vaccine in Canada huge news for tourism
vaccine in Canada huge news for tourism

COVID-19 vaccine news is a mega breaking news in Canada & for the tourism sector in the year 2021. An industry that has been on the suffering end due to the current pandemic. Hence, the name of the current pandemic is Coronavirus aka COVID-19. Furthermore, there are a huge magnitude of losses that occurred in the industry due to the virus & its  effects. The safety precautions needed for the travel & tourism sector especially in the times of lock down needed some necessary implications regards to the prevention of COVID-19. However, the news in 2021 from Health Canada that the country has approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is a celebration. It was cheerful for the Canadian citizens, and came as a huge boost for the sector’s profitability aspects. Not only for the Tourism industry, but many industries linked together to the tourism sector in Canada.

According to the President& CEO of The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, Mr Beth Potter, the approval is a huge step forward towards bringing a halt to the current pandemic. Seen as a ray of hope is the announcement that Canadians can consume Pfizer vaccines. Especially, for the Canadian citizens in these critical times.


Canada is truly one of the favourite holiday destinations for many tourists outside Canada, especially United States & Mexico, the neighbouring countries. However, people within Canada prefer travel & tourism in Canada from one province to another province or a territory. This vaccine will not only give Canadian travellers a sense of security & safety, but will also give them a mental health satisfaction. A huge credit goes to the American Pharmaceuticals & multinational Pfizer, based in many countries all across the world and ranked 57 on the 2018 fortune 500 list of the largest US corporations by revenue. The company Pfizer has been in the Pharmaceuticals industry since a long time. The company was first formed in New York, USA in the year 1849.


The amount of financial losses in the tourism industry due to COVID-19 started since the end of 2019 when the pandemic came into limelight & started spreading. The Canada-US border closed for the first time in March 2020. Furthermore, all kind of bilateral trade with USA due to border restrictions came to a halt. International travel was also affected immensely during the lock down phase. Only necessary travel was permitted & strict legislation were imposed on the travellers, i.e. 14 days quarantine post travel & some precautions & mandatory procedures pre-travel etc. etc. All these hassles limited the amount of travel for tourism in the country. This is from within and abroad to make it highly secure and a safe procedure. Hence, in other words Travel & Tourism sector got highly dependent on factors that became mandatory procedures to follow.


The increase of fear factor happened at a gradual pace in the heart of the Canadians. Hence, it caused travel bans that started to take place end of February in 2020. Apart from other factors linked with the virus. The reason for the rapid increase of the fear factor was the rate of its speed. Originated from Wuhan city, Hubei Province in China from an animal market the virus has not only caused financial losses. Ironically, it has been a cause of many deaths throughout the world. Unfortunately, also caused many people with mental health issues due to strictly staying away from routine life.

Finally, a ray of hope, i.e. the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer is a huge positive. Especially, in times of so many negatives occurring together. Regards to the COVID-19 antivirus the vaccine shows the amount of research conducted.