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Life Insurance Premiums Key Influencing Factors & How They Matters?


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There are many factors that are a key influence for life insurance premiums. All these factors determines the treatment for life insurance. Furthermore, how life insurance premiums varies w.r.t. age, health & family history. One of the most important factors is the age factor and all the key influences that relates to age and life threats. Apart from current health, factors also includes medical history, family medical history and lifestyle. In addition to this, Hobbies, Occupation, Travel Habits, Driving History, Gender and finally age. The life expectancy also plays a vital role in this regards as life expectancy varies from one country to another country. This is vitally as according to the demographics. How life expectancy matters according to demographics is interesting as the life expectancy has a lot to do with the premium. The key factors that can change the life expectancy. Primarily, also known as life expectancy variable factors. These factors holds dependencies on the country prosperity & health system of a country, or the national health service. Finally, the climatic conditions & weather conditions also matters apart from the atmosphere that should be preferably clean.

The key factors and how they can act as an influence for Life insurance premiums:


The most key factor in the list of factors that influence life insurance premiums is the current health. How the current health factor acts as the most important one is highly integral. Hence, as current health condition can change the life insurance premium amount. Importantly, due to the magnitude of risks that are involved. The level of risk are ascertained while life insurance premiums are calculated. Further, these risks level can change according to the current health conditions. If for instance a person is experiencing high blood pressure or undergoing changes in heartbeat very often. Ironically, the level of risk can change which means more risky. Hence, it automatically increases the insurance premium amount to considerable levels. In case of a serious health condition for example a heart disease. Ironically, the life insurance application can even be rejected or ignored.


A person’s medical history is yet another influencing factor in the insurance premium. In addition to this, can be a factor that can influence the change. It is not only the current state of health that is of concern for an insurer. What counts as a matter of fact is the recent medical history. A health record which is taken into account more preferably. The problems that is broken bones and other injuries will be ignored. However, any conditions that may possibly recur shall be included in the list of calculations. Also, includes the mental health issues, if they are not resolved. Medical history means how far the immunity lies for a person to die. Hence, due to any previous health condition or record. Health matters or past health records influence the level of risks associated. Preferably, while getting to the final figures in insurance premium amount.


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A family medical history is highly influencing while determining the life insurance premium amount. If the family background has a series of health problems for e.g. heart issues or obesity-related problems. Obviously, this is something that connects heavily with the insurance premium amount. Hence, while determining how that family medical history can change. Alternatively, increases the insurance premium amount as well. Yet another concerning factor is the level of risk to death that can happen due to the family medical history.


Lifestyle matters as people want to maintain their rich standards. Furthermore, they want to live according to the society trends. Realistically, one of the few factors that the applicant has a degree of control over. In the lifestyle the habits that are commonly hazardous are smoking and drinking. On top of this, not getting concerned for the weight issues that affects the general health. In case if the applicant is found to have intentionally provided some incorrect information. Then, in that case the policy could be invalid and all claims can be refused.


An applicant’s hobbies plays a strictly vital role while getting to the insurance premium amount. These hobbies if found risky and life-threatening can easily change the insurance premium amount. For example, car racing is a hobby that can be risky and life threatening. Furthermore, automatically influences and increases the insurance premium amount. Other such activities and hobbies also includes skydiving, mountain climbing, or skiing.


An occupation or a profession is a key determining factor while coming up with the insurance premium amount. This means the level of risks involved with the occupation and what specifically matters to the insurer. Occupations that are highly risky in terms of life risks are working as a firefighter. Furthermore, as a police officer or a body guard experiencing dangers to death. In addition to this, other professions that have a high risk to death are jobs that can increase the stress levels due to work pressures.

  1. GENDER & AGE:

Gender, i.e. male or female, also plays a significant role apart from the age factor involved. The life expectancy differs from one gender to another. Apart from this, the difference is vitally obvious according to changing demographics.

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The age has a very key & pivotal role to play in determining the insurance premiums. Hence, as lower the age is, the lower the premium amount and vice-versa. With the age factor the level of risks to death increases. Obviously, this is true as medical fitness reduces considerably to higher levels. Age factor doesn’t necessarily is dependent on the health condition.


Travel habits and driving history are two key aspects that can change the premium amount. The travelling habits should be safe instead of being alarming or unsafe, for e.g. Travelling on dangerous roads. Especially, true to avoid a higher life insurance premium, it needs to be safe. On the other hand, a clean driving history always is best for a lower premium. A record that is accidental & involves fines & penalties is obviously a huge source of higher insurance premium amount.

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