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The True Story Behind “Who is Hunter Moore?” A Captivating New Netflix Doc On The Demise


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Hunter Moore & his story, Who He is really ? What is “The Most Hateful man online on the Internet”? Netflix’s latest three-part documentary follows the demise of a evil webmaster. Someone who filled his adult site with naked pictures of people. These are people who did not consent to being photographed.

The documentary (now streaming) is about those who suffered from the brief-lived IsAnyoneUp.com. Furthermore, the people who managed to block Hunter Moore’s website police officers. As well as an ex- Marine with an itch to retaliate against bullies. In addition to this, an obnoxious mother. That is, a mother whose daughter’s pictures were posted on Hunter Moore’s site.

The site – which was active from 2010 until 2012 12 – featured photos submitted by the subject. Hence, as well as their partners or via hacking. The site also contained personal information of the subjects as well as social media accounts. In the absence of legislation to fight “revenge porn” section 230 in the Communications Decency Act provided Moore some security. Since, the content on the site is created by users. On top of this, not by the website itself. Used by the Facebook, these are the same safeguards.

When images from Charlotte Laws’ daughter appeared on Moore’s site. Therefore, the mother began to believe that Moore was using hacking to obtain content. She began an investigation of her own. Furthermore, made contact with Moore’s FBI. Hence, as well as journalists while ignoring the threats to kill Moore’s mob of followers. The ones, who he called “the Moore family.”

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