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‘Canadian entrepreneurs’ is a common terminology & being one, takes lots & lots of motivational aspects & true values of success. It’s not easy to follow your entrepreneurial dreams & goals. Hence, more significantly as Canada is home to many entrepreneurs. These are ambitious magnates from various backgrounds and communities. What’s more imperative is not just doing business for profitability reasons. However, following the rules of the game at the same time. Naturally, doing business in Canada is amid strict rules & regulations. This is including the taxation policies and managing time strictly.

If you are an entrepreneur & someone who has arrived from abroad for settlement. Furthermore, for business, naturally you would need more focus and hard work. Apart from the hard work & a proactive attitude, you should be solely focused on achieving your goals. This is mainly with larger motivation levels for global success. This is primarily a bit more required from you, than someone who belongs from Canada. Business opportunities that are growing everyday very rapidly in Canada. Known in the rest of the world for the migrants, alias, ‘Land of Opportunities’. Hence, Instead of getting to a halt, or even getting a bit slow.


The exclusive list of young Canadian entrepreneurs shows their levels of commitments. Importantly, while having a place in the Youth business listings of Canada. It’s just not business that is important, its complete business management & being supportive to the success ideologies of those who have proved earlier. Linked to not only monetary gains, are their commitments. However, they hold respect for the red flag of Canada, and acknowledge her prestige respectfully. Business magnates in Canada are solely the ambassadors of Canadian culture. Also, its trade, and holds huge values for bringing more prosperity into Canada. A country that is already in the list of happiest countries since a while now. Ironically, just like Rome was not built in a day, Canada has taken ages to get into its current state of prosperity & success.

Much to the credit of list of so many Canadian entrepreneurs & their hard work. Business tycoons that are working day & night for the progress of Canada along with their own. Hence, here is the list of the youngest entrepreneurs from Canada.


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Jon Lipinski is the Co-Founder and President at Ecopia.AI. The company is relatively new but it is a quickly growing company. As part of operations it adopts AI to create commercial high-grade definition maps. Supporting Govt. and NGOs as well, as these maps have a useful application internationally. Furthermore, the telecom sector and insurance firms in Canada also use these maps. The motive is solely to make more reliable data-driven decisions.

The company Ecopia has already mapped each of the 169 million buildings over the United States. Add on to this, they are currently working on a new project. This project is building the first high-definition map for self-driving cars of the Kitchener-Waterloo area.


Eva Wong is yet another entrepreneur in the Young Canadian entrepreneur list and she is the Co-Founder and COO, i.e. Chief Operating Officer at Borrowell.  The company Borrowell is a Fintech company. A firm that encourages people in making accurate decisions regarding their credit. A leading credit knowledge and financial services marketplace of Canada. The company has more than 900,000 members and approximately the big financial institutions of all the countries on the platform. The company is the first one to have recently introduced “Credit Coach”. Hence, furthermore benefiting users to improve their economic well-being.


Jason Flick, the Co-Founder and CEO of an Ottawa-based startup called You.i TV. The role of the company is to encourage media titans to please the fans. This is by connecting, seamlessly and beautifully- T.V’s, phones, tablets, game consoles and the streaming services by applying a single code base.

Jason is already in the listings of Young Canadian Entrepreneurs. On top of this, he is very passionate for the growth of his company. Warner Media, and National Geographic, are Jason Flick’s most renowned & distinguished media partners. Furthermore, more partnerships are on the agenda of Mr. Flick, who is expected to take a rise. These partners are Sky T.V. (U.K), and ViaComCBS, the company who owns Network 10 in Australia.


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Shahrzad Rafati, the founder and CEO of Broadband TV is one of the youngest Canadian entrepreneur. She has succeeded in a short period with immense efforts. Hence, to make her digital entertainment company as the third largest video property all over the world. The Vancouver based firm is ranked third in the world directly after MNC & giants Google and Facebook. Miss Rafati, the glorious entrepreneur was so ambitious that she formed the company BroadbandTV right out of her school. This is in the era when online video was a lesser familiarity as still was a new idea.


In the year 2008, i.e. 13 years from today, the Jewellery company Jenny Bird was formed. The young founder of the company, Jenny Bird was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Hence, as she was highly ambitious for her own company & her business goals. In the year 2011, her husband joined in as the President of Jenny Bird and mutually since 2011, they have transformed the company into an international & a recognised brand. A brand that is highly renowned in Canada.

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