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The retail industry is all about challenges & finding out ways to overcome these challenges. As the Retail industry is constantly changing it is getting more challenging due to the rising consumer expectations. It’s getting hard to maintain customer loyalty aspects as well as manage internal communications more effectively. Also, one of the major challenges that hold vital elements is related to employee retention & employee engagement. In the retail environment challenges rise & get sorted every day including Supply chain issues & quality management concerns. The retail sector is all about delivering quality every day & maintenance of QA procedures in the real retail environment.


The maintenance of a QA environment strict management of QA procedures can be a challenge in the Retail Industry. Quality assurance not only needs meeting on the floors. However, it’s behind the curtains as well where the real retail management takes place. QA or Quality Assurance is part of every industry these days. However, in the retail sector, it’s a huge priority due to many variables. For e.g. in Walmart, quality assurance is everything, as it is required as part of the standards maintenance & deliverable of the best services. Any future losses are difficult indeed to be justified. This is more or less if the company is carrying a huge name with them.


Customer expectations in the retail industry are changing every day & keeping up with the expectations requires a standardized & systematic approach. An example is that if a customer is looking for a return immediately. As a basic customer’s right, the exchange or return of a product should be their priority. This is more important for customer’s peace. Hence, this is also according to the 21 days peace of mind policy in the retail sector that ensures customer satisfaction values & customers’ peace of mind policy accordingly.


Customer loyalty is part of the brand loyalty measurements while considering that a retail store or supermarket is a brand. It is indeed important for a brand identity & maintenance of customer loyalty measures. Customer loyalty maintenance can be a significant challenge, But WHY? This is merely because the expectations of the customers get higher as they grow old. Hence, it gets difficult indeed to maintain customer loyalty. A CRM system is effective enough in the maintenance of customer loyalty. An effective Customer relationship management system helps in resolute & defining customer relationships. This usually is for maintaining good terms with old & useful customers in a retail environment. Further, for customer loyalty aspects you should be using a personal approach for example sending promotional e-mails to customers or greeting cards & offers to customers on special days, e.g. their birthdays.


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This is usually a key challenge to retain employees & keep them engaged in a dynamic retail environment. Why employee retention is so valuable? It is simply because of the amount of investment being made on an employee & the expectations that come from them automatically. As the retail sector in Canada holds a huge competition in terms of profits & employee training. Most employees switch to a better position as soon as they get another more suitable opening.

Employee engagement holds huge values as well, as it signifies the importance of creatively using an employee’s talent & his/her abilities. Engaging employees at different levels in the retail sector will automatically give them a boost in their career & is huge plus regard to the maintenance of QA procedures. It shows the level of involvement an employee can get & their sense of ownership with the company.


The retail sector is more equipped with the effective use of technology these days. The best technology solutions include POS solutions & effective use of the POS devices as the staff needs to be well trained. It not only makes things fast. However, but the integration of technology means that you are well equipped with the modern tech requirements. Apart from this the use of self-scan & self-payment machines means higher consumer traffic while bringing higher volumes of sales.

All in all the use of technology in the retail sector is bound to improve procedures to a great deal in the future.

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