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Anne Heche Dead At 53 After Fiery Car Crash


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Anne Heche, an actress who’s steady television and film career spans three decades following her breakout role in the soap drama “Another World” has passed away. The actress was aged 53.

The death of Heche is just nine days following her being rescued from a burning vehicle. Furthermore, was admitted to a hospital in critical condition after a fiery crash that occurred at Los Angeles. Heche was struck by a “severe neurovascular injury. That is, due to anoxia” due to the crash. Further, was rushed to an induced coma according to the statement she gave.

On Friday, the news was announced that Heche was declared brain dead. But, was in life support while she was assessed for organ donation. On Sunday night. Her representative Holly Baird told that she was “peacefully removed from medical support.”


This is a sad time“: Ellen DeGeneres, and others are mourning Anne Heche following her death

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Homer Laffoon, Heche’s 20-year-old son who is married to the real estate agent Coleman Laffoon. Thus, mourned his mother in a written statement sent to MBE Canada on Friday.

In memory of the people we lost: Celebrity Deaths 2022

“After the six-day period of insane emotional swings, have a deep and unspoken sadness” he wrote. “Hopefully that my mother is not suffering. Also, is beginning to consider the things I imagine as her eternal peace.”

He continued: “Thousands of friends, family and fans have expressed their love to me. I am thankful for their love and support. Further, I am grateful for the love and support from my dad. Coley, and my step-mom Alexi who remain my rock throughout this moment. Rest in Peace, Mom. I am so grateful for you dearly, Homer.”

A statement made by MBE Canada in the name of the family and friends. Recalled Heche as “a radiant light. As well as, a gentle and very joyous soul. Finally, a loving mother and loyal friend.”

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“Anne will be greatly missed. However, she lives on through her gorgeous sons as well as her iconic work. Also, her ardent campaigning,” the statement read. “Her courage to stand in her own truth. Finally, disseminating her message of acceptance and love will continue to make an impact that lasts forever.”


Her car was driven by the actress into a house that was located in Mar Vista. Which erupted into flames. The driver was not identified at the moment, Tony I am, a public information officer at the Los Angeles Police Department. Confirmed to MBE Canada that the accident occurred around 10.55 a.m. on Aug. 5. The car “became consumed with flames.” A spokesperson for Heche later confirmed the incident. Thus, according to The Associated Press.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said in a press release that the vehicle hit an apartment building. The building was with two stories. Furthermore, caused “structural damage and erupting into large fire.” The driver was transported to an emergency room “in critical state,” According to the news release.

Television news footage showed the Blue Mini Cooper Clubman. Badly damaged and burnt and towed away from the house. It also showed the woman on a stretcher. She was struggling to get her in an ambulance. Firefighters responded with 59 to the scene. Further, took about 65 minutes to put out the flames and save Heche. There were no injuries reported.

“Heaven has one newly-created Angel,” close friend Nancy Davis. The founder of Race to Erase MS, posted about the death of Heche on Instagram. “My sweet, caring adorable, fun, charming gorgeous friend @anneheche passed away to heaven. I will be sad for her. In addition to this, cherish the many beautiful memories we shared.”

Anne Heche was ‘not expected to make it through the crash’

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Heche was burned and required the recourse to a ventilator in order to breathe.

A week or so after the accident. The actor’s publicist told in an interview that Heche was “not likely to live to see.”

“It has been her decision to give her organs away. Furthermore, she is currently on life support in order to determine the feasibility of any organs,” Thus, the statement read in addition to the fact that Heche was being treated in the Grossman Burn Center. That is, at West Hills hospital in Los Angeles.

“Anne had a big heart and touched every person she met by her generosity,” the statement said. “More than her exceptional talent. She saw spreading love and love as her main job – Particularly, pushing the needle towards acceptance of those you are.”

Police examined Anne Heche’s blood to determine if she had used drinking or using drugs.

Police were investigating Heche to determine if she was driving under high levels of alcohol. After she was involved in a crash. Investigators who had a warrant to search obtained a sample of her blood. Also, discovered that narcotics, i.e. banned substance were present in the system of her. LAPD spokesperson Officer Jeff Lee said to The Associated Press.

“As as of today there will not be investigation efforts further in this matter,” The department announced Friday. “Any documents or information that were requested prior to the current incident will be gathered in the formal process. Furthermore, will be included in the overall investigation. If a suspect is identified. Also, the time for an offence expires in the past. We don’t present to the court for filing investigation.”

