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Canadian Labor Day is falling on the first Monday of September. A date which is calling on the 5th of September this year. Obviously, it will be followed as a national holiday. Importantly, as Canada values its workers which contributes heavily to the Canadian economy & a healthy & safe work culture. A famous slang in Canada, ‘If you won’t work, how will you pay your bills?’ It obviously signifies the importance of work for Canadians. Furthermore, why work is such a necessity. Workplace ethics & norms & different procedures at different workplaces always is integral for a healthy work culture. In addition to that, a safe work environment. Workplace principles & regulations do vary from one place to another. Also, company to company differences in the way work is conducted individually & in form of teams.


Whatever the differences are, the holiday falls on the first Monday of September in Canada. Hence, it’s attributed & linked to the nine hour printer’s strike that took place in 1872. The nine hour strike that took place in almost all biggest cities of Canada. Ultimately, was the reason that workers won on that day. Meant that the rights of the workers are now the prime responsibility for the mill owners. Also, the factory owners & owners of many small & large scale businesses in Canada.

The impact started to happen soon in the whole of Canada. Observed in Canada on 5th September 1882 is the First official Labor Day. Therefore, after more than 100 years, i.e. after exactly 140 Years. Finally, it’s taking place again on the same fortunate date i.e. 5th September 2022. Later on, after 1882 events. The 23rd of July 1894, the day was made official declaration & it was decided that it will be observed as a national holiday. A huge Labor Day parade took place in Winnipeg the same year, i.e. in 1894.  Let’s open new doors for workers was the goal of the parade.


The nine hour movement was a major worker’s strike. Hence, so that they don’t have to work for 12 hours a day. This movement started after disputes between millionaire athletes and billionaire owners. The movement for workers’ rights also called the Nine-Hour movement began from the city Hamilton in Ontario. Furthermore, later spread to Toronto. Taken by the Toronto Typographical Union, were the demands of the movement in Toronto.

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The historical nine-hour movement holds a huge place in history. Importantly, regards to the observance of the Labor Day that takes place in Canada on first Monday of September.


Mr. John A MacDonald’s role was prominent enough in the movement that ended up in the Labor Day. First Monday of September is the day it is celebrated today. Prime Minister John A. MacDonald had a very curious eye on the nine-hour movement by the workers that started from Hamilton, Ontario. In fact he was very fast to capitalise and later addressed to a crowd in Ottawa at City Hall. He promised the workers that we shall going to wipe-off the barbarous laws. These are in-humane laws that have been a hindrance for the labor.

It’s also a major cause of differences of labor with the Govt. He emphasised that the laws are too strict & the labor has no work-life balance. Hence, apart from very low pay for the workers. Later, he then came to the rescue of the imprisoned men.


Further, on June 14th he passed the Trade Unions Act. An Act which legalised & protected the Union Activity. The Act proved to be like oxygen for the workers. Also, for their rights that were taken for granted earlier by the Govt. It was definitely a move that didn’t went well with his rival Brown and the move also embarrassed Mr. Brown. However, the move was indeed a powerful one & gave Prime Minister John A. MacDonald huge support of the working class. A class that contributes heavily & always did in the past. Especially, towards the Canadian economy & the country’s infrastructure.

Sir John A MacDonald the first PM of Canada was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1815. Also, holds a massive involvement regards to the rights of the workers in Canada. It was his efforts for the workers of Canada. Obviously, that has proved to be a tremendous applause for Sir John A. MacDonald in history books. He later died on 6th June in Ottawa.


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A celebration in Canada, with a massive national esteem. Ironically, is the Canadian Labor Day taking place on 5th September. Especially, for the hardworking workers of Canada. For some people it’s just another holiday. That is, a long weekend of the summers falling on a Monday. For those attached with the significance, obviously, its not the same. Also, the values of Canadian Labor Day. They celebrate the day in form of Labor Day parades. The Union is further responsible for organising the picnics. First PM of Canada, Mr. John A.MacDonald was the one who passed the Trade Unions Act.

A traditional Labor Day event in Canada is the Labor Day Classic. A Canadian Football League event where rivals play on the Labor Day weekend.


Labor Day in Canada & United States is followed on different dates from rest of the world. In the rest of the world, 1st of May is the official observance of International Labor Day. Also, known globally as the ‘May Day’. Canadian labor day is obviously a symbolic dedication of the labor movement. A movement that rose due to the nine hour strike. Also, known as ‘The Printer Strike’ that took place in 1872. Sir John’s role is key in the movement for the workers of Canada.

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