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Province British Columbia is a major province from Canada. Furthermore, holds highly beautiful and enriched scenic beauty that defines Canada. Includes two major cities of Canada, i.e. the provincial capital Victoria and the financial hub of B.C. i.e. Vancouver. A city that has the bounce and feel that is unique and distinguished from the many list of cities in Canada. Vancouver is also a city that holds positive vibes & energy. Especially, for people coming to visit Vancouver on holidays & cultural tourism. The capital city Victoria is named after the British monarch Queen Victoria who was the Queen of England when Victoria was developing into a major Canadian city and got its name from England. It’s a province that is rich in culture and values that relates heavily to cultural Tourism. Apart from cultural Tourism, British Columbia is also getting famous amongst students. Hence, as the number of Int. Students in-take is getting bigger on every passing day. A province that just lags behind Ontario in terms of the number of students coming to study in Canada yearly. A Province that has everything that’s needed in balance in addition to the changing weather in summers which is getting far hotter.

Whether you are a skier, a hiker, a historian or a shopper you are pretty sure to find plenty to do in British Columbia. A province made for the people who just adore going outdoors. Apart from the outdoors, enjoying the enriching and adventurous experiences. As a traveller you can visit the towns founded during British Columbia’s very own gold rush. Alternatively, learn more about the culture of Canada’s indigenous people also known as First Nation.

An overview of the best & most famous places to visit in the gorgeous province British Columbia.



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The capital city of the great & beautiful province British Columbia. Victoria deserves a visit when you long for a touch of merry old England. The provincial capital city on the Vancouver Island is named after the great Queen of England, Queen Victoria. The medieval city Victoria do remind people of the cultural & architectural heritage of old England. Ironically, as it is the second oldest city in the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, the great city has the second oldest China Town in North America. A wonderful example and something that truly complements the old Victorian architecture is the ornate Craigdarroch Castle. The city on top of the architecture has some beautiful gardens, that makes it ‘The garden city’. Some of the most famous and pretty ones is the Butchart Gardens. You can never have a sorry moment if you arrive in Victoria for a visit. Additionally, invest at least a week’s time while you move around Victoria.

Also a vibrant city due to the number of people coming yearly to study and giving the city the attitude of being an international student’s hub.


How can you even think to forget Vancouver, if you visit British Columbia? The great city from Province B.C. is a hub of trade & finance. As well as, commerce, economics, cultural heritage, Int. students and what not ? A great city to dine-in and enjoy some good Italian or Spanish cuisines with your friends or family. It is the sea port city of British Columbia and the largest city of the Province. Hence, apart from being the 3rd largest metropolitan in Canada. A scenic cosmopolitan city where the residents of the city enjoy the high quality and busy lifestyle. People coming to Vancouver explore the very beautiful forested Stanley Park and even walk across Capialano Suspension Bridge.

A city that has a very large concentration of high-rises holds huge financial values for Canada. Surprisingly, with millions of people working daily in the corporate culture of Vancouver. The Museum of Anthropology is the best place in Canada to learn about the First Nations. That is, the natives of the great North American country Canada. If you are coming to Vancouver as a visitor, please don’t forget to take in the Granville Public Market or the Vancouver Aquarium.


Apart from the many beautiful places and cities in British Columbia, the Yoho National Park is one of the most fascinating parks to visit. Especially, for those who love going outdoors. Furthermore, for those who love to discover the natural beauty & the elegance of Canada. In the Cree language, Yoho means ‘awe’ and ‘wonder’.

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The park has got 28 mountain peaks that soar at least 9,800 feet into the skies of B.C. Lots of waterfalls to count and an internationally known 500,000 year old fossil bed. People coming to Yoho national park are mostly those that want to explore nature. This is definitely apart from their love with adventure. They love hiking, boating, mountain climbing, cycling and walking for long hours, while exploring the beauty of Yoho.


Another gorgeous national park, apart from Yoho national park in B.C. is the Pacific Rim National Park. It’s a great place to enjoy the nature. Also, the rugged coastlines and lush green rain-forest. The park is a massive attraction for a number of people annually and is segmented or segregated into three sections. These includes Long Beach, Broken Group, and West Coast Trail.


Nelson is yet another scintillating city of British Columbia Provinces. Hence, the third most popular one after Victoria and Vancouver. It is also sometimes known as the ‘Queen City’, and a big reason for this are the restored number of historic homes. These are homes that dates back to the days of the Silver Rush. 1860’s was the golden era during which Gold & Silver were discovered in Nelson.

The walking Baker Street in Nelson is another busy & famous tourist attraction in British Columbia. Amazingly, a place that has got many historical values attached. For people coming to explore the scenic beauty of B.C. Nelson is a good base for them as well. It’s a highly suitable base to explore the lakes & the mountains. This is apart from the rivers of the surrounding area.

British Columbia is one of the most balanced provinces & territories of Canada. Obviously, with a good balance between nature, and an outstanding metropolitan life

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