Heche was the only person in her car. Surprisingly, nobody in the home was hurt. The owner of the house was identified in the form of Lynne Mischele. According to her attorney Shawn Holley. Michele was a frequent renter of the home the lawyer claimed.

Holley released an apology in the name of Mischele. Also, said that she felt “devastated” because she and her animals “almost died.” She claimed she lost everything in her possessions. Including, things that have “profound sentimental value” during the fire.

The acting careers of Anne Heche including ‘Another World’ as well as “Donnie Brasco”

A native of Ohio, Heche rose to fame as twins Vicky and Marley Hudson on “Another World” from 1984 until 1992. He was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for younger actresses in drama series.

In the late 1990s she was one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. Also, was a regular on magazine covers as well as in big budget films. She co-starred alongside Johnny Depp in 1997’s “Donnie Brasco.”Also,” Tommy Lee Jones in 1997’s “Volcano. Furthermore,” Harrison Ford in 1998’s “Six Days Seven Nights”&” Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix in 1998’s “Return to Paradise”. Also, with an all-star cast, in the first 1997 “I Know What You Did The Summer Before.”

Anne Heche’s story before her near-fatal crash: Mental health issues. As well as, Ellen DeGeneres romance

Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres The couple’s relationship

Her fame was rising, Heche admitted that her career had suffered. When she began dating the comedian Ellen DeGeneres in the late 90s.

When she was participating in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2020. Heche recalled meeting DeGeneres at the 1997 Vanity Fair Oscars party – A “night which changed the course of my life for the better.”

“I was in an affair that included Ellen DeGeneres for three-and-a-half years. Also, the stigma associated with the relationship was so sour that I was dismissed from my multi-million-dollar deal with a picture. Furthermore, was not allowed to take part in a studio film in the last 10 years.” the actress said.


Heche also mentioned her desire to invite DeGeneres as her partner to the premier of her disaster film “Volcano.” But Fox studio executives refused.

“I was warned that if I did not take Ellen I’d lose the Fox agreement,” Heche said. Heche as DeGeneres warned against it. “At the moment. She took my hand. Thus, told me to do what they tell you.’ I responded, ‘No thanks!.’ ”

Heche claimed she went with DeGeneres at the opening regardless. Furthermore, “was removed by security prior to the film had even finished. Apart from this, was told I wasn’t permitted to go to the party afterwards. Because, they’d take a photo of me and the woman.”

“It was shocking,” she added. “She was telling me that this was about to occur.”

Anne Heche hospitalised in critical condition. Thus, following a fiery car accident in Los Angeles

In 2000, shortly after they separated, Heche was hospitalised after knocking at the door of an unidentified person. Specifically, in a rural region close to Fresno, California. Authorities claimed that she was confused and shaken. Also, was unable to communicate with the people.

DeGeneres posted her condolences on Twitter Friday. “This is a difficult day for me,” she wrote. “I’m sending Anne’s family, children and friends all my affection.”

Anne Heche detailed mental struggles in her memoir

In her autobiography, “Call Me Crazy,” Heche talked about her daily struggles. Precisely, with mental health and an abusive childhood.

Anne Heche tested for drugs. Furthermore, alcohol following a fiery car crash Police claim.

Despite the setbacks. Heche was still working mostly on the field of television. Thus, appearing on shows such as “All Rise,”” “Chicago P.D.,” “The Brave,”” “Ally McBeal” and “The Michael J. Fox Show,” Among other shows. She also hosted the podcast “Better Together,”” Which was described as an ode to friendship.

The latest role for Heche was on the Weeknd’s HBO series. “The Idol” featuring Lily-Rose. The daughter of Depp. The show hasn’t yet been aired.

Heche completed filming of the Lifetime film “Girl in Room 13.” A film which is set to air on September. 17. A representative from the network Theresa Black told.

It is “important” according to Heche executive vice president. Furthermore, director for Lifetime program development Amy Winter said. Hence, while discussing the film during an audience at the TV Critics Association. Vitally, as it draws “attention to the plight of human trafficking in sex.”

After Heche separated from her ex-husband Laffoon and welcomed a son, Atlas. That is, with actor James Tupper in 2009. The couple Tupper were friends for about 10 years. Also, appeared in the television show “Men in Trees” between 2006 and the year 2008.

In the year 2019. Heche began to date the actor Thomas Jane. An actor, with whom she was a part of the HBO show. “Hung” between 2009 until the year 2011.

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