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Ontario Parents To Receive ‘Catch-Up’ Payments For School Kids


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Expected to be eligible are the parents. That is, in the Province Ontario. Obviously, to receive “Catch up payments” within the province’s plan. More importantly, just for the sake of assisting the students. Thus, following COVID-19-related learning disruptions.

The Ontario government has announced. It is in the process of launching “catch-up payments”. These are payments, that will give parents either $200 to $250. Alternatively, more per child. Obviously, in order to “offset costs. Thus, while supporting their children while they catch up.”

“This new initiative promises an amount of $365 million. That is, for direct financial aid for families,” the news release said.

As “additional tutoring assistance, equipment” is what the Govt. of Ontario states that the money shall be used for. Alternatively, the equipment to enhance the learning of students.”

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Ontario’s education minister Stephen Lecce said it “could not be more clear. Obviously, that we need to keep students in the classroom without interruption. Thus, with the focus on getting up on the basics. These are skills that include writing. Furthermore, reading and Maths in the wake of two years of pandemic-related education disruptions.”

“We are expanding our tutoring services. Furthermore, assessing each child’s reading abilities. Apart from the reading & the writing. Furthermore, hiring more teachers to make sure that every child gets back on track. Eventually, becomes employed. That is, in a good paying job,” Lecce said in an announcement.

“While we’ve provided more than 600 million dollars in learning recovery investments. Publicly funded ones only. Further, for reasons that are obvious. In addition to this, we offer parents of all children. These are parents, who are in school with direct financial assistance. Obviously, which can be immediately reinvested in their children’s education.”

During the pandemic, COVID-19. The schools in Province Ontario were shut for the complete duration of 20 weeks.

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The government says that from Thursday. The parents of school-age children aged 18 and older. Obviously, can apply for $200 payments per child. Parents of school-aged children who have special education. Thus, needs from age 21 are eligible for $250 in payments.

The government has said that. The parents can apply for the loans. That also, through the secure website.

“Applications to make Catch Up. The payment process will continue. Hence, until March 31st, 2023.” the release stated.

In a question from reporters on Thursday. Regards to, how the government can guarantee that families are spending their funds. Importantly, to support their child’s academic development. Lecce said he trusts parents to “make the right choices for their children.”

“I am confident that they will be doing the right thing. Since, we’ve done it many times before. Also, I’m confident that putting these funds to good use. Definitely, will benefit programs for post-school. Furthermore, before school to help students learn. That is, for the technological development. Furthermore, the literacy it all helps,” he said. “I believe we must be in the same boat. Similarly, as those in the province. Who are working who need more help at times of economic hardship.”

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In addition, the provincial government announced new measures. Aimed at supporting the students are these key measures.

It stated that it will provide new digital tools to teachers. Apart from this, will also be deploying. Most vitally, the “Maths actions teams” to schools that are in struggling phase.

The ministry also said that it would also provide “Early reading Improvements”. These are improvements, that will include spending $25 million. That is, for “evidence-based interventions for reading. Hence, as well as assessment by professionals.”

The government has announced recently, That, it would also expand its tutoring support program. Thus, valued at $175 million program. Apart from this, continue to update provincial curriculum. Furthermore, offer assistance with attendance. Especially, for students struggling to keep their classes.

“These initiatives are added to Ontario Govt’s $26.6 billion of funds. Precisely, for the 2022-23 school year. Obviously, which is the largest amount of public education funding. A record number of funding in the Ontario’s history. It comprises the 600 million Learning Recovery Action Plan,” the announcement read.

The news comes one day after the news broke in the media. That the bulk of students in Grade 6 in Ontario. Hence, are ones who did not pass the province’s standard mathematics test in 2021-2022.

It was revealed that the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) information. Thus, obtained from Global News showed 59 per percent of students in Grade 3. Obviously, were able to meet the provincial Maths standard. Only 47 percent of students in Grade 6 met the standard. Apart from this, 52 percent grade 9 learners. These were ones who met the level of the norm.

At the press conference held on Thursday. Lecce claimed that the low scores on the tests represent a “global problem.”

“To bring kids returning to their academic goals. The kids should remain in school. Most importantly, with their class teachers. Furthermore, return to the fundamentals in learning” He said. “We are unable to improve the maths score of children. Hence, if they face the threat of strike. Furthermore, the possibility of removing services. Ironically, so that students don’t have an assessment report. That is, to gauge their academic progress.”

The announcement comes one day. Following the news that the union that represents approximately 55,000 Ontario education workers. Achieved was nearly nothing. Thus, is what they claimed. Precisely, in the three days of negotiations. That is, to the Ford government officials. The Ford government claims.

The talks are set to begin on Nov. 1. In a legally-binding strike position. A date which is just two days before they’d be placed.

In a statement released on Thursday, Laura Walton. An education adviser. Furthermore, the president of the CUPE’s Ontario School Boards Council of Unions stated. That the government’s obligation is “To the citizens of Ontario.”

“And this requires investment in the school’s employees,” Walton said. “Tax cut that are disguised as once-off cash payments. Furthermore, praising their huge business associates does nothing.”

Walton claimed that the union has “proposals that are being discussed. More precisely, for students’ success as well as good jobs.”

“Stephen Lecce as well as Doug Ford have the power. Apart from the power, the resources to approve our fair. Also, affordable and indispensable propositions,” she continued. “They should put an end. Precisely, to the delays and start to act now.”

With a file from Global News’ Isaac Callan and Colin D’Mello.

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