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Employee Motivation In New Year For Better Working Standards


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New Year, i.e. 2022 has started with new hopes. Along with this, agendas & new resolutions in the corporate sector. Hence, along with a better working relationship. It’s a year of change as far as the targets of the New Year are concerned. Hence, along with the health & safety laws. These are priorities in the New Year, but were different than previous two while the whole world was fighting the pandemic. Employee motivation in the New Year is much more enhanced & focused. Furthermore, potentially more focused towards restructuring and recoveries due to the past effects. We need far more restructuring and change management strategies in organisations. Apart from this, employee motivation shall play a pivotal role in this process. A program of re-engineering that most companies have decided to take. More importantly, to re-structure and re-calculate their future strategies.

The after-effects of the years of pandemic, i.e. 2020 and 2021 has been enough to change the working styles. Also, the work environment of many companies. Not only in Canada, but internationally, the change is indeed not taken as a positive one. However, but the change has been impact full in terms of the financial losses. Hence, as well as the amount of layoffs and people working from home or remote locations. 2022 can even be termed as the year of unification strategies. A year that shall alarmingly bring people close to each other to work with integrity & pure commitments. These are some of the strategies that companies and their management might adapt for the sake of better working standards. Ironically, as recovery from the effects of past two years is highly needed.


As part of the comeback strategy and plans the HR and management must hold motivational meetings and talks. These motivational meetings should be for the sake of restructuring the employees together. In addition to this, gathering them for plans and agendas for the New Year. The meetings should hold motivational talks and discussion of agendas new startups and investments that the company has setup in the pipeline. As part of the unification strategies globally. Therefore, the motive must be that people should share their thoughts and emotions after coming back from the pandemic. They must also share how they have planned to work in different departments as one unit. Further, implement strategies of change with higher levels of in-depth calculations. Also, they must show how committed they are for the goals of the company & the company’s future expansion plans.


Celebrations and enjoying together in form of birthday parties and events is a useful activity. Obviously, while making a good rapport and enjoying together. In 2022, it’s far more necessary activity than it was earlier. Ironically, as celebrations unites people, especially if they are working in a team environment. Celebrations promotes a culture of friendliness at work. In addition to this, working while sticking to the patterns of being admirable and affectionate. It’s an even larger than life necessity than before as obviously the sufferings of the pandemic have been far more than one can imagine.


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In a working environment where ownership means a lot. The ownership of decisions needs more sharing in 2022. Ownership of decisions is part of the employee ownership and means a lot for employee motivational values. These are values that helps in bridging the gaps between employees and management. Apart from this, helps in developing a core relationship. Sharing ideas with employees and bringing them closer in decision making process always gives them a motivational boost.

An idea or a dimension to do something differently can always be helpful. Especially, for the management in terms of their decision making process.


In the New Year, i.e. 2022, the management and companies needs to be much more open while welcoming feed-backs from employee. Feed-backs are always wanted as they make employees feel more important in terms of the ownership aspects. Furthermore, employee motivation aspects which is highly wanted in the growth strategies of the company. If clear goal-setting is one of the New Year Resolutions of the company. Therefore, remember that you need to add the importance of open communication to the list. One of the most profound ways in which you are constantly keeping your employees more updated. Especially, on the progress of your goals. Furthermore, what needs to be done as part of future strategies?

As a manager or a business owner just have to make sure to check in more frequently with your team. At the same time listen to their thoughts, opinions and feed-backs at the same time. Do ask them often how well they can self-motivate themselves. Finally, make useful strategies of self-motivation.


Promoting creativity is a deeply wanted factor. Especially, if you believe in quick results along with the interest of the employees. Make them feel more interested through increasing their creativity & the involvement levels. How creatively can they face the challenges of the New Year. In addition to this, what creative solutions they can introduce? It is indeed a great way towards motivating your team in the New Year is via challenging them & maximising their potentials.

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