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The New Year Eve in many countries is part of the winter vacations and the holidays that contributes from Christmas, Boxing Day and to the New Year Eve. In Canada it is celebrated as a holiday only in the province of Quebec while in the other provinces and territories it takes place in form of celebrations only.

End of the year, i.e. the 365th day, and the beginning of the New Year is always a great feeling for everyone. Especially for people who are ambitious and set new goals and targets for themselves and their organisations in form of the New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants the best from their life and aims for the best, some people have plans to have a holidays in Europe. However, others want to pursue their ambition and have a degree from a reputed international university. A new year’s resolution is nothing but a set of goals and targets that a person wants to achieve, aims for their targets and makes plans in highly organised ways. It makes the agendas more valuable and the targets highly ambitious. Ironically, as the best thing is to aim first and then accomplish with a vision or charter for the future.

In Canada as well it takes place with a bang, while the retail industry is all set to offer huge discounts and offers on almost all kinds of products, especially the electronics and cosmetics. In Toronto, the mega celebrations of the New Year Eve takes place and the start of the fresh year is marked with one of the most expensive fireworks. Since years, the fireworks are competing the likes of cities like London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney and Auckland.


The day that is most commonly known as New Year’s Day was originally observed on the 15th of March in the old Roman calendar. However, the start of the year later was fixed at 1st January in 153 BCE by two Roman consuls. The month was named ‘January’ after the name of the Roman God of doors and gates. In the middle ages the number of different Christian feast dates were used for the markings of the New Year. This was done through calendars that often continued to display the months in form of columns running from January to December in the Roman fashion.

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However, according to traditions in some parts of Europe the New Year’s Day was determined by the Easter. This obviously meant a different New Year’s date every year.


The celebrations of the New Year Eve differs from one province to another in Canada. These takes place in form of parties’ overnight, Ice fishing as some people love it, having picnics with friends and relatives and finally taking a polar bear plunge. As the temperatures in almost all parts of Canada are found to be very cold on the New Year Eve. People love to go Ice-fishing as a highly adventurous way to celebrate New Year in Canada. These days Ice-fishing typically involves heated hut and some companies also provide equipment. The World fishing network has a list of a number of places in Canada that are a top spot to go for Ice fishing.

Having picnics with relatives in places of interest and playing games that people love to play is an interesting part of New Year in Canada. People love to mingle and dance and set tunes for the next year as part of their joyful enjoyments. For Canadians the Year that is coming must be welcomed with open hands, while the one passing by should hold positive emotions of Good-Byes.


The New Year Eve holds huge emotions for people who love shopping and having massive discounts on the big day. The retail sector in Canada, in fact the whole of North America welcomes its customers with great and mouthwatering offers. These are brilliant price plans, deals, packages and discounts that people wouldn’t find during the rest of the year. It definitely goes neck to neck with the climate set for shopping and the happiness and joys of the upcoming year.  The best time to harvest the fruits of the whole year on one single day.

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