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Canadian Businessmen Of Current Age That Are An Inspiration For Youth


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The number of Canadian businessmen & business-women are growing every day. Importantly, since the level of competition in Canada has increased to alarming numbers. There are entrepreneurs & businessmen from the Asian block that includes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Furthermore, there are also entrepreneurs from the Middle East as well as from Iran, Turkey and other parts of Asia. It obviously shows the passion of people who are moving to Canada in numbers every year. Furthermore, some of them are like a star on sky. Obviously, how can people ignore the amount of hard work, the time and the passion that people have invested to be where they are as an entrepreneur? It’s just the click, i.e. right click. Something, that happens for them at the right clock, i.e. the right time. What’s true is that Canada is a country where time & tide waits for no man. Obviously, one can’t afford to be a time waster if he/she has dreams to be a passionate businessman. Hence, as well as a highly successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship includes many agendas and many goals. However, what’s more important is the vision it holds for the people. These are entrepreneurs who have found commercial success, along with their inspiring stories of hard work

Some of the most wanted Canadian businessmen & women entrepreneurs in Canada that people shall follow & look for are as follows;


Miss Rafati was born in Tehran, Iran and became a Canadian citizen after her immigration to Vancouver in British Columbia. When she migrated to Vancouver, she was a Teenager and her aim was very high with passion to earn money and education i.e. academics behind her. In the year 2005, Rafati founded Broadband TV, i.e. a Canadian media and Technology firm. A company which is today the second largest video property, followed only by the giant search engine Google.

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The Canadian Entrepreneur who migrated from Iran continue to lead the company. While, also serving as a board member for several other organisations. Just few years back, Broadband TV secured a massive $36 million investment from RTL group in the year 2013.

Miss Rafati style of leadership is a highly acknowledged one. On top of this, it is followed by many people globally. She is one of the few Canadian entrepreneurs to have made a fortune at a very small age after arriving from her home country.


Kevin O’ Leary, the famous Canadian entrepreneur known popularly as Mr. Wonderful is a highly inspirational personality as an entrepreneur. Apart from being an accomplished businessman he is also a known media personality with appearances on Shark Tank and Dragons Den. He is known as a revolutionary person from the list of Canadian businessmen. He launched Soft Key software products with absolutely zero investment. Furthermore, started making money from scratch, i.e. zero. In the current times in Canada Kevin O’ Leary is a highly well-known entrepreneur from Canada. A magnate who made it possible with nothing in his hands. He is truly an inspiration for those entrepreneurs who are new to business and wants to make a quick name in the business world. Especially, with zero or very little investment.

  1. LEONARD LEE:     

Another inspiring entrepreneur in the list of Canadian businessmen who has made a name in the retail sector in Canada. Lee Valley is a famous retail store that specialised in unique woodworking and gardening tools. Interestingly, its home to unique gadgets you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The store Lee Valley was founded by Leonard Lee in the year 1978. Hence, since it was formed as an inspiration several more stores have opened all across Canada.

Leonard Lee is truly an inspiration in the retail sector in Canada and has inspired many entrepreneurs in the retail industry. An industry that is highly competitive in Canada, especially in the fashion industry. Born in the province Saskatchewan Lee went on to launch Canica Design in the year 1998, which is a medical design company. His efforts in the field of business & retail were highly recognised. Most importantly, Lee was later made a Member of the Order of Canada in the year 2002. He died just few years back on the 7th of July 2016, at the age of 77 in Ottawa, Ontario.


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A Canadian born Entrepreneur Tonia Jahshan is the owner and the one who started the company Steeped Tea. Her company has turned into a massive retail empire and generates million dollar of sales on a monthly basis while the company spans the globe. She has a unique story as she was working in a job where she didn’t had the passion. Therefore, in 2006 she stepped into entrepreneurship by creating her own loose-leaf tea products and selling them.

In current times, i.e. after 16 years Tonia Jahshan is an inspiration for many young entrepreneur boys and girls. Her passion to move from a less passionate job to a highly worthwhile and passionate business is truly very inspiring in a country like Canada. She also holds talks that are designed to inspire others to follow their passion.


A famous entrepreneur from Canada born in Istanbul, Turkey is the co-founder of the company Research in Motion limited (R.I.M.). The company that created the famous Blackberry mobile also gave him the name ‘Father of smartphone’. Furthermore, also revolutionised the way people connect and communicate with each other.

Mike was someone who dropped-out from the University and pursued his career and his business-minded goal of creating and launching (R.I.M.). A name that is unique and personally chosen by him. Especially, to formulate the idea of how research is always critical being in motion or being mobile. One of the most practical entrepreneurs from Canada who truly believes in turning his ideas into reality. Mike has also founded other organisations. These org. includes Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

Highly recognised and honoured internationally, today he is one of the most successful technologists in Canada. Stands out from a list of Canadian businessmen & women entrepreneurs who have excelled in the business world. He was also named one of the Top 100 most influential individuals by Time Magazine in 2005. The way he merged business with technology is truly an inspiration. Especially, for the young entrepreneurs who want to invest their ideas and vision into the business world.

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