements in Canada & national historical sites. People coming to Canada from the neighbouring United States and abroad as well. Hence, as well as those from within Canada, from other provinces and territories do come and visit Nova Scotia yearly. Thus, increasing the tourism values that are connected with gorgeous province. Obviously, as much credit goes to its gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes.

The province has got some gorgeous tourism destinations & attractions. These are attractions that are worth visiting if you are going to Nova Scotia for the sake of tourism. Yes, we are talking about places and locations like The Skyline Trail, Old Town Lunenburg, The Cabot trail, Maritime museum of the Atlantic and some national historical sites. Tourism values unites Canada and the Canadian citizens. Ironically, as they love to explore the beauty of their own land. A country that is ranked number two in the world in terms of the covered area, i.e. after Russia.

Ironically, you as a tourist would love the nature while hiking, walking, jogging, or cycling. Furthermore, exploring the gorgeous air of Nova Scotia which is all filled with freshness and warmth. Especially, for those coming to the amazing Province even for the very first time. Nova Scotia ranks on number 12 in area amongst the 13 provinces and territories of Canada. While the largest metropolitan city and the capital is Halifax. However, in terms of the population it ranks 7th amongst the Canadian provinces and territories. Importantly, as population is increasing gradually in the province Nova Scotia.

Some of the key tourism destinations are as follows;


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The Maritime museum of the Atlantic is one of the key tourism destinations in the Province Nova Scotia. It is Canada’s oldest and the largest Maritime museum. Hence, covers all the bases when it comes to the boats. These boats ranges from small crafts and sailboats to war convoys and cruise ships. People come here in numbers to explore the Maritime Museum. Especially, its historical significance attached since a long time back. Hence, they also have the curiosity to learn about the famous 1917 Halifax explosion. Hence, an explosion that would shape the future of the city.

Apart from the many things to explore in Maritime Museum of the Atlantic are the 30,000 artefacts. Also, an equal number of photographs that are present for the tourists to browse for.


There are few destinations in the world that beats the Skyline Trail when it comes to viewing the sunset in its full glory. It is located in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Furthermore, it is a relatively easy five-mile return hike. Something, that brings you directly into the boreal forest, through the meadows and up onto a cliff.

Some people don’t come just for the sake of sunset. But, also to enjoy the hike on a Sunday morning while being a great outdoor experience. This is true interestingly for people who love wildlife viewing, i.e. eagles overhead and moose on the ground. On top of this, the whales out in the gorgeous waters. All in all, it’s a great place to visit especially for those who love to go Outdoors. Hence, while being fully equipped for a good 10-15 hours of an outdoor expedition. One of the most visited and best places in Canada for an outdoor experience that you will never forget in any way.


It’s the Capital city of Nova Scotia, Halifax that like most of the Province’s big destinations, sits right on the water. The waterfront is home to one of the world’s longest downtown boardwalks. It’s a two-mile Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk which is home to many cultural and historical experiences. Includes, the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. Also, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, another rich experience.

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A place that is home to many small but unique shops and boutiques. Also, includes the best eats in the Capital Halifax which includes the famous fish and chips. As a tourist you would love and live the experience of visiting the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. Hence, while you have a good beach volleyball game or you fancy having a local ice-cream.


The national historic site known as Fortress of Louisburg has a history that dates back to 1700s. This site was one of the busiest harbours on the continent in the 18th century. Hence, while acting as a key French site for defence and trade. Don’t get shocked by the Canon’s roar as you can even learn to fire yourself. Part of Nova Scotia’s key Tourism destinations that has rich values linked with the French. Hence, if we go back in 1700s, i.e. long time back. A special place to visit especially for history students. On top of this, the researchers, and historians of the current era.


A lighthouse holds many values, but there are few that are regarded as tourism attractions. There are approximately 160 lighthouses in Province Nova Scotia, and Peggy’s Cove lighthouse is one of them. A lighthouse which might not be the most photographed or famous ones in the world. However, it was built in 1915, the red and white lighthouse sits proudly on a granite outcrop overlooking a large bay. People usually come to visit the lighthouse, take photos & head into the nearby fishing village.

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