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An essential element for the economic recovery in immigration Canada post COVID-19 is the rise in migrations to the beautiful country. A country full of natural beauty, landscapes and state-of-the-art technology has suffered. Similar to the rest of the world during COVID-19 pandemic and most recent lock-downs. The country is already in the list of migrations. On top of this 4th in the list of most favourable spot for international students. It is just below Australia, in the prestigious list of countries. Hence, starting with most favourable being USA, U.K, Australia and finally Canada. The most favourable of the cities for students for studying are Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. These three have been able to carry on with the reputation of being the most wanted cities for students.

According to the facts released by the Canadian Bar Association’s immigration Law Section. The economic recovery of Canada is in the hands of migrants who want to settle in Canada. Foreign workers and migrants are an asset because of their motivational levels and attitude at work. Finally, implementation of their assigned duties with responsibility and flair. Canada is one of the top 10 peaceful countries of the world. Hence, it is highly responsible regards to the rights of their citizens. Furthermore, along with the immigrants’ rights in Canada they hold huge responsibility.


Accepting new immigrants into Post COVID-19 will be a challenge for the GOVT. of Canada. Having said that the immigration will be an absolute key to the success of Canada. Also for their economic values and recovery plan amid COVID-19. The continuity of Canada on their immigration will remain the economic driver of Canada. It will also be the North Star of our policy going forward.

The country’s long term demographic effects won’t change for a long time. Hence, the country needs immigrants as a factor for their economic growth. Furthermore, there has been health economic challenges in Canada in previous times as well. Canada has bounced back with immense confidence and sustainable measures due to the efforts and hard work of their immigrants. The vital role of immigration is regarded as essential in these circumstances. It is mainly due to the fact that COVID-19 has been a cause of some major challenges.

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IRCC or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada is currently working remotely on applications as the application process is taking time. The remote operations have been setup for the team of immigrant counsellors. It is for their access and tools that are mandatory for faster processing.


Temporary foreign workers are needed by Immigration Canada especially in these drastic times that are being witnessed in COVID-19. This is as a measure to protect and strengthen Canada’s food supply. A quantity which is highly affected while Canada is still encountering the effects of COVID-19. The organisation IRCC is working and monitoring closely with agriculture and seafood industries. Solely, for the sake of temporary work permits and removing barriers to foreign workers. However, still some things are out of control and beyond IRCC’s jurisdictions. In that case certain sectors will be under reduced demands for different products.


International students are always an asset for a country and its vital economic values. These facts are true for United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Australia. Similarly, like they hold vitality in terms of significance for Canada. International students coming to the country in Post Graduate, Graduate and research programs prefer Canada due to many reasons. Mainly, because of University and research excellence, facilities, and state-of-the-art technology in Canada.

However, IRCC has recently reformed its Post-Graduation work permit. This is found as a good news for those who are studying online or remotely. These students shall be responsible for PGWP program and there are talks underway with post-secondary stakeholders. The post-secondary stakeholders shall figure out ways for students for next September in-take. The September in-take is a major in-take for Immigration services. This is especially for  those who will be enrolling for September and Canadian designated learning institutions.

All decisions of IRCC are in favour of immigration Canada. This is vitally as immigration shall be a huge uplift to the Canadian economy and its sustainable values. It is also a huge news for people who have invested in int. student’s programs. Hence, for those as well who are willing enough to immigrate to Canada through various streams. However, in the midst of changing policies and regulations due to COVID-19. Ironically, for the sake of people there needs to be guidance that is vital for how the country plans immigration?

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