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As part of the health & Safety or HSE’s measures and potential warning regards to PPE’s that microwaving of the face mask has been marked as a potential hazard. PPE’s are Personal Protective equipment and include face masks, hand gloves, and other protective wear. This is necessary for prevention from the dangerous pandemic COVID-19. Hence, for other pandemics of similar nature as well. This is According to Ontario’s Fire Marshal Jon Pegg. A potential risk as it has been rated is pandemic the heating of a face mask for decontaminating it. A hazard that can turn into an accident. However, there can be alternative ways that are risk-free for people to avoid a fire.

Further according to the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency management. Resulting in overheating & catching fire, as the microwaves are designed to heat cloth materials. In form of potential fire hazards with the mask are the risk and warning associated. Equipped with a metal nose wire as they hold capabilities of fire.  Attached to the facial mask interior are the staples that are the main and most usual cause of the fire. Heating the face mask in a microwave is a huge cause of this fire hazard. The most recent stats also claim with readings between Jan 1 & May 4 that there have been fire fatalities in Ontario. These represent a huge 65% increase over the same time last year. Taken as future potential warnings, these stats are detrimental to the safe treatment of masks.


Nobody can deny the importance levels attached to HSE guidelines i.e. Health & Safety guidelines in place. Also, there are concerns with the risk levels for people. Attached in form of the potential risks that need minimizing. The risk-free ways of decontamination of face masks also include the application of a disinfectant or antiseptic for e.g. Dettol.

The other most used and prominent ways are recycling or using disposable face masks as the use of the masks has been made more common than was before. Health & Safety measures are an important treatment in the health & Safety industry and are given in writing in form of a report by any company. Guidelines for people are a set of procedures that needs to be taken care of while facing potential risks & hazards.

According to the fire marshal Ontario, it’s a reminder that fire safety is especially important and holds key values in place. This is particularly important during the pandemic COVID-19, as people are staying home and cooking as well. Further claims from the office include that people are currently unaware of any incidents. Hence, these incidents are related to the residents moving masks in Ontario.

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However, they have significantly heard of claims and recommendations that face masks can be sterilized in different ways. Termed as a priority that needs to be avoided as well as a life hazard. For the benefit of the people thorough cleaning of the mask is much needed. This is According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health from the Province of Ontario. It’s not only awareness of Health & Safety that is provided to the people. Hence, it is also some intelligence quotient that is good for self-awareness. Self-awareness also includes being mentally sound about how to avoid potential hazards that can lead to the death penalty or injuries.

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