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The upcoming year, i.e. 2022 is a year full of challenges for the HR in multiple ways. To overcome these challenges the Human resource needs to develop a dynamic strategy for the year. A set of rules which shall be highly strategic and practical in terms of the immediate measures. 2022 in Canada is expected to be a year where jobs will be highly in demand in most sectors. Especially, post pandemic COVID-19 and the impacts that the economy has already undertaken.

Managing people is indeed a risk that demands higher levels of responsibilities. Furthermore, the challenges that can grow with time. While we ascertain that time is indeed a key factor. Therefore, the human resource strategies must use both hiring procedures and laying-off strategies highly effectively. However, spending the time, the money and the efforts for the sake of identification of HR challenges. As well as overcoming them needs some vital efforts. This is an absolute fact of the current digital age, since one of the greatest assets your company can boost are the employees. They are known practically as the human resources. On top of this, their management needs to be highly effective for best results. Hence, especially w.r.t. the employee management strategies.

Some of the Top HR Challenges that shall be encountered in 2022 are as follows;


As part of the Top HR Challenges one of the key challenge is managing diversity. In addition to diversity, being consistent with diversity aspects. Part of the contributions to equal rights and opportunities in Canada, it’s important for HR to develop a strategy that holds priorities for managing diversity effectively. These are highly important KPI’s and part of the globalisation agendas. Especially, in a country as massive like Canada. People from different origins, nationalities, and religions work together every day in Canada. Importantly, for the sake of their career and everyday life goals.


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The monitoring of the health & safety goals in the upcoming year 2022 is one of the key challenges that will be faced by HR. This is mainly due to the pandemic COVID-19. A pandemic that has dented the Canadian economy heavily. Hence, as well as in terms of the number of deaths due to the pandemic. It is indeed important in 2022 that the health & safety measures are overlooked more closely. More importantly, to make sure that people deliver their best in a highly safe and healthy working environment.


Embracing a culture of organisational change is indeed most valued and wanted as part of the HR Challenges. This is more ironic as change management is part and parcel of the change management strategies in the upcoming year 2022. Specifically, true as vital change management strategies are needed in the sector of health & safety. Especially, after COVID-19 pandemic being a cause of many businesses being shut-down.

Change management acts as symbolic in an organisation via especially the practices and policies of the HR. It can become a potential HR challenge or a problem if it can get difficult to manage. Hence, as well as practice the change management more proactively.


As part of managing the employees in an organisation it’s important to create quality management practices for the employees. These are practices in the light of the organisational culture. In addition to the culture, the values of quality management that relates to organisational behaviour. Having a highly strict and standardised recruitment and screening process is part of the initial HR hiring strategies. However, developing employee behaviours needs to develop strategies for employee action at the workplace. Symbolically, as workplace is an arena for the employees. Obviously, a place where they have to demonstrate their talent to the best of their abilities.

Hence, effective quality management practices are a vital part of utilisation of employ talent to their maximum potential.


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As we are entering in 2022 very soon. Hence, the vital steps that needs to be taken should highlight the key importance levels attached with attracting top talent. Most companies in Canada shall be looking for the utilisation of the best talent available for jobs in diverse sectors. Necessarily, a key HR challenge as there shouldn’t be any compromise on quality values & corporate standards.

It’s indeed important for the HR to overcome this challenge by having a clear understanding of the job requirements. Finally, most importantly the company objectives that are key for the hiring procedures.

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Erum Ali
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She is a graduate of human resource management. She has several years of working experience in the human resource management sector. Currently, she is doing resource development and management for one of the leading fintech companies. Her role is to complement the recruitment process with strategic human resources consulting to promote long-lasting professional relationships.

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