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THE GOOD FRIDAY- ‘Celebrating the concept & practice of Forgiveness’


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The Good Friday is a religious celebration for the Christians all over the world. Apart from this, it is celebrated on a Friday falling just before the Easter Sunday. This year in April 2023’ the day will be a following on 7th April 2023’. In addition to this, is not only an observance. But, also a statutory holiday in all provinces & territories of Canada. Except Quebec where the day is a partial celebration. The religious day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death. The theme of celebrating Good Friday is to practice forgiveness. All over the Christian world, also the day is followed.

That is, wherever there are followers of Jesus Christ as a religious holiday. As it is a celebration in Canada. In England as well in similarity to Canada, the day is followed. Furthermore, there are many traditions of Good Friday that are being taken from England & adapted as part of Canadian celebrations.

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Other countries that celebrates Good Friday & are Christian dominated countries includes USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Uruguay. Also, includes France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Scotland & almost all parts of Europe. Including, the United Kingdom. In all parts of N.America, it is a celebration. Thus, majority of the parts of South America, parts of Asia, i.e. Christian dominated countries & parts of Africa, only the Christian world. Australia & New Zealand also celebrate the occasion of Good Friday as part of the countries from the Oceania. Thus, most parts of the world follow Good Friday. Obviously, as Christianity is the most followed religion of the world followed by Islam. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon in spring (after March 21st). It is a festival which can occur as early March 22 and as late as April 25.

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Both, Good Friday & Easter Sunday celebrates the sacrifice of Jesus for the religion Christianity.


Good Friday is falling this year on the 7th of April 2023’. In Canada as a public holiday, as it is observed furthermore. That is, in all its Provinces & territories except Quebec, the French-speaking province. Partially celebrated as it is a Province with partial celebrations. It is a silent day of mourning & quiet prayers amongst the Christians. Some Catholics observe a partial fast on Good Friday. Further, they do not eat any meat. Thus, most precisely, there is strict abstinence from meat on a Good Friday.

Hot Cross Buns are a traditional treat on a Good Friday. On top of this, these are traditions coming from the medieval times. These hot cross buns are actually small in size & bread-like buns. Marked with a cross, is the top part of a hot cross bun. Further, also covered with a sugar glaze. Can be taken in any form are the Hot Cross Buns. Toasted or spread with the butter, as they are split.


The various symbols of Easter symbolises the passion of the gorgeous religion Christianity. That is, with symbols & significance of symbols to the event. Easter bunny is one of the most popular symbols of Easter. Hence, as the Hare is an ancient Pagan symbol of fertility & new Life. Thus, it symbolises new life or a transformation from one life to another life. It’s in fact a celebration of life. More specifically rebirth. Similarly, the resurrection of Jesus Christ has been by many experts. Importantly, compared to the onset of the spring festival.

It is also a very common thing that people eat Chocolate bunnies on Easter Sunday. Thus, as part of the festivity.

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Easter Eggs are yet another symbol on occasion of Good Friday. Treated as a symbol of Life are the Easter Eggs. Like most other symbols of Easter, the decorated eggs came down from the Pre-Christian traditions.

Another popular symbols for Easter & Good Friday includes the Easter Lilies. One of the parallels between the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the Easter Lilly is the way the flower blooms.

There are many other symbols that are dedicated symbols for Good Friday & Easter Sunday & are regarded as highly prestigious. These includes the Easter Parades, Palm branches, The Lamb. Also, the Dog Wood, Spring Chicks, and Hot Cross Buns. Finally, it’s the Easter Bonnet.


Immediately, followed after Good Friday, as Easter Sunday is for obvious reasons. A day which is falling on the 7th of April. Therefore, it’s the Easter Monday which is falling on the 10th of April this year. Easter is followed as a holiday in 3 Provinces & 3 Territories of Canada. In all the Provinces of Canada, ironically it is not an observation. Just like Good Friday (except Quebec). Good Friday is obviously known as one. Mainly, because of the religious importance of Good Friday. A religious day which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ immediately after his death.



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The general theme of celebrating a Good Friday on the 7th April is to remember the sacrifices of Jesus Christ. Also, his teachings in form of sermons & prayers. Celebrated globally all over the Christian world. Obviously, is the passion of Christ for the people. Also, including Canada. Associated with Jesus Christ, just as most festivals of Christianity are. Including, the most important one, i.e. Christmas that marks his birth. Good Friday & Easter Sunday also marks the importance of Jesus. Precisely, for the religion Christianity being the most followed one as well.

Conclusively, Jesus is regarded as the most significant figure in the religion Christianity his efforts are recognised & celebrated all over the Christian world.

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