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World Health Day is a global celebration that is celebrated because of the World Health Organisation, i.e. WHO on 7th April 2023’. It highlights the significance of health. In addition to this, why health matters for everyone. ‘Health is Wealth’ is a popular saying signifying the true importance of the day. Furthermore, why health is a matter of great concern. It is on every 7th of April that WHO, i.e. the World Health Organisation selects to highlight a special dedicated theme in the wellness & medical world.

Whether its mental health or fitness. The World Health Day highly is dedicated for importance & values that relates to the day of global significance.

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The Theme of the World Health Day this year will shed light on the nurses & midwives. The on-call, restless workforce that has revolutionise the healthcare industry as we know it very well today. Whether, its NHS or National Health Service, UK. Alternatively, Health Canada from Canada. All have played a part with regards to the theme of the year, i.e. Nurses& Mid-Wives. The nurses& mid-wives have been playing a role of great value not only in the Western world. But, also in the East. As well all know the name of Mother Theresa & her efforts for health & well-being as well as humanity. She was born in Macedonia & died in Kolkata, India on 5th September 1997.  She was obviously the greatest of the nurses of all times. On top of this, her efforts are still regarded highly in the field of health & wellness.

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION – ‘A Brief History & a Global Role’: 

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The World Health Organisation also known as WHO is a specialised agency of the United Nations & is responsible for the International Public health. The role it plays & has been playing since the many number of years is just amazing to see. The organisation was founded on the same day, i.e. 7th April 1948 & its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. The organisation has six regional offices and 150 field offices worldwide.

The role of WHO or World Health Organisation in fighting the recent Coronavirus was just phenomenal. Especially in 2019, 2020 & 2021 the three years during which COVID-19 or Coronavirus was highly effective & was very lethal in terms of the consequences, i.e. the casualties & the people who suffered financially.

The other activities of WHO are actively seen in the rest of the under-developed world, especially in Africa i.e. countries like Somalia & Ethiopia which are countries from Africa & has been on a receiving end in terms of the food & water crisis. Obviously, a massive cause of bringing health issues that are a growing concern for the population of the continent Africa. A continent that has suffered heavily in terms of the consequences that relates to major health consequences & deaths due to health problems, food shortages & water crisis.


The World Health Day timeline starts from 1945 which is the year of the birth of the organisation. At the United Nations Conference in San Francisco. A motion to create a new and an independent organisation dedicated to discuss health topics was passed.

In the year 1948, the date of April 7th is designated as World Health Day. That is, in the first Health Assembly for the sake of creation of WHO. Obviously, as WHO was formed with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on the same date in the year 1948.

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The first health day was celebrated globally & officially on the 7th of April 1950.

On 7th April 1998, the World Health Day focuses on the 50th Anniversary of WHO. The World Health Day tackles the topic of safe motherhood.

On the 75th Anniversary of World Health Day, i.e. 7th April 2023’, WHO celebrates the theme of the day which is focused highly towards the Midwives & Nurses.

DEPRESSION- ‘The Theme of World Health Day 2017’: 

Depression is a huge cause of stress & also a cause of a number of deaths that are happening in the world. The percentage or ratio of deaths that relates to Mental Health & increased number of suicides has increased. Six years back, i.e. in 2017, the World health day theme was focused on Depression & Anxiety. How to fight depression? As it is a rising concern. Especially, regards to the amount of deaths not only in Canada. But, the whole world. The World Health Day focused on fighting depression for sake of finding mental peace & well-being.

The year 2017 was the 70th anniversary of World Health Day & its focus on depression makes people realise the amount of stress the world is facing. Obviously, due to natural disasters, epidemics & pandemics, financial crisis & credit crunch, lack of jobs, poverty alleviation & many other things that are a huge cause of depression for the people. Especially, in the under-developed & the developing world. Causes of depression in the developed world includes, being over-weight, loneliness and losses in business, stress at work, family issues & social issues.   

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Practically, speaking its depression which is everywhere & people needs to fight it out for the sake of better health & wellness.


Every year World Health Day focuses on a different theme for the sake of finding well-being, giving significance & a focused & highly improved approach of finding best solutions to fight the levels of depression & anxiety. The level of success achieved regards to this is amazing in terms of the positive outcomes. WHO or World Health Organisation in this regards has played a massive role. For example, focusing on the negative impacts of drugs or illegal or banned substance, hazards of smoking on health & passive smoking which is now a growing concern.

Take good care of health as good health is a huge blessing. Keep following the World Health day every year regards to the various themes. Health is indeed Wealth & most precious for everyone.

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