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Tourism industry & marketing is deeply associated with each other in more than one ways. Boosting content visibility is a necessity. This is just like merchandising in a supermarket for e.g. Walmart. It not only creates a marketing environment for future. Significantly, also helps in creating values of creative marketing. Why Content visibility is so vital, is the most common question by marketers. Simply, so that more people know about the importance levels associated with a content. On top of this why that content matters for people in a marketing environment. What people want to see more in form of marketing material on a website or a marketing brochure. Hence, this is what most of the time people want to see & prefer to see as well. More importantly, as they don’t prefer to spend extra time on something that’s not important for them.

The tourism marketers should focus on the words ‘content visibility’. What ways it can be boosted are the most important to know in terms of the content marketing strategies. The promotions that you are planning as a tourism marketer is the first thing that needs to be identified.


Keeping in mind the right audience for the right place or a location. Ironically, this is the most important thing for a tourism marketer. Therefore, a tourism marketer must segment his locations according to the variables of market segmentation. As an example what age, gender, & type of people are interested in going to locations like Lakes & Valleys. From the previous results & historical data. Taken as analysis this is highly useful & relevant information. Furthermore, clustering them while making analysis of people’s hot spots or places according to their most visits.

Another example says, as 68% of travellers report feeling safest. This is more while they travel in their own vehicles. Further, while more than one in two travellers are more likely than before to keep their trips domestic. Reading the minds of the travellers is more result oriented for both travellers & tourism agencies. They can determine exactly what the travellers are looking for as a decent package. These packages are either for a holiday visit or a business trip. This is also more exclusively identified with effective use of trends & analysis. Fashion & trends of the tourism industry speaks volumes of how the market will be behaving in future.


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Boosting the content visibility also needs finding the right influences. This is an aspect that helps in making a brand what it is in terms of its market image. The development of a brand is a process that takes place gradually. Regards to the brand this is more linked up with the customer’s attitudes. For example Tourism marketers & travel agencies should influence young couples. Furthermore, newly-wed people for their group discounts & group travel packages. This can be marketed & highlighted in form of pictures from previous trips and memories of previous tours. Also includes, exclusive videos & comments & feedback from the tourists & customers.

Their testimonials on websites & their stories of their journeys can be a high influence. Thus, an influence for those who are planning their future trips & holiday targets. Trivago is a UK based travel & tourism website that focuses on realistic & economical packages. They want to comfort their existing & upcoming travel partners. Hence, these are individual & corporate groups in form of industry stakeholders. They intend to provide their customers with the best packages in the timeliest manner. Therefore, their influences are people looking for most economical packages in the shortest possible time.

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