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Why Brad Pitt Latest Film, “Bullet Train” Isn’t Really a Good Movie


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Check out the latest glossy-magazine articles about Brad Pitt, and you’ll begin to recognize certain trends. About his time on the Ozarks. Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is known popularly to speak with reverence. Furthermore, not so much about his time as a renowned actor. He’s just as proficient at making jokes on the fly. Hence, as he is in a formal way. Regarding, what he calls the “craft.” It’s stylish and artistic even quoting Rumi. Also, Rilke at times. He’s willing to pose in million-dollar clothes. Having his face printed on the movie poster. Obviously, is something that Brad Pitt says he will always avoid. The word “remorseful” comes up frequently in relation to his smile or manner of speaking. He’s well-known but he’s also sensitive, a man with lots of feelings about his work.

It’s the same about his most recent character in the action comedy Bullet Train. A sassy code-named Ladybug. He is hesitant about what he does to earn an income. Furthermore, would prefer to not be on the fast Shinkansen. While, travelling across Japan. Because Ladybug isn’t the only one performing a potentially dangerous job; in addition there’s no space to sit and contemplate or enjoy his new-found zen perspective on life. Produced and directed by David Leitch (Hobbs & Shaw) and adapting from Maria Beetle, Kotaro Isaka’s most-read novel, Bullet Train is stupid amusement that focuses on neon-colored style over substance.

It’s a late summer film that focuses on absurdity with violence and characters making up improbable accents. The film is a great display of hand-to-hand combat until it descends into CGI boring. It has a highly qualified ensemble that includes Brian Tyree. Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as well as Michael Shannon. Then, saddles the actors with uninteresting characters. As an Brad Pitt vehicle (in more ways than one way), Bullet Train is an interesting branding exercise.

Pitt’s career has been divided into stages. Then, Bullet Train seems to herald the beginning of a brand new one. In the 1980s and 1990s, Pitt was the chiseled heartthrob. In the latter half of 2000 Pitt began to take on offbeat roles. Usually, part-time roles in films of established directors, taping into his quirky side. Hence, while seeking awards and like my friend David Sims puts it. “Ill at comfortable” with his looks of a leading-man.

However, since he won the Oscar in the film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in the year 2020. The actor has been re-orienting away from auteurs. Also, focusing on content that emphasises his look and awe. Pitt appeared in Saturday Night Live for the first time since 1998 as the role of Dr. Anthony Fauci, before letting go of the role. Also, embracing his signature cool-guy swagger to convey a comforting message to the viewers who are watching at home. The show of March & The Lost City. He was able to flip his hair around during explosions, and also made jokes about his attractiveness.

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The film, Bullet Train, he plays an individual who is trying to avoid interest. But, is ultimately the primary source of intrigue. It’s a predictable plot, but Pitt isn’t. Pitt injects a fun-loving enthusiasm into each scene, adding a zing to the stale jokes that litter the script. The film’s final scene is as she watches a stranger pass away before his eyes. Ladybug seems amused, even awed with the scene. The humorous scene indicates that the assassin does not believe every koan. He’s dissing and is actually taking a great deal of satisfaction from his job. Maybe Pitt when he threw himself into the role. Obviously, was expressing his own personal desire to talk about his displeasure at being a celebrity. However, he’ll never cease to derive pleasure from all the publicity he receives–as long as he’s having the advantage.

Take a look at his actions from his big-screen. In the beginning of the pandemic during the outbreak. He took part in a table reading from Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Jennifer Aniston, his ex-wife. Later, then engaged in a conversation with her. Which a regular tabloid reporter like him ought to be aware of, which fed media gossip.

In fact, the reunion resulted in renewed scrutiny of his personal life. Which had for years, was a subject he had resisted. “I believe I’m in the final stretch of my career.” He told the author Ottessa Moshfegh. Specifically, on his work in an GQ cover story. The photos that followed showed the actor as an artistic artist. Sporting stunning poses and extravagant costumes as if he were preparing for a new show. Recently in his appearance at the Berlin screening for the movie Bullet Train, he wore an oversized skirt. He later admitted the audience at Variety that he wore it in order to say “I do not know! We’re all going and we’re going to get it wrong.” This sound track is a signature Pitt humorous. On top of this, intelligent at the same enjoying the sound. Like, he’s threatening curious viewers to find the solution for themselves.

These headlines and pictures can help to drown out the negative news about him. Such as, the legal issues that continue to arise due the divorce he had with Angelina Jolie. Further, the way the actor continued to work in conjunction with Harvey Weinstein years after learning of his shady conduct. Every celebrity self-proclaims and presents a public image. However, Pitt’s witty acknowledgements to his fame aren’t portrayed as uninspiring to the majority of viewers; rather, they seem to make him seem like a person they admire even more.

Pitt’s next acting project includes Damien Chazelle’s upcoming film. So perhaps he’s focused on directors with A-list status. Additionally, support roles that do not directly reflect his fame. I’d love to see him explore further the impact of his charisma. In addition to this, also take roles that draw more impact from his off-screen charisma. He’s shown himself to be capable of engaging with viewers’ expectations. But, can he accept an idea that will completely reveal his personality? Does he have the ability to be truly disdainful? Pitt hasn’t reprised any role that wasn’t part of the Ocean’s trilogy.

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Alternatively, had the chance to make himself a joke in the form of hosting SNL. Pitt has yet to establish an own franchise. Obviously, the kind of role that would require him to be associated with a character for the long term. Thus, rather than relying on his familiar charm. Bullet Train certainly serves the Brad Pitt brand. However, it’s not strong enough to take Brad Pitt to a new place.

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