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Amber Heard’s Friend Testified He Called 911 After Hearing Depp Get Violent


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Amber Heard’s friend on Tuesday admitted that he contacted police after hearing an altercation that was violent between her and her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

In a prerecorded testimony played to the audience in the courtroom, author and television anchor iO Tillett Wright said that in May of 2016, Heard received a text message from him asking him to speak. When Wright phoned her back, she put her on speakerphone and explained that Depp accused them of peeing on his mattress. Wright admitted that he began to laugh but later realized Depp was not joking.

“I could hear him walking out of the room,” Wright said. “He was clomping back to the stairs, and I could hear hands smacking noise, then the phone fell, and she heard him say to her, “Oh? Do you think I hit you? Do you think I’ve fucked you? What if I cut your hair back? Then I heard the telephone ring again, and I heard her screaming.”

Wright stated that he spoke to the next-door neighbour of Heard Raquel Pennington, and later dialled called 911 from New York, even though Heard and Depp were located in Los Angeles.

In the morning, Heard testified that she never got faeces in her bed Depp and called the claim “disgusting.” The wastes, she claimed, were taken from the actor’s dog.

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Wright stated that he had met Heard by way of a shared acquaintance, and then shortly after that, he photographed her in a campaign he worked on. He also stated that he was close with Depp and Heard between 2013 and 2015 and even resided on Depp’s property for a time. He claimed that when Depp was clean and sober, he was “kind, generous, kind, and trustworthy,” However, when high or drunk and drunk, he was “incredibly violent or mean.”

Wright Claims That Depp Called Amber Talentless

Wright also admitted that he was a kind of mediator in the relationship between Depp and Heard. He described a particular incident in which Depp was out by the pool, drinking, and Heard was in the home crying. Wright claimed that Depp claimed that Heard had been rude in a dispute, calling him old, which prompted him to shout and declare the actress “talentless.”

“All she has is her looks, and she has no talent. And when her tits start to shrink, and her face starts to wrinkle, no one is going to be at all; therefore, she’ll need to develop a new strategy to stay alive,” Wright said Depp said to him.

The testimonies were the latest in the defamation lawsuit worth $50 million Depp has filed against Heard following her writing an op-ed in The Washington Post in 2018 saying she was the one who had been the victim of domestic violence. While Depp was not mentioned in the article, she insists that it implies she was a perpetrator and that he missed out on contracts for development.

This month, Heard (who has filed a countersuit) detailed the extent to which Depp physically and sexually assaulted her throughout their marriage. Depp has denied hitting her, and during four days of his testimony, He accused her of being the one to blame.

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Wright also admitted that, following the wedding, Depp told him that he could punch Heard.

“I am walking along with Johnny, and I was congratulating him for how they could pull it off and that they pulled it off,” Wright added. “And the man declared, ‘We’re married. Now I can kick into her face, and nobody will take action.'”

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