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The level of importance that is attached with work life balance for productivity & wellness. They are regarded as the fundamentals of successful work culture. It’s not an easy task to achieve the balance between work and life. However, it should be the aim to achieve for being effective at work.

The work life balance is a necessity that helps in handling work pressures and stress levels. These stress levels are associated with pressures at work & meeting up with deadlines. Furthermore, handling the meeting pressures & presentation at client side. Finally, looking at things with an easy & much relaxed mindset. How work life balance is good for the mindset, and why it matters most for employees? Just because it has some damaging effects on the personal life. In addition to this, as well as the corporate life also gets affected. Examples includes, clumsiness at work, unable to hold to pressures, and finally wrong or very quick decision making. These errors can happen due to the judgemental issues.

Judgemental issues are a very common reason that can cause the productivity graph of employees to come to a decline. It can also affect wellness at work and problems of flexibility and issues at the workplace.

‘Focus’ seems to be a short word in general. However, holds valuable importance due to its elementary nature and priorities attached to the word. Having a higher amount of focus is a necessity demanded in corporate culture. Especially, on sensitive jobs and nature of work where focus is a key element. This is simply like while in a boxing match, if you lose focus, you might either get a heavy blow. Alternatively, even get knocked out by your opponent. Thus, focus helps in competition almost everywhere and also helps in realising the needs in a much more strategic way.


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The importance is there in maintaining a healthy work life balance. Not only being good for the health concerns, but also improves the productivity of employees. In addition to this, finally their performance levels.

Employee replacements takes something in terms of the costs. As employee replacement after a certain period of time is not really wanted. Thus, it is highly feasible indeed to take a positive approach that is known as work-life balance. Helps to a great deal in employee retention programs. This is apart from employee satisfaction, and make employees more result oriented.


Health related issues are a common thing that can arise in a busy work environment. This is primarily where the balance is lacking most due to being a workaholic. Most health problems are related to mental health issues & increasing stress levels. Furthermore, finally heart issues due to heavy workloads. Bringing balance in work & life is always a positive approach taken by bigger companies. Big companies always realise this importance of Work Life balance. Hence, as they know well the consequences of losing employees due to workload issues. These issues can be problematic in smaller companies. Therefore, automatically have a lower percentage of employee retention as compared with multinational companies and large organisations.


It definitely increases the happiness index to a certain extent. Hence, as countries with higher happiness index are more inclined sensitively towards the work life balance. Ironically, work life balance issues in such countries are lesser. More importantly, as compared to those countries with lower happiness index. An example of a country which is amongst the Top 10 happiest countries of the world is Sweden. The paternity leaves granted to employees in Sweden are at least sixteen months paid leaves. This is according to the regulations of Govt. imposed in both private and Govt. sector. These paternity paid leaves granted are the highest in any European country, which are interesting facts.

The largest Scandinavian country highly believes in a culture of work life balance. Furthermore, working with happiness and compassion while achieving all the desired goals. According to the happiness index report of 2020, Sweden’s happiness index is 7.353. This is the highest since the year 2017 for Sweden only. Primarily, this is all due to the efforts and considerations that are being realised for the employees and people working in the great Nordic nation. The Government is being sensitive towards the rights of their workforce. Therefore, they are introducing relaxed measures every year with better & more worthwhile employee retention strategies.


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Work life balance guarantees more mindfulness and allocation of time. Especially, to activities that are categorised as activities necessary for mind, body & soul. These key activities includes exercising, Yoga & meditation. Also includes, walking, running, cycling & having more inclinations towards physical activities. On top of this, relaxations are key for achieving higher levels of mindfulness. As a matter of fact mindfulness automatically relaxes the mind and gives mental peace that is a high-level necessity. It is mandatory indeed for achieving higher performance levels. These activities helps in managing the stress levels to much higher extent. In addition to this, setting yourself mentally for more work pressures as well as client pressures. It gives an insight of what are the needed strategies to divide your workload and handle work pressures with the help of mindfulness. A healthy mind is always a good mind for handling work pressures.


According to a research report regards to mind concentrations, an average mind can concentrate from 50-55 mins. Keeping this fact in mind, it is necessary to realise the importance of taking short breaks. This is especially throughout the day during work hours for aligning work patterns. This can be a 10-15 minutes tea break or just relaxing and brain storming. An exercise that is regarded as highly integral in achieving levels of work life balance. Ultimately, a necessity indeed to achieve the balance that is critical for a constant growth in a particular work environment.


Having an understanding of your work culture and the flexibility goals is a required analysis to achieve work-life balance. The target should be interactions between each other which improves the work life balance. Not only a necessity in modern work cultures of various types e.g. Egalitarian. But, also helps in understanding your work culture for better & fruitful adjustments. A key fact that will be highly helpful for a better tomorrow, rather than compromising & sacrificing your corporate targets.

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