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Star Trek Stars React to Death of Nichelle Nichols


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Many people use the term Trailblazer. Ironically, to mourn the passing of actress Nichelle Nichols. A celebrity who died on Saturday, aged 89.

Nichols broke down barriers for Black woman in Hollywood by playing the communications officer Lieutenant. Uhura on the original “Star Trek” TV show. On top of this, opened the door. Hence, not only for the future actors. Especially on the television screen. Hence, these are brilliant actors. Who are of colour. However, also the astronauts.


A flood of tributes from fellow actors came onto social media this Sunday. George Takei said that she was truly a beloved “Start Trek” co-actor. Therefore, he would be back. Obviously, with more news ahead. That is, sooner rather later. However, the weight of his soul is heavy. Celia Rose Gooding, who portrays Uhura in the currently running “Star Trek” said, “She made room for all viewers.”

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